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Too Soon? Introducing the Lighter Side of Self-Immolation

 Welcome to the lighter side of self-immolation, and I don't mean the age-old debate between the classic sturdiness of a Zippo vs. the disposable convenience of a Bic.

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‘Many attacks are from the progressive left,’ says British Jewish actress

Tracy-Ann Oberman told the “BBC” that she has round-the-clock security after receiving threats.

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The Don Quixote Delusion | Israel National News

What a 17th century classic can teach us about the West’s current attack on Israel. Op-ed.

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The rise of barbaric progressivism

On the Jewish struggle and other epochal matters. Click to read No Delusions, No Despair, by Benjamin Kerstein, a Substack publication with hundreds of subscribers.

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New Mexico's Martin Heinrich Embraced a Struggling Electric Bus Industry. Campaign Cash from Lobbyists Followed.

When Senator Martin Heinrich's chief of staff Joe Britton left his role, the New Mexico Democrat heaped praise on his former right-hand man, saying Britton would "continue to make a difference in the lives of everyone he meets."

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We Have More Info on 'Woke Kindergarten' and It's Worse Than We Could Have Imagined

 The other day Amy C. wrote about a San Francisco school that, hoping to bring up flagging test scores and aptitude tests amongst their students, hired a company called 'Woke Kindergarten' to 'train (their) teachers to disrupt racism and remove those barriers to learning'.

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Gaslighting 101: Australian Police Deny Any Protestors at Sydney Opera House Chanted 'Gas the Jews'

 Back in 2021, internet history was made when NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing auto racer Brandon Brown, who had just won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race.

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‘Somalia first’ and other alarming signs of a failing American empire

When the ruling elite believes the military’s loyalty should be to the current president and elected officials declare their primary loyalty to foreign nations, these are late imperial hours.

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You Should Rethink Flying United Airlines

 In 2021, United Airlines released the following statement:

"Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That's why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color."

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Stop exploiting the Holocaust as a weapon against Israel  

Since October, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have distorted the memory of the Holocaust to wage political and economic war on Israel, thereby diminishing the scale and severity of the atrocities that were carried out by Nazi Germany.

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Expecting a Response to an Email Is Racist, Trump Prosecutor Suggests in Leaked Emails

The district attorney prosecuting former president Donald Trump in Georgia suggested in an email exchange earlier this month that racism was at play when one of Trump's attorneys pressed her team for a response to his emails.

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‘The left has become Hamas’s useful idiots’

Jake Wallis Simons on the hypocrisy and ignorance of ‘pro-Palestine’ progressives.

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If You Say Men Give Birth, We Know Your Position on Hamas

If you say “men give birth,” we all know your position on Hamas. Now, why is that? Why, if a person says “men give birth” or says that men who say they are…

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HOO BOY! MSNBC Panel VERY Alarmed by Iowa Caucus Result (Does THIS Meltdown Sound Familiar?)

 It's now looking like Donald Trump has cleared the first hurdle to the 2024 Republican nomination in Iowa:

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The Nation’s Palestinian Correspondent Says ‘We Must Normalize Massacres’

The Nation magazine’s Palestinian correspondent is being investigated by the London Metropolitan Police after saying “we must normalize massacres as the status quo” during an anti-Israel demonstration last weekend.

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Jews have a home in the conservative movement

The left’s betrayal is an opportunity for Jews to reassess which side truly embraces their most essential values.

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Remember That 'Islamophobic' Shooting in Vermont? The Facts Defy the Narrative

 Remember that November 2023 incident in Vermont where three young Palestinian men were shot by a deranged guy on the dark streets of Burlington?

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A Special Dictionary for Israel

When it comes to describing Israel’s actions in war and peace, the world invests established terms with new meaning, and simply invents others.

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Protesters paid to take part in pro-Palestinian demonstrations

They’re being paid to protest. What many have suspected has now been confirmed.

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The toxic tribalism of the pro-Palestine marches

These people think they can disrupt Londoners’ lives week in, week out. They just want to signal their own self-righteousness.

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SEIU Leader Participated in Palestinian Protest That Shut Down Brooklyn Bridge

A chief negotiator for the Service Employees International Union's national office who accused Israel of committing "genocide" protested the Jewish state alongside his radical wife and violent communist son, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

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NAACP Says We Can't Allow Claudine Gay's Legacy Be Tarnished and Erased

 All of the usual suspects came forward to defend former Harvard president Claudine Gay, even after it was found that she'd plagiarized other people's work almost 50 times, something that would get an undergrad expelled.

