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Dog with Stuffed Animal Found Alone in Rain on Detroit Street Rescued

Almost Home Animal Rescue League helped Nikki the German shepherd find a loving foster home after the nonprofit saw a photo of the dog carrying a stuffed animal in the rain down a Detroit street

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Coco The Shelter Dog Lands Role Of A Lifetime In 'Prey,' A Hit Hulu Movie - The Dodo

Coco hit the big time as sidekick to Amber Midthunder in Hulu's movie, "Prey." Here's why the former shelter dog proves old dogs can learn new tricks.

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NYC's Onetime 'Most Desperate' Bachelor Finally Gets Married

After enduring negative press for his quirky dating approach, Yossi Rosenberg has gone from "most desperate bachelor" to happy new husband.

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Couple Saw The ‘Saddest Dog’ Photo And Adopts, Despite Warnings From Shelter | Tipsto

Jessica Williams couldn’t wait until her birthday in November to adopt a dog. She was way too excited! Jessica’s boyfriend Jared finally gave in once they moved into their pet-friendly apartment. Jessica just had to wait a few more months. But she couldn’

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Animal Control Buys Unicorn for Stray Dog That Stole It From a Store

Sisu, a one-year-old stray dog, was adopted the next day after the Duplin County Animal Control in North Carolina posted about his criminal behavior.

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Police officer adopts injured puppy he rescued while on duty | GMA

Officer Matthew O'Hanlon of Mount Laurel Police told "GMA" that he took the puppy in after he and his colleagues found him wandering about an industrial area on Jan. 2.

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Guy Said He 'Didn't Like Small Dogs' — Until He Met This One - The Dodo

Sinclair Martin never liked little dogs, but when he met a Chihuahua named Pickles everything changed.

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Man Reunites With Dog He Never Thought He'd See Again - The Dodo

Shannon McCann and Nick Pizio recognized one of the dogs at a Planned Pethood Inc. adoption event. It turned out to be a dog Pizio had adopted 3 years ago.

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A Guy Creates a Prom Dress for His Sister After Finding Out Their Parents Couldn’t Afford One

Sometimes, when it seems that our wishes are never going to come true, a miracle happens, and we get exactly what we want. And the character featured in our article was no exception. Her parents couldn’t afford to buy or even rent her a ball gown, leaving

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Ryan Reynolds Sends 9-Yr-Old Special Birthday Message To Show Him He Isn't Alone. – InspireMore

Damien Smith worried he would spend his 9th birthday in the new town of Salmon Arm, British Columbia, alone, but Ryan Reynolds sent him a special message.

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Runaway Reunion: Lost dog found 445 miles away from home

Susan Ray of Houston, Texas rescued Luna back in March from the ‘Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue.’

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Dog reunited with owner after being lost for nearly a year | GMA

Three-year-old golden mix Walter was returned to his owner after getting lost in the woods.