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SEC Greenlights Stock Exchange’s Race, Gender, LGBTQ+ Diversity Mandate For Corporate Boards

Companies listed on Nasdaq’s stock exchange will have to comply with new diversity mandates for their top leadership.

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NFL helmets will feature names of victims of police violence and ‘systemic racism’ this season

Following the NBA's social justice lead

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Desean Jackson and Drew Brees: Why The NFL Social Justice Warriors Are Frauds

https://youtu.be/xJjkQJmrXLI As well all know, Desean Jackson went on Instagram and said all sorts of stupid things about anti-semitism. He tried to quote Hitler and it wasn’t even a real Hitler quote. None of it made any sense. Regardless, he has since

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Rep. Frederica Wilson the latest to remind us COVID-19 is a gendered crisis in so many ways

Men are more likely to contract and die from the virus, but it's a gendered crisis for women.

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Enough Of Hollywood’s Vapid, Hypocritical Girl Power Schtick

Last night’s Academy Awards ceremony was quite possibly the greatest display of heroism since D-Day. I may, in fact, be underselling it. After all, the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy were wearing gauche, cliched uniforms. At least the actor

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SJWs At Stanford Crack Down On Gender Pronouns, Cite Ben Shapiro Event

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro visited the campus of Stanford University on Nov. 7 to deliver a speech in which he exposed the “dangerous game” being played by the racist Alt-Right movement and their counterparts on the radical left. D

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Hallmark Channel Blasted For Lack Of Inclusion, Diversity

The Hallmark Channel has now been scrutinized for having a lack of religious and racial diversity during its “Countdown to Christmas” programming. According to The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the Hallmark Channel featured just four movies this y

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Leftists In Seattle Accuse Jews Of ‘Weaponizing’ Anti-Semitism To Target Blacks And Muslims | Daily Wire

As Seattle-based KTTH 770 AM radio host and Daily Wire contributor Jason Rantz reports, left-wing activists in Seattle are planning a transparently

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'Avengers: Endgame' Is Not LGBT-Friendly Enough, 'Fat-Shames' Thor, SJWs Claim

"Avengers: Endgame" may be about to set a world record for earnings on its opening weekend, but there are some Marvel fans who were left very unsatisifed by the epic conclusion to the multi-year Avengers saga.

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It's Not Enough She's Marvel's First Leading Female Superhero, Now SJWs Want Captain Marvel To Be Gay

Captain Marvel may be the Marvel Cinematic Universe's biggest female star, but simply commanding her own movie and having no faults or weaknesses to speak of isn't enough for the social justice warriors; Captain Marvel must also openly embrace t

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Social Justice Warriors Declare Will Smith Not Black Enough for New Role

Poor Will Smith can’t catch a break! First the African-American star was roundly mocked on the Internet for being the color blue in the new live-action Aladdin movie, now social justice warriors are complaining about his skin color in a different way.

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Obama’s Social Experiments Are Wreaking Havoc on America Today

Barack Obama's policies changed American culture, and that's why Brett Kavanaugh faces a sexual assault witch hunt. Obama also pushed transgender issues and the current hysteria about the "Handmaid's Tale."

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SJWs Want Dating Apps Rewritten 'Without Filters' To Prevent Racism, Sexism

A new study from Cornell University suggests that dating application developers should remove in-app "filters" that weed out undesirable mates in order to limit sexism, racism, and other discrimination on dating platforms.

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Cal State–Long Beach Students, Faculty Say That Any Human Mascot May Be Offensive | National Review

We have officially reached the point where people are suggesting that any human mascot of any kind may be offensive.

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Sorry, 'Black Panther': Oscars Postpone 'Most Popular Film' Category Following Intense Backlash | Daily Wire

Members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) better get ready for a cavalcade of SJWs to start knocking on their door to issue coercive threats, because "Black Panther" will not be winning the not-so-coveted "Best P