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Column: A dinner to remember, made by culinary students who are aging out of foster care

Hillsides, a charity for foster children, teams with six of Pasadena's best-known chefs to create a new culinary training program for young adults who have aged out of the system.

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Medicaid Covers Foster Kids, But Daunting Health Needs Still Slip Through The Cracks | Kaiser Health News

Nearly all children in the foster care system are covered by Medicaid. Yet, foster parents still struggle to meet the extraordinary health needs of their children. To solve this, some states are experimenting with a coordinated approach to care — with m

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The Maze of Foster Care and Health Care

Laticia Aossey was bounced around foster homes for years but was not prepared to have her health insurance cut off at the after she didn't fill out paperwork on time to continue Medicaid after aging out of care foster.

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Inside the foster care system: A bleak last stop for lost youths

Her entrance caused a stir. A 15-year-old girl with appraising eyes and a gruff, resonant voice, she radiated bridled ambition in a room filled with children who were mostly slumped and lost.