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HOO BOY! MSNBC Panel VERY Alarmed by Iowa Caucus Result (Does THIS Meltdown Sound Familiar?)

 It's now looking like Donald Trump has cleared the first hurdle to the 2024 Republican nomination in Iowa:

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Trump wins massive victory in Iowa, DeSantis edges Haley for second in 1st GOP presidential nominating contest

Former President Donald Trump cruised to a easy victory on Monday night in the Iowa caucuses, the lead off contest in the 2024 Republican presidential nominating calendar.

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BLM Capitol Rally Protests Laws That Hold Violent Protesters Accountable

Black Lives Matter protesters swarmed Iowa’s capitol to protest legislation that would exact punishment for violent and criminal behavior...

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Iowa Enacts Law to Limit Absentee and Early Voting, Close Polls Earlier

Iowa’s governor, Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), has signed legislation that limits absentee voting, shortens early voting, and closes the polls...

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Iowa Professor’s Syllabus: You’ll Be Dismissed If You Oppose Pro-Choice Or Black Lives Matter Positions

A professor of English at Iowa State University issued a syllabus for her class asserting that any student who opposes the pro-choice perspective or the Black Lives Matter movement will have created “grounds for dismissal from the classroom.” Chloe Clark 

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Buttigieg supporter asks to take back vote after learning he's gay | TheHill

An Iowa voter who had sought to support former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the state's troubled caucuses on Monday changed her mind after learning he's gay.

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'View' Blames ‘White, Red State’ Iowa for Dem Caucus Disaster; Remember Stacey Abrams?

There was a lot of blame being thrown around Tuesday for Monday’s chaotic Democrat caucuses in Iowa, however, one common theme emerged on ABC: could it be because there’s too many white people? On Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos blasted

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Why Iowa Might Have Screwed Up The Whole Nomination Process | FiveThirtyEight

In trying to build a forecast model of the Democratic primaries, we literally had to think about the entire process from start (Iowa) to finish (the Virgin Isla…

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Frustration Setting in for CNN: Iowa 'Starting to Look Like a Debacle'

It’s past midnight and there’s still no official results from the Iowa caucuses and rumors said results wouldn’t be published until the morning. CNN’s patience wore wearing thin late in the 10:00 p.m. hour when their frustrations flashed. They were so des

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Team Trump mocks, confused candidates fume as Iowa Democrat Party botches 2020 kickoff

The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) still has not reported official vote totals in the critical Iowa caucuses as of early Tuesday morning, in a largely unexplained and unprecedented delay that has raised questions about the legitimacy of the contest -- and ca

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We don't know yet who won the Iowa caucuses. But here's what we do know.

The results of the Iowa Democratic caucuses were delayed, with the state party citing reporting issues and a verification process that involved three times the results as previous caucuses.

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Presidential Campaign Staffers ‘Caucus for Shabbat’ in Iowa

Amid divisive primary, Jewish campaign staffers get together over Shabbat dinner

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Elusive Quest for Momentum Is On as Democrats Dash to Iowa | RealClearPolitics

FORT MADISON, Iowa (AP) — About 500 people packed into the basketball gym in the Fort Madison YMCA to see Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the working class Mississippi River town on the Sunday evening...

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North Dakota State shocks No. 13 Iowa on last-second FG

At some point, FBS teams will learn not to schedule North Dakota State. No. 13 Iowa learned the hard way on Saturday at Kinnick Stadium. North Dakota State, the five-time defending FCS national champions, came into Iowa City and pulled off a 23-21 win on

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Hillary Clinton wins Iowa precinct by coin toss

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O’Malley to suspend his campaign, according to adviser - The Washington Post

The news came against the backdrop of the former Maryland governor’s weak performance in Iowa Monday.

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Iowa caucuses: Live coverage of the important and the weird

It's important, it's weird, and it's live. Here's the latest from Iowa, where the 2016 election is officially kicking off on Feb. 1.

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Iowa Results - Presidential Primaries and Caucuses – 2016 Election Center - CNNPolitics.com

Politics at CNN has news, opinion and analysis of American and global politics. Find news and video about elections, the White House, the U.N and much more.

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Here's how to know who's winning Iowa tonight

Certain counties have proven to be more predictive than others at indicating the eventual victor from both parties.

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America's voting system is crazy -- here's what you need to know - CNNPolitics.com

Why are Iowa and New Hampshire so important? What's the Electoral College? Get up to speed on the 2016 U.S. election here.

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Iowa Caucuses | TIME

Some answers to your questions about the Iowa caucuses.

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21 Ways The Iowa State Fair Is Utterly Baffling To A British Person - BuzzFeed News

It's time for the Iowa State Fair. BuzzFeed UK's Jim Waterson attempts to understand U.S. politics...

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Spectacular photos of the US Navy's most powerful battleship ever

This is the USS Iowa, the first of the largest, most powerful battleship class ever in the United States Navy, equipped with nine 16-inch (406mm) guns that could fire nuclear shells—the only American ship in history with this capability. This photo seri