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WATCH: Media Explain Away Claudine Gay Resignation

Media outlets were quick on the draw with explanations after Harvard president Claudine Gay on Tuesday announced her resignation amid allegations of plagiarism and mishandling the university's response to anti-Semitism. Pundits' defenses stretched from sa

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Democrats: Cheering For Mass Murder

In 1862, Dakota Indians went on a mass murder spree, butchering more than 600 innocent whites, mostly women and children. The Indians murdered babies, beating their brains out and nailing them to t…

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How ‘Antiracism’ Becomes Antisemitism

For decades America’s credentialed liberal elite thought of itself as uniquely immune to the appeal of racial bigotry. The rest of the country—the right-leaning suburbs, the rural places, the Archie Bunkers—were constantly prone, in the minds of America’s intellectuals and enlightened academics, to indulge in racial grievances. But not the university-educated, well-heeled elite.

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LOUDER for the Morons in Back! Cori Bush Brutally SCHOOLED About Who Should REALLY 'Cease Fire'

 Even Rashida Tlaib hasn't been quite as annoying as Cori Bush when it comes to Israel, Hamas, and the constant whining at Biden to demand a ceasefire. Don't get us wrong, Tlaib is seriously gross, awful, and sucks big time BUT she isn't nearly as 'present' on Twitter whining about things as Bush is.

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The Global Empire of Palestine - Tablet Magazine

The Palestinians have something better than a state. They have the backing of today’s worldwide power brokers.

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Israel’s False Partners

Progressives who divide the world into ‘oppressors’ and ‘the oppressed’ are not our allies.

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Victory Davis Hanson: We Are Well Beyond Hypocrisy

The abject narcissism of the insular Left is startling. They apparently believe the American public is amnesiac enough to forget what leftists once did…

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Victor Davis Hanson: Americans Must Choose Between Civilization—or Its Destroyers

 Nihilism is the religion of the Left. Anarchy is now at the core of the new Democratic Party.

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Hamas Terrorists Called For a Global Protest Against Israel. Liberal Activist Groups Did Their Bidding.

Last week, Hamas and other Palestinian terror organizations called for a "global strike" against Israel. Within days, left-wing activist groups in the United States heeded the command—and falsely claimed that the call came from Palestinian citizens, not t

Politics | Campus Watch

Harvard covered up a secret plagiarism probe into president Claudine Gay during antisemitism storm — threatened The NY Post

Claudine Gay was probed by Harvard over possible plagiarism — but the college kept it a secret and even hired lawyers to protect her.

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The Left And Islam: An Infernal Alliance

Liberal society is marching shoulder to shoulder with the savages of Islamic holy war

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Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.

Attacks on Muslims and Jews are treated very differently.

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Teachers Union Official Compiled List Of Nearby Wealthy Jews, Calling Them ‘Gluttons And Thieves’

A Maryland teacher is on leave while the school system investigates her for a string of anti-Semitic social media posts that included creating a list of wealthy Jews in her county, claiming they horde wealth while contributing nothing to society, and calling for “class war.”

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Julianna Margulies apologizes after claiming non-binary anti-Semites would be beheaded and have their heads used as FOOTBALLS in Islamic countries: Also said black people are 'lower than Jews' to Islamists

Actress Julianna Margulies on Friday apologized for her remarks made on a podcast episode. She said black people have been 'brainwashed to hate Jews'.

News | Antisemitism Watch

Europe's clash of cultures — and antisemitism — is coming to America

By now everybody will have seen the footage of anti-Israel activists and pro-Palestinian extremists trying to disrupt the Christmas tree lighting at Rockefeller Center.

Politics | The Left

The depravity of the Islamo-left

Why do so many leftists struggle to condemn Hamas? Why do so-called progressives make excuses for Jew-killing, misogynistic, gay-bashing Islamists? It’s a lo...

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Meet the Senior CIA Official Who Posted Pro-Palestinian Images to Social Media

The senior CIA official who posted a pro-Palestinian image on Facebook in the wake of Hamas’s deadly attack on Israel is associate deputy director for analysis Amy McFadden, the agency confirmed to the Washington Free Beacon.

