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Nurse adopts baby girl after parents didn't visit for 5 months; judge calls it 'destiny'

Boston nurse Liz Smith tried IVF and sperm donation, but they didn't work. She had given up being a mom, until a lonely baby girl came into her life.

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The surreal, sad story behind the acclaimed new doc 'Three Identical Strangers'

The incredible true story of triplets separated at birth and reunited years later unfolds in the documentary 'Three Identical Strangers'

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Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer long wondered if he’s related to JFK. At 72, he learned the truth

Adopted in 1945 and raised in privilege, Palmer never thought too hard about his origins during his legendary MLB career. But his wife’s curiosity led to a discovery.

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Michigan men adopt stray dog, puppies at bachelor party

A group of men from Michigan have returned from a bachelor party in Tennessee with a stray dog and her litter of puppies in tow.

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Animal Shelter Has Dog Slumber Parties And We're Already Getting The Popcorn

Slumber parties are the best thing ever. Gossip, bad movies, junk food, they're perfect. All they're missing is a dog. Or dogs (plural). Well, a shelter in Atlanta, LifeLine Animal Project, has made this a possibility, offering pajama parties with

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Family Brings Home Puppy to Die With Love, But She Surprises Them All

“She couldn’t walk, and she had distemper, and I thought we were just bringing her out to die, basically, in peace, but she proved us wrong.” Read more

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The missing piece of the puzzle

Sharon, who grew up in Phoenix and now lives in Northern California, started searching for her birth parents when she was a teenager. Her adoptive mother, Joanne Rockoff, had done some research a few years earlier in hopes of finding medical history that