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Of Course: LA Times Falsely Blames Home Sales in ‘Palestinian’ Land for Attacks on LA Jews

The Los Angeles Times has found a culprit for the violent attacks targeting Los Angeles Jews outside the Adas Torah Synagogue. And, no, it's

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LA Times Owner’s Daughter Says Journalists Should Call Israel ‘Apartheid’ State

The Los Angeles Times’s owner’s daughter, who has been an influential force on the paper’s news coverage, denounced Israel as an "apartheid state" and said journalists should be allowed to describe it that way in their reporting.

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The Hamas-UN-LA Times Echo Chamber | CAMERA

A leading terror organization has mastered the art of the echo chamber, enlisting a leading Western media outlet to falsely cast its claims as

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Meet the LA Times Reporter Who Doesn't Want You To Know Hamas Beheads Babies

Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Adam Elmahrek has never covered Israel for the paper. He covers California's pot industry. But that isn't stopping him from insisting it is "disinformation" to point out that Hamas beheaded babies in its terrorist

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The Los Angeles Times and its absurd Abu Akleh conspiracy theory

  The Los Angeles Times has outflanked CNN by adopting the most fantastical, journalistically-challenged narrative of the unsolved fatal shooting of Al Jazeera journalist

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Hamas’ ‘Civilian’ Office, ‘Several Hundred’ Palestinians Facing Eviction & Other LA Times Gaffes

Misidentifying a destroyed office that served Hamas commanders as 'civilian' and inflating the number of east Jerusalem Palestinians facing eviction from 31 to 'several

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Who Are the People Who Decide On And Make-Up the Race-Baiting Vernacular?

In branding the mispronunciation of an Asian actress’s name, The Los Angeles Times effectively launched the canceling of a non-profit...

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LA Times Article Examines ‘Complicated Past’ Of Camping For People Of Color

A recent story in The Los Angeles Times looked at outdoor camping through the lens of racism and historical oppression, alleging that people of color engage in the activity less than white people in part because camping gear is too expensive. “Campi

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The LA Times' Flawed Conversation on Settlements | HonestReporting

  The US put Israeli settlements back in the headlines after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that Washington doesn't view them as illegal.

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LA Times Misleads on US Policy, International Law and Jerusalem, Golan | CAMERA

The Los Angeles Times falsely declares that the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, the relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to

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At Los Angeles Times, Sliding Scale for Israeli, Palestinian Extremists | CAMERA

The Los Angeles Times' Noga Tarnopolsky applies a sliding scale when it comes to Israeli and Palestinians extremists and hard-liners. Her unsubstantiated claim that

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Sacramento wants to tax soda, tires, guns, water, pain pills, lawyers, car batteries... - Los Angeles Times

Between state Democrats who tax like it's going out of style and the Republican federal tax overhaul, California taxpayers find themselves at the mercy of the taxman.

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CAMERA Prompts Another Los Angeles Times Correction on ‘Palestine’ Terminology | CAMERA

For at least the seventh time in some 14 years, CAMERA has prompted a Los Angeles Times correction regarding inaccurate “Palestine” terminology.

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William Shatner: Solve California drought with Seattle pipeline - LA Times

Actor William Shatner is hoping to save California from further drought by proposing an enterprise of his own — importing water from the Seattle area, where rain is plentiful.

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Easy dinner recipes: Three great pizza ideas in under an hour

Some nights are made for pizza. But before you reach for the phone to dial up your favorite delivery, consider homemade, or at least semi-homemade. In the time it takes to have a hot pie delivered to your door, you can make a perfectly good custom pie in

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$110,000 given to San Diego zoo to help save northern white rhino - LA Times

A Los Angeles-based philanthropic organization is providing money to help San Diego's Frozen Zoo find ways to bring the northern white rhino back from the brink of extinction, zoo officials announced Thursday.

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Another reason to drink coffee: It's good for your heart, study says

Now you can enjoy your third daily cup of coffee and feel healthy while you do it: According to a new study, that third cup of joe may be good for your heart.

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Easy dinner recipes: Three great soups for cheese lovers

Isn't everything better with cheese? (Unless you're not a cheese person or can't handle dairy, in which case, we're very sorry.) For the rest of us, a there's nothing like a rich and cheesy soup on a cold night. And since it's actually cold outside &mdash

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As Common Core Testing Is Ushered In, Parents and Students Opt Out

On Monday, many public school students in New Jersey will begin to take standardized tests that are opposed by an unusually diverse coalition of enemies.

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Inside the foster care system: A bleak last stop for lost youths

Her entrance caused a stir. A 15-year-old girl with appraising eyes and a gruff, resonant voice, she radiated bridled ambition in a room filled with children who were mostly slumped and lost.

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‘Verbal gymnastics': LA Times uses ‘incomprehensible’ substitute for the word ‘illegal’ | Twitchy

Look what the Los Angeles Times came up with to further misrepresent the illegality of unauthorized aliens coming into this country.

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LA Times Features Pro-Hamas Article

The front page of Thursday's Los Angeles Times featured a pro-Hamas article titled