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Believe all women ... except for Israeli Oct. 7 survivors

In their June 7 article in The Times, Catherine Philp and Gabrielle Weiniger chose to whitewash horrific crimes committed against innocent women, effectively further dehumanizing them. 

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The left’s sickening betrayal of Israeli women

Hamas’s mass rape of Jewish women is being cruelly erased from history.

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The left’s grotesque betrayal of Jewish women

We now know that Hamas raped and murdered Jewish women during its pogrom of 7 October. Yet Western leftists still say it didn’t happen.

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Meineket Rivka – The First Published Book by a Jewish Woman

Released posthumously in 1608, this work serves as a Torah-inspired ethical manual for social and spiritual conduct.

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I’m a Chassidic Woman, Here’s My Story

My life is a balancing act. I don’t see the two halves of myself as contradictory.

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It Took Years, and I’m Finally Proud to Be Jewish

I found out I was Jewish when a girl on my street told me I was a “dirty Jew.”

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1,600-Year-Old Mosaic Depicting Biblical Heroines Found in Ancient Synagogue in Israel

The Israelite commander Barak depicted in a mosaic in the ancient Huqoq synagogue in northern Israel. Photo: Jim Haberman The …

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12 Women Who Impacted Torah Scholarship

Culled from the span of Jewish history, from the Talmudic era to pre-war Europe

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Women First - The Daily Dose of Wisdom

When it came time to give the Torah to the Jewish people, G‑d told Moses to speak with the women first.

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Criticized by Family Members for Becoming Religious

They think that the laws are stupid and separate me from them. And sometimes, I think that they’re right! I feel so alone and it makes me question the journey that I am on.

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Mayim Bialik: Common Myths About Orthodox Judaism--Debunked!

Karin Brooke’s post on Kveller about losing her daughter to religious fundamentalism struck a chord with me for a few reasons.
 First, I am technically a baal teshuvah–a person who took on Jewish observance later in life. I struggled a lot in college rega

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Jewish Wisdom: Religious? Not Me!

When I hear the word "religion," I instinctively cringe. My stomach turns. My hands become clammy. My throat dry. On occasion, I have been known to break out in hives. This tends to confuse people who know me as a Torah observant Jewish woman...

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4 Strategies for More Meaningful Conversations - Editorial & Commentary

Studies show that social interactions, even if very brief, leave us feeling more satisfied and happy.

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A Young Girl's Yom Kippur Under Nazi Rule - Contemporary Voices

Slowly the shelter came to life. My mother got up and prepared breakfast—a few crackers with some jam we still had left. But neither my two sisters nor my mother touched the food . . .

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Man Allegedly Flashes Female Jogger. She's A Former Israeli Soldier. Then This Happens. | Daily Wire

Last Thursday morning, a single mother of two was jogging along Memorial Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts when she was allegedly flashed twice by a man running the other way, who didn’t know one crucial fact about the 6’1” woman:

She was a former soldie

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Mayim Bialik: Why I Wear My Jewish Star – Kveller

Oh, Israel. What a month it's been for you and me. I lost a lot of fans this month because of my love for you. But it's OK. I love you more than popularity, even when you make me crazy. And even th...

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The Power of Women & Philanthropy | Jlife

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JEWISH WOMEN: First Among Equals & NEVER Subservient | Josh Namm | Jlife

Judaism, and by extension, Jewish culture, has always held women in the highest regard. Not the “we’re putting you on a pedestal like a pretty doll” kind of regard, but the “women are central to our culture and traditions and every inch the equals of men” kind of regard. Virtually alone among ancient traditions, Judaism has, literally from the beginning, placed men and women on an equal footing, while still recognizing the inherent differences between the two sexes (and to claim that there are no differences is as silly as saying that water is not wet).