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The History Of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Is More Complex Than You Realize

The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" is a whimsical, childlike song, that was a big hit for the band, but the history is more complex than you realize.

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Wait, John Lennon Singing 'Yellow Submarine'? Hear Wild 'Revolver' Outtake

Demo from Super Deluxe Edition has never been bootlegged or even rumored, not even among the most hardcore Beatle geeks

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Ringo Starr reflects on 'Yellow Submarine': Could it have been green or deep purple?

Ringo Starr chats with USA TODAY's Melissa Ruggieri about staying in shape and the history of The Beatles' "Yellow Submarine."

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The Beatles to host sing-a-long version of 'Yellow Submarine' film online this weekend

The Beatles are set to host a one time only sing-a-long version of their 'Yellow Submarine' film on YouTube this weekend (April 25).

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The Simpsons Wouldn't Exist Without Yellow Submarine

This year, Yellow Submarine celebrates its 50th anniversary. Today, animators from The Simpsons to Adventure Time can connect their cartoons back to Yellow Submarine.

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As 'Yellow Submarine' returns to theaters, a closer look at the Beatles film that 'crossed generations'

A 50th anniversary the Beatles' 1968 animation classic 'Yellow Submarine' will be in theaters this summer after a complete visual and audio rejuvenation.

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Yellow Submarine is Pro-ject's stunning new Beatles-themed record player

The simple act of owning a turntable is enough to affirm your commitment to classic music, but Pro-ject's latest record spinner is for the truly dedicated.