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Women's rights | Politics

Politics | Women's rights

Analysis: 'Most Far-Fetched Loophole Yet for Imposing Abortion-On-Demand' - CatholicVote org

The Equal Rights Amendment is a bid to impose extreme LGBTQ ideology and abortion-on-demand nationwide.

    Politics | Women's rights

    Take the Hint, Ladies: the Left Doesn't Care About You

    I know women who believe the Democrats have women's best interests in mind. They vote "D" every time. And they all have a dirty little secret.

    Politics | Women's rights

    No, this is not "getting back to normal" - Melanie Phillips

    The extinction of reason, justice and freedom on campus is now to be institutionalised as American government policy

    Politics | Women's rights

    Executive Order on Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation | The White House

    Prepare your 13 year old daughter to be in in her highnschool locker room with an 18 -19 year old male. Prepare her to never be able to compete in sports fairly or safely.