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Veteran's Affairs Chief Seems to Beat a Hasty Retreat Amid Claims the VA is Banning an Iconic Photo

 Earlier today the Twitter account End Wokeness made a big splash by posting an internal memorandum that he'd gotten his hands on purportedly from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the memo, RimaAnn O. Nelson, Assistant Undersecretary for Health for Operations, appeared to be telling directors of VA hospitals that an iconic American photograph was no longer permitted to be hung in Veterans Affairs facilities:

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VA Plan to Issue Urns, Memorial Plaques Sparks Concerns Veterans Will Be Barred from Burial with Spouses

The National Funeral Directors Association and the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as others, recently submitted public comments objecting to the VA's proposed rule change.

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It's been 79 years since D-Day landings. How experts say we'll continue to honor WWII veterans

The number of World War II veterans, especially those who participated in the Normandy invasion on D-Day, is dwindling.

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The Last WWII Veteran on Active Duty Served for Nearly 55 Years After the War

Dr. Earl Russell Fox spent most of his life in and around the military. The son of an Army officer, he was born in an Army hospital in 1919. He joined the Navy during World War II, stayed in the Naval Reserve after the war and then joined the Coast Guard -- at 55 years old.

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VA Wants Vets to Use Their Benefits When Choosing a Final Resting Place

Officials say that benefits offered by the National Cemetery Administration are the most underutilized of veterans' perks.

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Army injustice: Thousands of soldiers, veterans slapped with misleading criminal record

Soldiers and veterans say the Army's investigation of a now-defunct recruiting program left them with a criminal record even though they were never charged.

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Department Of Veterans Affairs To Begin Offering Abortions To Vets, Even In States Where It Is Banned

The Biden administration will begin offering “abortion counseling” and, in some cases, abortions to veterans through Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals — regardless of state law — in a move aimed at the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the VA said Friday.

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Florida’s ‘vile’ new ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ license plate ‘stirs controversy,’ media says

One reporter at one TV station found two tweets against it.

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Why Military Enlistments Are Plummeting, by Oliver L. North and David L. Goetsch

One of the reasons the U. S.

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U.S. military-run slot machines earn $100 million a year from service members overseas

The U.S. military runs more than 3,000 slot machines on U.S. military bases overseas even though the rate of problem gamblers in the military is thought to be around twice that the general population.

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Military postal system plans to end mail privileges for overseas military retirees

The change is scheduled to affect all Air/Army Post Office, or APO, and Fleet Post Office, or FPO, addresses worldwide.

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Mayorkas looks to divert VA funding to illegal immigrants

A bad idea far ahead of its time

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VFW Posts Are Dying. They Need Hesitant 9/11 Vets to Fill the Void.

These posts, often decorated with military flags and dusty plaques honoring community service projects are woven into the fabric of communities across the U.S.

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Identity verification service ID.me has a lucrative contract with the VA. Veterans and their families say it’s locked them out of disability payments and emergency assistance.

These issues disproportionately affected older veterans and veterans abroad, and added technical hurdles to the VA's far-reaching benefits system.

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Beekeeping Is All the Rage. These Programs Can Help Veterans Get Started

Beekeeping can have sweet rewards.

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Veterans Day 2020 Discounts - VAntage Point

This Veterans Day 2020 discounts list will be updated as we learn of more nationally available ways organizations want to give to Veterans.

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From free tacos to haircuts and lube jobs, Veterans Day discounts and deals are waiting

Some businesses are still offering discounts for military and veterans amid the COVID pandemic.

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102-year-old WWII veteran celebrates her birthday by skydiving

A Howard County 102-year-old celebrated her birthday in epic fashion Sunday.

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Gary Sinise releases video honoring oldest US vet for 111th birthday: WW2 vet Lawrence Brooks

On Sunday, actor and veterans advocate Gary Sinise honored Lawrence Brooks, a U.S. Army veteran who last month turned 111-years-old. Brooks, an African American, is America's oldest living military veteran.
Brooks' September birthday was initially celebra

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This Obama-Biden Administration Failure Killed More Americans (and Veterans!) Than COVID-19

Joe Biden has been politicizing the deaths of Americans from COVID for months, and today, when the official tally passed 200,000 American deaths, Biden pounced on the news.

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They Survived the Worst Battles of World War II. And Died of the Virus.

Inside the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home was a man who had served as a jailer to Hitler’s top aide. A man who had rescued Japanese kamikaze pilots from the sea. A man who carried memories of a concentration camp.

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100-year-old World War II veteran died of Covid-19. His twin brother died 100 years earlier in the flu pandemic

A 100-year-old World War II veteran who died from Covid-19 lost a twin brother to the 1918 pandemic a century earlier, his grandson said.

