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Westworld: The Secret Project in Sector 16 Has Been Right There

Westworld villain Serac's motivation was revealed in 'The Mother of Exiles,' and it ties back to Season 2.

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12 Shows You Should Stream If You Like Westworld

There are a lot of TV viewers out there who love Westworld. And they're likely looking for another show like it. Here are 12 shows available for streaming that you might also enjoy!

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The New Westworld Season 3 Trailer Sets Up an Epic Showdown

When season two of Westworld ended back in April 2018, it felt like season three would never come. The year 2020 felt so far away. Well, that time has finally passed and Westworld season three is coming—with a brand-new trailer that hammers the point home

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Making Sense of the Confusing 'Westworld' Timeline

HBO's sci-fi drama comes with flashbacks and competing storylines. How do they all fit together?

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The Mysteries of ‘Westworld’ Are Far More Than Hype (Column)

At the beginning of the season, “Westworld” looked like a show that might come to serve as a replacement for “Game of Thrones,” the other HBO series that catalyzes fans with its spectac…

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'Westworld': Shogun World, Explained | Hollywood Reporter

In "Akane No Mai," the HBO drama not only expands its literal universe, but also pushes some key themes forward.

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Why Westworld Season 2 Isn't Really Working - GameSpot

It's not just you. Here's why Westworld Season 2 just doesn't feel the same.

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Is Bernard Really Teddy On ‘Westworld’? This Fan Theory Makes A Surprising Amount Of Sense

Westworld is a strain on the brain the second a player piano starts with a classic rock tune you can't quite recognize. Throw fan theories into the mix and the head-scratching really gets going. One new theory, that Bernard is actually Teddy on Westw…

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Westworld finally answers some big questions in "Reunion"

Where is Westworld? When is Westworld? And why does everybody talk in monologues all of the time?

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Westworld Fans Have Found Compelling Evidence That Points to Bernard's True Identity

Westworld Season 2's multiple Bernard theory might connect all the way back to Season One.

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10 books to read if you love 'Westworld'

Robots, westerns, and meditations on the concept of humanity abound

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Westworld Season 2: The Best Fan Theories About Episode 1

Welcome back to the world of Westworld fan theories! Let’s talk about the very best fan theories related to the Westworld season 2 premiere episode 2 ‘Journey Into Night’.

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10 Wild Facts About Westworld

It costs $40,000 a day to visit the park—and that's the cheap package.

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Westworld's Shogun World Shares a Background With Quentin Tarantino Films

The show's creators open up about the second season and what Westworld's Shogun World shares with Quentin Tarantino films.

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Westworld Season 2 Pictures | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Get your magnifying glasses ready, fellow Westworld fans, because we just got our hands on a bunch of season two photos that are sure to get those theorizing

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'Westworld' producers on their future shock virtual reality series: 'Reality will be boring'

HBO’s mysterious Westworld sent fans into a tweeting frenzy last week after the first sustained peek at the long-delayed sci-fi Western, which...

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'Westworld': Get a First Look at HBO's Western-Tinged Sci-Fi Drama

HBO has released its first teaser trailer for the upcoming drama 'Westworld,' and it’s a crazy ride.

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Westworld Trailer - HBO’s Western Sci-Fi Looks Bigger Than Game of Thrones

From Dark Knight and Interstellar writer Jonathan Nolan, Westworld updates Michael Crichton's sci-fi movie for the iPhone generation. Watch the trailer for the Ed Harris and James Marsden-led series now.

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HBO's sci-fi western 'Westworld' is coming next year with an insanely good cast

Looks like HBO was really happy with J. J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan's Westworld pilot, an adaptation of Michael Crichton's 1973 novel of the same name. News of the pilot first came out over a year ago; today, accompanied by some bizarre tweets.