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6 'Seinfeld' Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

The world of 'Seinfeld' grows even more bizarre when you account for some of these wild fan theories viewers have offered.

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Stranger Things Producer Weighs In on That Wild Winona Ryder Fan Theory

Winona Ryder’s role as both a character in 'Stranger Things' and a fixture of the 1980s has given rise to a wild theory—and this week, one of the show's producers addressed it.

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'Stranger Things' producer confirms your Season 4 theories are on the right track

Director and executive producer Shawn Levy discusses fan theories ahead of 'Stranger Things' Season 4, noting that some may prove to be true in 2020.

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Is Bernard Really Teddy On ‘Westworld’? This Fan Theory Makes A Surprising Amount Of Sense

Westworld is a strain on the brain the second a player piano starts with a classic rock tune you can't quite recognize. Throw fan theories into the mix and the head-scratching really gets going. One new theory, that Bernard is actually Teddy on Westw…