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5 Things That Don't Make Sense About Billy Madison

Straight up, I’ve seen Billy Madison at least 50 times since I was first introduced to Adam Sandler’s lovable man-child at a friend’s house in the second grade.

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Adam Sandler is so good in Uncut Gems that Daniel Day-Lewis called him to talk about it

Adam Sandler is rightfully earning tons of praise for his role in Uncut Gems, the extremely intense new drama from filmmaking duo Josh and Benny Safdie. In the film, Sandler plays a gambling addict who works in New York’s diamond district, where he tries

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Adam Sandler's 'Murder Mystery' breaks Netflix viewing records

While Netflix was famously reticent about releasing viewing statistics, over the last year or so the company has become more open about it. Its latest revelatio...

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'Happy Gilmore' Sparring Partners Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Beat Each Other Up Again

The comedian and the 91-year-old former 'The Price is Right' host beat each other up again for charity.

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Adam Sandler's Pixels gets May 2015 release date

Sandler videogame comedy will open against Mad Max: Fury Road.