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The hypocrisy of the feminists

Their silence on the mass rape and femicide on Oct. 7 condemns them.

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Wary of Deportation, Elite Colleges Won't Expel Anti-Semitic Foreign Students

As anti-Israel protesters swarmed college campuses, MIT president Sally Kornbluth drew a line in the sand: Any student engaged in an unsanctioned protest would face expulsion.

Politics | The Left

WATCH: Greta Thunberg Takes the Mask Off Fully, as She Chants to 'Crush Zionism' at Disturbing Rally

 The left has pushed forward Greta Thunberg for years now, to tout their climate change agenda. You weren't allowed to criticize her, according to them, because she was a teen. Yet they still wanted you to accept what this child, who had no scientific background, was saying.

Politics | Media Bias

Guardian legitimises those tearing down posters of abducted children

It's been 40 days since Hamas terrorists carried out the worst antisemitic attack since the Holocaust, which included the abduction of over 240 people - includ

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London's Mayor Issues Statement on the Far-Right Thugs at Pro-Palestinian March

 Let's check in on the U.K., shall we?

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

Biden Admin Isn't Sanctioning Hamas for Use of Human Shields, Drawing Bipartisan Ire

The Biden administration is not enforcing U.S. sanctions on Hamas’s use of shields, drawing bipartisan concerns in Congress as the Iran-backed terror group uses civilians to shield itself from Israeli military attacks.

Politics | The Left

The Rot in the Universities Runs Deep, and Is Spreading to Elementary and Secondary Schools

On Oct. 13, New York Times columnist Pamela Paul reported that a Stanford University student told her that on Oct. 10, “[a] lecturer in one class that day...

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Antisemitism: Why Are All of You Silent?

A few years back you were a bunch of activists. Now Jews are being murdered in cold blood and you haven't said a word.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Victor Davis Hanson: The Mindset of Our Anti-Semites

Peruse campus literature. Watch clips from university protests. Scan interviews with pro-Hamas protestors. Read the chalk propaganda sketched on campus…

Politics | The Left

As Antisemitism Rages, London Mayor Targets ... Islamophobia?

Well, we can see The Leftist talking points have gone out. Not only is the Biden Administration focused on Islamophobia, but the London mayor is as well.

Politics | Opinion

Liberal Jews Have No Reason To Be Surprised By Progressive Antisemitism

Sooner or later radical leftists were going to be emboldened and find themselves in positions of power. Sooner is now.

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Feminists Are Consenting to Hamas' Rape Culture

And they're doing it proudly, on campuses and capitals around the world

Politics | Campus Watch

Princeton Students Chant Call For Murdering Jews

Students at Princeton University, often considered the most prestigious university in the nation, chanted “Long live the Intifada,” a call for murdering Jews.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

UC Berkeley Instructor Offers Extra Credit to Students Who Participate in Anti-Israel Walk-Out

On Tuesday, a graduate student at the University of California-Berkeley offered extra credit to students if they attended a student "walkout"

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

The Systemic Anti-Semitism of the Left

Hamas’s bloody terrorist romp through bordering Israel on Oct. 7-8 has flushed out a shocking degree of anti-Semitism on the left. And as each mask has fallen, PJ Media reporters have been shini...

Politics | Campus Watch

When You Realize Nearly Everyone In Your University Wants You Dead

How, how, how did this come to pass? There is no evil like the academic who provides the ideological foundation for the extermination of a people, and insists that you call that program “virtue.”

Politics | Opinion

The Islamo-left is a menace to Jews and decency

The Western left’s failure to denounce Hamas confirms its abandonment of secularism and reason.

Politics | Campus Watch

Transgender University of California-Davis Professor Threatens ‘Zionist Journalists’ and Children

A "far-left trans" assistant professor at the University of California-Davis threatened Zionist journalists and their children.

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Why won’t the Jews just let themselves be killed?

Nothing better captures the moral decay of our woke elites than their haughty disdain for the State of Israel.

Books | Books

Understanding Our Multiculti Mess

Recent controversies over the introduction of "critical race theory" into the high school curriculum, and of instruction aimed at "enlightening" even elementary school kids about the supposedly fluid nature of "gender identity," have brought into the lime

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The cruelty of the Left

"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so," Ronald Reagan once quipped of his political opponents.

