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Humor | Funny Stuff

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hilariously Summarized and Made Fun of in 90 seconds

Crude summaries of Star Wars are always great but here’s an especially silly one from Movie Blast. Instead of just simplifying the story (which it does), it also pokes fun of the movie and in turn, skewers all of us at the same time. Rey becomes Ray Rom

Humor | Funny Stuff

Tour De France Won By Rowdy, Tattooed Biker From Harley Davidson Team - The Onion - America's Finest News Source

PARIS—In what many are calling the single most dominant performance in the 112-year history of the event, the 2015 Tour de France was won Sunday by Jason “Scab” Vickerson of the Harley Davidson Team.

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25 Things to Look for While Watching the 24-Hour A Christmas Story Marathon

You know Ralphie Parker’s plight by heart. But can you spot A Christmas Story’s flubs?

    Humor | Funny Stuff

    ‘NCIS’ To Cease Print Edition

    NEW YORK—Longtime readers are already mourning the end of an era as CBS announced today that at the end of this month it would cease print operations of the popular drama NCIS after several years of diminishing ad revenue and subscription rates.

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      What is the difference between women and men?

      There are many funny differences between women and men. You can see them in everyday situations. Next time, when you have a fight with your couple, try to remember these...

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        Surviving Whole Foods

        She rings me up for $313. I resist the urge to unwrap and swallow whole another $6 truffle in protest. Barely. Instead, I reach for my wallet, flash her a quiet smile and say,

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          Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus performance

          USS Enterprise reacts to MTV's Video Music Awards with Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. Try another channel Lt. Uhura. Set Phasers to overkill, Mr Chekov. www.f...