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6 undisputed facts about Arizona election: Election Day issues, ballot counts, legal threats

At least 70 of Maricopa County's 223 vote centers experienced election machine problems on Election Day.

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Don't Look Now But Democrats Are Gaining

With the primary season nearly over and the candidates for federal office mostly set, Republicans should be optimistic.

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Democrats cater to the woke at their electoral peril

The Democratic Party’s embrace of socialist-leaning politicians — namely “The Squad” — has not only put it on track to lose control of Congress in November.

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Republican Victory in 2022 Will Put America at a Crossroads

Imagine that you are a middle-aged husband and father, as well as a highly successful sales executive, with a loving wife and growing kids. Like other suburban American families, you have a mortgage,...

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PODCAST: While Kamala Breaks The Law, The Left Is More Concerned With Golf Courses | Underground USA | United States

Even as Vice President Kamala Harris engages in the blatant transgression of the Hatch Act - as well as other campaign laws, the disingenuous Left is taking aim at a golf course in Scotland owned by former President Donald Trump and an array of sand dunes. Curious that they are so focused by the former President even as China successfully tests a hyper-sonic, nuclear-capable, high-altitude missile that Biden administration officials say caught them off guard...

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Analysis: Bald Weirdos To Play Outsized Role in 2022 Election

The Democratic Party's hopes of preserving President Joe Biden's agenda by retaining control of Congress in 2022 could rest on a unique demographic poised to play an outsized role in the upcoming midterm elections. According to a Washington Free Beacon an

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California Redistricting Could Aid GOP’s Chances Of Retaking House In 2022

Redistricting in California could deliver several crucial House seats to the GOP in 2022 as the state’s congressional districts are redrawn.