Politics | Opinion

Decent liberals may do more harm than pro-Hamas demonstrators

Those who decry the crimes of Hamas while opposing efforts to destroy the terrorists are a greater threat to Israel than those openly cheering for Nazi-like atrocities.

Politics | Op-Ed

Even Now, Democrats Are Having a Hard Time Breaking Up With Their Terrorist Pals

Top O’ the Briefing
Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Berklym wasn’t willing to rest on his laurels, despite his undisputed fame in the world of chocolate-macadamia Bo...

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The women-hating women who support Hamas

These American and European women are cheering for the rape, torture, public humiliation and murder of Israeli women and children.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: California, the Great Destroyer

In 1996, the California legislature created the high speed rail authority. In 2008, voters passed an initial nearly $10 billion bond to build an envisioned 800…

Politics | Woke Insanity

Disney Promises to Tone Down the Woke, Then Signs Race Huckster Ibram X. Kendi for ESPN Series on Racism in Sports

The culture wars are bad for business, said Disney/ESPN top dog Bob Iger recently, and he vowed to “quiet the noise.” Iger’s idea of quiet, however, is apparently a sane American’s idea of an ear-spli...

Politics | BLM

Black Lives Matter Activist Pleads Guilty to Fraud for Missing Donations

A Black Lives Matter activist has pled guilty to fraud after money donated to a fundraising page she established went missing.

Politics | Leftists Are Racists

Democrats Are Intolerant Racists and We Know Why

By now, pretty much everyone has heard the Democrats’ incessant claim that they are the (only!) party of true tolerance and inclusion. But have you noticed lately how their well-crafted facade i...

Politics | Climate Change

We Know Exactly What ‘De-Development’ Means

“The climate crisis,” said Al Gore at the U.N. a couple of days ago, “is a fossil fuel crisis.” “What climate crisis?” you might be asking, and you would be…

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The Hidden Agenda Behind Lockdowns › American Greatness

It is possible that tens of millions of Americans will begin to question the credibility of pandemic and climate catastrophists and realize skeptics are not “conspiracy theorists,” or “haters,” but people just like them, fighting to keep everyone free. Th

Politics | Opinion

Palestinian activism demands checking your liberalism at the door

Can you be truly committed to liberal values and be an full-throated supporter of the Palestinian cause? We ask this question partly in response to recent co

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: What the Left Did to Our Country

In the last 20 years, the Left has boasted that it has gained control of most of America institutions of power and influence—the corporate boardroom, media…

Politics | Climate Change

1,600 Scientists Humiliate the Climate Ghouls Once and for All –

The report starts with a proposition everyone with an ounce of gray matter agrees with: Scientists should study science and politicians should stay out of it.

Politics | Leftists Are Racists

Segregation Makes a Comeback: Florida Elementary School Holds Assembly About Black Students' Test Scores Only

When you hear the word “segregation,” it likely conjures images dating from the Jim Crow era that depict water fountains saying “Whites Only” or bathrooms and diner counters sp...

Politics | Liberal Fascism

NYT Op-Ed Argues 'Elections Are Bad for Democracy,' Proposes Alternative

 I chose the featured image for a reason that would've seemed unimaginable not all that long ago. As I first looked at the picture, the sun setting behind the Statue of Liberty metaphorically suggests the sun setting on democracy — lower-case "d," that is — in America.

Politics | Liberal Fascism

Americans Could Be Limited to Two Beers a Week

 Dr. George Koob, who is apparently the Biden Administration's alcohol czar (why the hell is there such a thing as an alcohol czar?) plans to issue strict new alcohol-intake guidelines limiting Americans to two beers a week. Good luck with that.

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Biden-Appointed Judge Says No Opt Out of LGBTQ Propaganda for Public School Students

 It was former President Barack Obama in 2009 who, after his election, reminded us that "elections have consequences." Today, those words are more true than ever, and a group of Maryland parents are finding that out.

Politics | Covid 19

It Sure Looks Like Mask Mandate and Vaccine Requirement Plans Are in the Works

 Recently, RedState warned everyone that COVID scolds and the brain-dead "public health" zombies who want to mask everyone, including your unborn child, or so it seems, are starting to make some noise again

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Shane, The Classic Western, Goes Woke

I was looking forward to the Guthrie Theater’s last performance of the season, a theatrical adaption of the novel Shane. I read and studied Jack Schaefer’s...

