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PODCAST: While Kamala Breaks The Law, The Left Is More Concerned With Golf Courses | Underground USA | United States

Even as Vice President Kamala Harris engages in the blatant transgression of the Hatch Act - as well as other campaign laws, the disingenuous Left is taking aim at a golf course in Scotland owned by former President Donald Trump and an array of sand dunes. Curious that they are so focused by the former President even as China successfully tests a hyper-sonic, nuclear-capable, high-altitude missile that Biden administration officials say caught them off guard...

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Schumer: State Voting Laws ‘One of the Greatest Threats We Have to Modern Democracy’

In a stunning reversal of where he stood on the subject just two months ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), declared that...

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Why the House Provision Allowing for the Overturning of Elections Is Unconstitutional

A Democrat lawyer intrinsically tied to the litany of 2020 General Election lawsuits claims the House committee examining the possibility...

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Iowa Enacts Law to Limit Absentee and Early Voting, Close Polls Earlier

Iowa’s governor, Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), has signed legislation that limits absentee voting, shortens early voting, and closes the polls...

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Pelosi Pushing HR1 Election Bill Through House Without Hearings, Few GOP Amendments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority House pushed their HR1 – “For the People Act” – to the House floor Tuesday, allowing for...

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Why Politicians Need to Say 'I Approve This Message' in Their Ads | Mental Floss

Anyone running for federal office is required to endorse their own television ads. While it's supposed to make their political statements more honest, it might be having the opposite effect.