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WATCH: WWII Vet Recreates ‘D-Day’ Mohawk As ‘Tribute’ To Fallen And To ‘Bring Some Joy’ During Pandemic

On April 5, WWII veteran Guy Whidden decided to have his head shaved into a mohawk “as a tribute to his fallen comrades,” as well as to brighten people’s day during the COVID-19 pandemic. 96-year-old Whidden, 502nd Infantry Parachute Regiment of the 101st

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Normally Reserved Brit Hume Blasts UVA for Nixing Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute Over Fear of Triggering Panic

The watering-down and neutering of our nation's storied traditions in order to appease the snowflakes has become ridiculous.

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Veteran-Owned Apparel Company Has Perfect Response To Nike Dropping American Flag-Style Shoe | Daily Wire

Veteran-owned clothing store, Nine Line Apparel, offered a response to Nike’s controversial move to drop an American Flag-style shoe with their own gear, nodding to the allegedly “offensive” Betsy Ross flag.

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Veterans walk out of meeting with Ocasio-Cortez after she bashes America & Israel

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bashed US foreign policy during a private meeting with Bronx community leaders, prompting two military veterans to storm out. “She knocks the country, she knocks the p…

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Combat Vet Who Stopped The Synagogue Shooter: ‘I Scared The Hell Out Of Him’

“I heard gunshots,” [Iraq War veteran Oscar Stewart said. “And everybody got up and started trying to get out the back door, so I — for whatever reason — I didn’t do that. I ran the other way. I ran towards the gun shots.”

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President Trump hosts Oval Office celebration for 4 World War II vets - U.S. - Stripes

President Donald Trump treated four World War II veterans to an Oval Office meeting Thursday, fulfilling a birthday wish for 95-year-old Allen Jones and giving three other veterans age 100 and older a day to remember.

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Reflections On The Meaning Of Veterans Day: Our Debt To Those Who Served Can't Be Repaid | Investor's Business Daily

Veterans Day takes on poignant significance as World War II veterans, one by one, leave us. Please thank them, and all veterans, while they're still here.

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WATCH: SNL Comedian Mocks Veteran Who Lost An Eye To An IED Blast In Afghanistan

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson mocked Texas Republican Congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw, who lost an eye in an IED blast while serving in Afghanistan, during the show's "Weekend Update" sketch Saturday night, in a segment on "first impr

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Liberal Professor Wants Activists To Be Considered Veterans, Afghanistan Veteran Responds

In a new op-ed on LGBTQ Nation, a leftist writer suggested expanding the definition of "

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Dogs are leading California veterans out of the darkness

The Pets and Vets program at Tony La Russa’s ARF is making a difference in the lives of veterans, who are matched with service dogs. Here are three stories of rescue at both ends of the leash…

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US veterans get smoother wheelchair ride with tech twist from Israeli startup

US Department of Veterans Affairs signs deal with Tel Aviv's SoftWheel for 2,000 shock-absorbing wheels over three years

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Serving those who serve: Finding resources for veterans

Sign up to use PATRIOTlink, a resource database that provides essential and critical assistance to struggling service members, veterans and their families.

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Oldest Pearl Harbor survivor reflects ahead of Memorial Day - CNNPolitics

Ray Chavez reflected on his service, and recounted his experience on the day that President Franklin Roosevelt declared would "live in infamy."

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Veterans group rips Trump tweet: Self-promotion on Memorial Day is 'appalling'

A progressive veterans advocacy group ripped President Trump's Memorial Day tweet bragging about the economy under his administration.

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Veterans get care in family-like home in new program - The Washington Post

The Medical Foster Home program offers family-like care while also saving the government money.

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Vietnam War hero's dream Corvette fetches $675K at auction

A marina blue 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe bought by a Vietnam War hero and maintained by his son sold for $675,000 at an Indianapolis auction Saturday.

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Teacher traces dad's World War II past, finds 75-year-old plane wreckage

The story started to come together when Ken Elder Bledsoe organized the letters his father had written to his mother in 1942.

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Young man on a mission to honor World War II vets before it's too late

Calif. teen films veterans' stories so he can capture their experiences and honor their sacrifices

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Moral Injury in the Context of War: National Center for PTSD

Describes moral injury and its aftermath in the context of war. Explains the relationship between moral injury and PTSD and presents treatment implications.

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21 Famous Quotes to Honor U.S. Veterans on Veteran's Day | Inc.com

On this day, take a moment to offer thanks to the extraordinary men and women who have protected the nation throughout history.

