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Scientists detect a cosmic ray that’s almost as powerful as the ‘Oh-My-God’ particle | CNN

Space scientists have detected an extremely rare, ultra-high-energy particle that they believe traveled to Earth from beyond the Milky Way galaxy.

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Army injustice: Thousands of soldiers, veterans slapped with misleading criminal record

Soldiers and veterans say the Army's investigation of a now-defunct recruiting program left them with a criminal record even though they were never charged.

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San Diego Teachers Union Passes Resolution That Rejects Israel's Legitimacy

The San Diego chapter of the American Federation of Teachers passed a resolution this month rejecting Israel’s legitimacy as a country and accusing the Israeli government of carrying out ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and war crimes against Palestinians.

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Crooks take over Sarasota man’s cell phone, use online banking app to transfer nearly $20,000

SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – Larry Kraus saw the email come through on his phone while at work on June 21. He thought it was Chase Bank trying to protect him from identity thieves. But it was the …

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Teen Mother Writes Disturbing Facebook Post After Throwing Her Baby Out Of A Window

There are plenty of terrible moms and dads out there in the world today but this teen mom is top of the list by far Sixteenyearold Antonia Lopez murdered h...

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Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is reportedly in the running to receive the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

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Crocodile Injured by Falling Accountant | News

A dangerous reptile sustained injuries after being squashed by a portly circus accountant on a roadtrip in northern Russia on Tuesday.