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'Educational Homicide': Zero Students Test Proficient in Math at 40 Percent of Baltimore High Schools

 Let's begin with a question: When will Democrats wake up and realize that by lowering scholastic expectations, they hurting the very students they profess to want to help? Other than never, I mean.

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Mariners and Orioles in wild-card race thanks to insane win streaks

The Mariners, who have won 11 in a row, and the Orioles, winners of 10 straight, have played their way into the AL wild-card race.

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The Left's Hypocrisy On Gun Crime Is Killing People

The big headline from over the Independence Day weekend was that there was yet another mass shooting, this time in the affluent neighborhood of Highland Park, Illinois. A troubled teen opened fire in the predominantly Jewish (and White) neighborhood killi

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Antisemitic Terrorists Murdered My Brother,’ Claims Sister of Israeli Shot Dead in Baltimore, as Police Say Motive Was Robbery

Israeli citizen Efraim Gordon was shot dead while visiting Baltimore. Photo: courtesy of Gordon family. The sister of an Israeli …

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Over 1,000 Baltimore School Officials Make $100K a Year as Students Continue to Fail

An examination of city records reveals that a shocking number of school officials in Baltimore, Maryland are making more than $100,000...

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Tony Baltimore School Buckles to Anti-Semitic Demands of Black Lives Matter Activists

An elite private school in Baltimore founded by Jews is revamping its curriculum in response to a pressure campaign by Black Lives Matter activists demanding an examination of the school's "wealth hoarding" and "tolerance of Zionism."

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Trump Supporters Clean Up West Baltimore And The Liberal Media Are Irritated | Daily Wire

On Monday, a group of Trump supporters led by conservative activist Scott Presler went to West Baltimore for a massive clean-up operation following tweets sent by President Donald Trump highlighting the dire conditions in the area.

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WATCH: Video Emerges Of Elijah Cummings Calling Baltimore ‘Drug Infested’ | Daily Wire

The Trump campaign dug up an old video of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Wednesday that shows him calling his district "drug infested," which comes after the media and Democratic Party repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump for calling Baltimore drug-

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With A Series Of Slowballs, Stevie Wilkerson Became The First Position Player To Record A Save

In a 16-inning, six-hour game that saw the Orioles beat the Angels 10-8, Baltimore outfielder Stevie Wilkerson was the one to secure his team’s victory. It wasn’t his game-tying RBI double in the eighth inning, but his performance on the mound that se

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Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer long wondered if he’s related to JFK. At 72, he learned the truth

Adopted in 1945 and raised in privilege, Palmer never thought too hard about his origins during his legendary MLB career. But his wife’s curiosity led to a discovery.

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No, Calling the Baltimore Rioters ‘Thugs’ Does Not Make You a Racist | National Review Online

I was going to write about the latest Clinton stuff but, frankly, I can’t muster the energy. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

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America’s pastime gives silence a try in Baltimore

With no fans in attendance, the sounds of an MLB game are very different.

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The Most Important Thing I Saw on the Streets of Baltimore After the Riots

A silver lining from an incredibly sad series of events...

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Obama On Baltimore: Republican Congress Won’t Invest in Urban Communities - Breitbart

During his press conference today, President Obama addressed the violence in Baltimore, claiming his political agenda would help solve some of the problems found in impoverished urban communities, such as the one where the violence occurred.

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Volunteers Step Up After School Closings Leave Baltimore Kids Hungry

A vast majority of Baltimore's 85,000 public school students are eligible for free and reduced-priced meals, and the city's school closings Tuesday have left thousands of children without access to that food. Thankfully, volunteers and community orga...

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Wednesday’s White Sox-Orioles Game Moved To Afternoon, Will Be Closed To Public « CBS Chicago

(CBS) Amid civil unrest in Baltimore, Wednesday’s game between the White Sox and Orioles at Camden Yards has been moved to a 1:05 p.m. CT/2:05 p.m. ET start and will be closed to the public, the Orioles announced Tuesday. The game had been scheduled for Wednesday night.

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Baltimoreans targeted in possible anti-Semitic attack | The Times of Israel

Man, possibly of Middle Eastern descent, shouts 'Jews Jews Jews' while firing BB gun at group walking near Jewish school on Rosh Hashanah

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Orioles slugger Chris Davis suspended 25 games - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Orioles slugger Chris Davis was suspended 25 games without pay on Friday following a positive test for an amphetamine, a punishment that will extend into the postseason and perhaps 2015. Baltimore started Friday leading the AL East by 1

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Ravens Release Ray Rice in Wake of Video Showing Punch - NYTimes.com

The N.F.L. team terminated Rice’s contract on Monday, after a video, posted by TMZ earlier in the day, showed him punching Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator in Atlantic City in February.

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There's no way around it: Ray Rice case is in full disaster mode - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: Now that the full video is out of the Ray Rice assault, no one looks worse than America’s No. 1 sports league.