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REPORT: Donald Trump still hasn’t paid Veterans groups all the money he raised for them

Over a month ago we posted an article on how CNN could only account for $800k of the 6 million in donations Trump said he raised when he boycotted the Fox News Debate before Iowa. Since then, what …

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What ever happened to all that money Trump raised for the veterans? - The Washington Post

The campaign says half of the $6 million has gone to charities, but some are asking about the rest.

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Trump's Veterans Site Directs Donations To Trump's Personal Foundation

Rather than going directly to veterans groups, 100% of online donations on Trump's pro-veterans site will go directly to Trump's personal foundation.

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Trump’s Praise for Saddam Hussein Is an Insult to the Veterans He Claims to Love

It was only a matter of time before Trump’s well-known affection for strongmen veered into an actual compliment for one of modern history’s most vicious dictators, Saddam Hussein.

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Oldest U.S. vet, 110, helps mark Pearl Harbor Day

Live webcasts from Pearl Harbor, interment at the USS Arizona, Honolulu parade and other events mark the 74th anniversary of the surprise attack that led the U.S. into World War II

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When Breath Saves Life

For these veterans, healing trauma was as simple as learning how to breathe.

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First VA transgender clinic opens in Cleveland

The Cleveland VA Medical Center will open the first VA clinic specifically dedicated to the healthcare needs of transgender veterans.

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Veterans Administration Reforms

The current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is absolutely unacceptable. Over 300,000 veterans died waiting for care. Corruption and incompetence were excused. Politicians in Washington have done too little too slowly to fix it. This situa

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Somatic Experiencing: A Body-Centered Approach to Healing Veterans' PTSD - Social Work Today

National newsmagazine committed to enhancing the entire social work profession by exploring its difficult issues, new challenges, and current successes.

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William Shatner charity ride to honor vets

A fundraiser and publicity event for the American Legion features actor William Shatner, who will ride the "Rivet," a three-wheeled, open-air motorcyclelike hot rod. The eight-day, 2,400-mile drive, mostly along Route 66, starts in Aurora, Ill.,

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Yes, ESPN Did Pick Caitlyn Jenner Ahead of Iraq War Vet and Amputee Noah Galloway for the ESPY Courage Award

Yesterday evening, the Washington Post ran a short post by Des Beiler “debunking” a popular meme — launched by Boston Herald columnist and radio show host Gerry Callahan — that ESPN passed over Iraq War vet and double amputee Noah Galloway — a crossfit athlete, distance runner, and recent third-place finisher

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'Give Me a Chance': WWII Vet's Medal Ceremony Crashed by Protesters

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, interrupted a town hall meeting where a decorated World War II veteran was receiving a special honor.

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WWII veteran, 98, dons uniform for final salute

From Yahoo News: GLENVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — On Veterans Day, Justus Belfield donned his Army uniform one more time, even though he was too weak to leave his bed at an upstate New York nursing home.

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History of Veterans Day - Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs

An Act (52 Stat. 351; 5 U. S. Code, Sec. 87a) approved May 13, 1938, made the 11th of November in each year a legal holiday—a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as "Armistice Day."

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Where Are 26,602 Veterans Sherman Didn't Survey?

Investigative Reporter Katherine Russ challenges the merit of Brad Sherman's veteran survey & a campaign article about it by The Daily News

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Missing POW’s Remains Returned to His Widow 63 Years After His Death | KTLA

Army Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Gantt told his wife to remarry if he didn’t come back from the war. She told him no. He had a hard enough time getting her to say yes. He was it.

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RivCo Supes Hope to Incentivize Businesses to Hire Veterans By Offering Competitve Edge

The Veteran Incentive Purchasing Program is intended to

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VA employees switched to processing ACA applications - Hot Air

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Vet Claims Cracker Barrel Fired Him For Giving Muffin To Needy Person - CBS Tampa

Joe Koblenzer, 73, a Vietnam vet, lost his job after giving the muffin to a homeless man.

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At 90, Bush 41 'enjoys life to the fullest' & celebrates with his 8th jump!

(CNN) -- On January 14, 2013, George H.W. Bush was released from a Houston hospital after seven weeks of treatment for bronchitis, an infection and a persistent cough.

On Thursday he was sky-diving to celebrate his 90th birthday.

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Memorial Day 2014: WWII vet remembers one that was left behind

More than six decades after he left military service at the end of World War II, Bill Howland still tears up at one particularly bad memory among many bad memories. An Army medic, he removed the leg...

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VA Fast-Tracks Sex Change for Manning While Vets Die on Waiting Lists

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has formally approved the request of Pvt. Bradley Manning, convicted for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks, to be temporarily transferred out of military custody in order to undergo expensive hormone therapy and surge