News | Antisemitism Watch

New ADL Report Shows Antisemitism Widespread on European Left

Brazen expressions of anti-Zionism and hostility towards the State of Israel that spill over into antisemitism continue to be visible among socialist and far left political parties in Europe, according to a new assessment published on Tuesday by the Anti-

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: Who Will Say No More to the Current Madness?

Britain slept in the 1930s as an inevitable war with Hitler loomed. A lonely Winston Churchill had only a few courageous partners to oppose the appeasement and…

News | News

'I Am Antifa': Wild Scene in Portland Courtroom as Jury Reaches Verdict in Andy Ngo Assault Case

Antifa radicals continue to escape justice.

Politics | The China Threat

Exposé Uncovers Links Between China and Code Pink

An exposé of a financial network that uses American nonprofits to push Chinese talking points worldwide incriminates Code Pink

Politics | Op-Ed

Bring on the Counterrevolution

Conservatives need a national agenda that reclaims American institutions from the Left. A blueprint exists, from a surprising source.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: The Remaking of America

We are in the midst of one of the most radical revolutions in American history. It is as far-reaching and dangerous as the turbulent years of the 1850s and…

Politics | Opinion

'Shut Up or Else!' The True Link between Islam and the Left

Despite their many outward differences, Islamic authoritarianism and leftist liberalism are, in fact, very similar, especially in that they brook no dissent. Here, I'd like to offer a more focused look into their similar modes of operation, especially

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Are We Seeing BLM 2.0 in Israel?

I’m in Jerusalem, where it’s 10:30 p.m., and I am seeing what looks like the early BLM demonstrations version 2.0 outside my window.
At 9 p.m., Ben Yehuda Street was beautiful and joyous. The area tha...

Politics | Opinion

Disingenuous indigenous virtue signaling

B&J’s misguided indigenous campaign is not grounded in historical fact or law. Op-ed.

Politics | Biden Administration/Congress

On Israel, Biden Surrenders to the Left

All the chatter in Washington ahead of Israeli president Isaac Herzog's visit to the White House on Tuesday was about the dust-up in the Democratic caucus over Rep. Pramila Jayapal's (D., Wash.) remark that Israel is a "racist state."

Politics | Education or Indoctrination?

Guess What Teachers Union Groomers Are Assigning as Summer Reading

America’s preeminent teachers union is now recommending that its members add Gender Queer – a treatise on the merits of transgenderism – to their summer reading list, presumably in order for any...

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

The Atlantic: The variety at the grocery store has become 'overwhelming'

 There's a line between how we live now and when we'll all be living in pods and eating bugs. Somewhere along that line, grocery stores have become problematic. There's too much choice.

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: What the Left Has Left for America

The present-day Left bears little resemblance to the old civil-libertarian, integrationist Democratic Party that existed from the 1960s through 2000.

Politics | Liberal Fascism

Scary video: Pro-LBGTQ mob gangs up on, gets physical with lone woman holding sign defending female rights

Cellphone video captured the rather scary moment when a lone woman holding a sign defending female rights found herself surrounded by a pro-LBGTQ mob that ganged up against and got physical with her over the weekend.What are the details?The clip was poste

Politics | BLM

A Closer Look At Black Lives Matter’s ‘Bankruptcy’ Shows Radical Leftists Still Have Millions In Their Coffers

Even if Black Lives Matter Global Network were to go bankrupt, other well-off organizations at the heart of the BLM movement would live on.

Politics | Gender Insanity

Space Force General Admits She’d Prioritize Gender Surgery Access Over Qualified Officers

United States Space Force Lt. Gen. DeAnna M. Burt admitted during a recent Department of Defense (DoD) LGBTQ+ PRIDE event that she would allow access to “gender-affirming care” to take priority over qualifications when assigning officers.

Politics | Politics

The American And Rainbow Flags Stand For Two Incompatible Definitions Of ‘Liberty,’ And Only One Can Rule Us

For the first time since the British raised the Union colors over Washington in 1814, the White House sits under a foreign battle flag.

News | Antisemitism Watch

How antisemitism adopted the Stalinist approach

  “Death solves all problems,” Joseph Stalin is quoted as having said, “No man, no problem.” A significant number of

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: It Was Always Only About Power With the Left

Why do so many liberal climate-activist grandees fly on private jets? Or why do those who profited from Black Lives Matter have a propensity for estate living?

Politics | Op-Ed

Victor Davis Hanson: The Left Has Pushed the Envelope

The Left is waging a full-fledged cultural revolution against traditional America. And the Maoist results are often as absurd as they are terrifying.

Politics | Liberal Fascism

The Truth About Diversity and the Terrifying Reason the Commie Left Is Pushing It

Diversity pushers think they're helping minorities advance in society and business. But in reality, they are helping the commie globalists advance their goals.

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Weaponising antisemitism against conservatives

A conference on how to save the west has been smeared by those out to destroy it

Politics | The Decline Of America

Now Connecticut Is on the Verge of Protecting Pedophiles, Too

PJ Media has previously reported that the Democrat-controlled Minnesota legislature considered changing the legal definition of “sexual orientation” by removing the clause that excluded pe...

Politics | Politics

Woke & Broke: Leftwing Publications Like 'Vice' Are Failing Left and —Well, Left

Once-thriving lefty webzine Vice is going into receivership with a George Soros organization, but the site’s stunning failure sits perhaps only at the middle of an ongoing trend best described a...

Politics | Donald Trump

Carroll v. Trump: The rape case that started at a Resistance party

Jury selection begins Tuesday in a lawsuit brought against former President Donald Trump by the humor and advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, who says Trump raped her sometime in 1995 or 1996. Carroll, now 79, cannot remember which year it was, but at a min

Politics | Politics

Conservatives Won The Word ‘Woke.’ Now It’s Time To Reclaim Accurate Language Everywhere

There is nothing to be gained by good-naturedly going along with linguistic charades. There is the entire discourse to be lost.

Politics | Leftists Are Insane

Here’s a video tour of Minneapolis before and after the 2020 riots

Minneapolis doesn't look so hot.

Politics | Blue State/City Life

California Democrats Kill Legislation that Cracks Down

If they were effective, more than 5,000 users would still be alive. This is not about public health. It's not about crime prevention. This is about race and the radica

Politics | Leftists & Antisemitism

Professor in Canada Convicted of Bombing Synagogue, Media Focuses on His ‘Ordeal’

Hassan Diab has the advantage of having been part of a movement that is favored on the Left. If he weren’t, no one would be lamenting his “ordeal” today.

News | News

Criminal charges against Alec Baldwin in ‘Rust’ shooting dropped

'Rules for thee, but not for me' strikes again as criminal charges for Alec Baldwin are dropped in fatal 'Rust' shooting

Politics | Politics

Watching Angry SNL Trans Skit Was About as Fun as Hitting Yourself Over the Head With a Mallet

Having someone shout political rhetoric at you all too often passes for comedy these days.

Politics | Politics

The American Left Rigs Elections Everywhere Else, so Why Wouldn't They Do It Here?

“If we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win,” said then-Sen. Hillary Clinton in a 2006 interview with t...

Politics | Politics

How Taxpayer Funds Are Flowing to a Group Bankrolling Anti-Netanyahu Protests

The U.S. government has been funneling taxpayer money to the left-wing group bankrolling protests against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Israeli funding documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Politics | Politics

Joe Biden Turns the American Government Into Wokeness, Inc.

Last week, as Presidents Day weekend loomed, the Biden administration dropped a little-noticed executive order. That executive order happened to be one of the broadest, most transformative executive o...

Politics | Politics

The Woke Virus Has Landed Deep in the Heart of Texas

"Wokeness" is often associated with small liberal arts colleges and the Ivy League, but it’s also found a home at one of the largest public universities in one of the reddest states in the country: the University of Texas at Austin. 

Politics | POLITICS

The New Age of Uniformity - The American Mind

We shouldn't fall for the postmodern Left's self-evident lie that they speak nothing but the truth on all political matters.

Politics | Politics

Lancet Urges Shift Away from Human-Centered Health Care

Lancet medical journal urges a “revolutionary shift of perspective” away from human-centered health care in favor of “ecological equity.”

Humor | Humor

How to Survive in the Third World States of America

It’s 2028. Our non-binary Emporer/Empress Kamala Harris has outlawed guns, meat, combustible engines, gas stoves, and testicles. Americans are starving except for those lucky enough to live in t...

Politics | Politics

Use These Five Easy Tricks to Identify the Marxist in the Room

People are waking up to the Marxist onslaught facing our nation. If you still don’t see the pile of bolshie we are up against, I suggest you read this brilliant four-part series by Larry Alex Ta...

Politics | Politics

TIME Magazine: Exercise in U.S. Originated as ‘White Supremacy’ Project, Wrong to Presume Fat People ‘Not Fit’

Early 20th century pushes for exercise stemmed from “white supremacy” in order to produce “more white babies,” a TIME Magazine piece argues.

Politics | Politics

Totalitarianism: Can It Happen in America?

What does totalitarianism look like? In the 20th century, it took the form of secret police violently silencing anyone who spoke out against the government.…

Politics | Politics

New PayPal Policy Lets Company Pull $2,500 From Users’ Accounts If They Promote ‘Misinformation’

A new policy update from PayPal will permit the firm to sanction users who advance purported “misinformation” or present risks to user “wellbeing.”

Politics | Politics

Victor Davis Hanson: The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

Civilization is fragile. It hinges on ensuring the stuff of life. To be able to eat, to move about, to have shelter, to be free from state or tribal coercion…

Politics | Opinion

The Covid Playbook Is Coming To An Energy Crisis Near You

America's legacy media has largely ignored California's brush with rolling blackouts last week after a heat wave hit the state.

Politics | Politics

The intersectionality of antisemitism

The Black Lives Matter movement, which began in 2013, picked up serious steam during this period. Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Gaza jumped on the bandwagon.

Politics | Politics

The Left Should Be Happy with Biden › American Greatness

The Left should be ecstatic that Joe Biden has given them everything they wanted. The Left likes inflation. It reduces the value of old money by printing lots of new money. Those richer who have it…

Politics | Opinion

Victor Davis Hanson: Biden and The Destruction of Wisdom

There used to be an agreed-on body of wisdom, which both Left and Right, Republicans and Democrats, generally accepted. Heated arguments and invective centered on implementations and methods of…

Politics | Politics

Left Mocks Threats to Murder Supreme Court Justices: ‘Give Them ARs’

The left attempted to weaponize the recent threats against Supreme Court justices --  including threats to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Politics | POLITICS

Understanding Marxism: The Enemy of Being is Having

Capitalism is the source of all evil. If we can just get rid of the capitalist system, we can eliminate poverty, inequality, exploitation, class conflict,…

Politics | Politics

Dem strategist says that Republicans ‘want to force you to have kids so they have something to shoot at’

If this is what Democratic strategists are coming up with, November looks good.

Politics | Politics

The Age of the Absurd

The West has gone through many eras — the so-called Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Age and the Post-Modern. The present era is

Politics | Women's rights

Take the Hint, Ladies: the Left Doesn't Care About You

I know women who believe the Democrats have women's best interests in mind. They vote "D" every time. And they all have a dirty little secret.

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Canada Has Become a Standing Joke

Here lies W.C. Fields. I would rather be living in Philadelphia    
W.C. Fields’ proposed epitaph 
There are a number of Canadian jokes making the rounds these days. Here are four....

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Leftist Nonsense Is Killing DC. Let It Die

D.C. was never supposed to be like the Capitol in 'The Hunger Games,' where the wealthy clowns in charge destroy the vulnerable for sport.

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‘New low’: Justin Trudeau tells Jewish member of Parliament she (and conservatives) ‘stand with people who wave swastikas’

"Trudeau is losing it."

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Our Greatest Domestic Threat: Pro-Government Extremists

Though alarming and depressing, we can no longer avoid recognizing that America’s greatest domestic threat is from pro-government extremists. We rue that pro…

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NY Times’ Latest Assault on Rival Joe Rogan: Stop Him, ‘Our Health Is at Risk’

New York Times editorial board member Greg Bensinger called for the massively popular podcaster Joe Rogan to be censored by his hosting platform Spotify in “Spotify Chooses Profits Over Truth.”

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The ReidOut blogger says Whoopi Goldberg’s ignorance about the Holocaust ‘said more about America than her’

No, Whoopi Goldberg's comments said a lot about Whoopi Goldberg.