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You've Been Playing 'Super Mario Bros.' Wrong Your Whole Life

We've all bounced through Super Mario Bros. but few of us have done it the right way.

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A Gorgeous New Cocktail Bar Opens Inside Historic LA Bradbury Building - Eater LA

The 128-year-old building, used as a backdrop for films like Blade Runner, gets a new limited-time drink spot

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Pirates of the Caribbean Original 1967 Version (Full Ride)

Video of the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland as it was in 1967

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Retrofuturism: This Restless Future | Sleepcore

I was originally going to post a new episode of Animation/Propaganda today but with all that’s going on in the world, I thought we could all use something a ...

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School Supplies from the '80s & '90s That You'll Totally Remember

From card catalogs to Trapper Keepers, here are some of the memorable school supplies that will make your kids go, "huh?”

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Ken Spears Dead: Co-Creator of 'Scooby-Doo' Was 82 - Variety

Ken Spears, co-creator of the beloved animated series "Scooby-Doo" and co-founder of Ruby-Spears Productions, died on Nov. 6. He was 82.

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Iconic Stan’s Donuts Westwood Saved By Equally-Old LA Doughnut Shop - Eater LA

Fans were sad to learn in April that owner Stan Berman was retiring after 55 years, but now 64-year-old Primo’s Donuts is on to revive the shop

Science & Technology | Technology

Go Retro with Macintosh.js

Thanks to developer Felix Rieseberg, you can run a full-blown version of Mac OS 8 on a virtual 1991 Mac Quadra 900 on your current Mac. And why wouldn't you?

Politics | Politics

Aunt Jemima's Great-Grandson Enraged Her Legacy Will Be Erased | Chicago, IL Patch

Erasing Aunt Jemima Lets Quaker Oats Off Too Easy - Chicago, IL - MARK KONKOL COLUMN: Aunt Jemima's great-grandson says "retiring" racially charged brand erases his family legacy, America's ugly history.

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We Tried 8 Kinds of Ice Cream Sandwiches And This Was the Best

We all scream for ice scream, but which ice cream sandwich made us scream the most?

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The Milkman Is Making a Comeback Thanks to Coronavirus | Mental Floss

Once a cliché of 1950s sitcoms, milkmen have been out in force thanks to national shelter-in-place recommendations.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Planters announces Mr. Peanut dead at 104 after heroic act

On Wednesday, in what was likely a pre-Super Bowl commercial stunt, Planters announced that their 104-year-old "spokesnut" Mr. Peanut will no longer represent the brand following the mascot's sudden passing. 

Style & Fashion | Style & Fashion

Valentine's Day Favorite Sweethearts Returns, But Just A Little Less Chatty For 2020 | Dieline

Dieline is a bespoke creative platform that exists to serve the packaging community. Our mission is to build a global community of practitioners and to advocate the packaging industry towards more sustainable solutions through creativity and innovation.

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Old & new: Beloved San Francisco spots and what has replaced them - SFGate

If you walk by Columbus and Bay streets in San Francisco these days, you might stare at the Walgreens on the corner for a while and then ask yourself, "Wait, didn't that used to be Tower Records?"

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Lisa Whelchel beat out Courtney Love to become a member of the New Mickey Mouse Club

The course of grunge history might have been entirely different.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Good news, would-be game show masterminds: ABC is bringing back Press Your Luck 

30 years after it originally went off the air, syndicated game show mainstay Press Your Luck is mostly known for two things: Its irritating, cash-gobbling, Noid wannabe mascot The Whammy, and Michael Larson, the guy who set a long-standing record for game

Gaming | Video Games

Watch this gamer beat 'Super Mario Bros.' in under five minutes and set a new world record in the process

The simple fun of Super Mario Bros. made it an instant classic when it hit the original Nintendo in 1985, but over the years, players dedicated to beating the game as fast as possible have turned it into a sweet science. Yesterday one gamer managed to set

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

The First Disneyland Map Walt Disney Drew | Reader's Digest

Revealed! Explore the initial map of Disneyland that Walt Disney helped draw in 1953. Can you spot the differences between his vision and the modern park?

Science & Technology | Technology

The place where 1980s computers still rule

The Totally 80s Rewind exhibit in Seattle's Living Computers: Museum + Labs takes visitors back to the 1980s, the decade of the home computer revolution.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Vintage Disneyland photos show the park in the 1960s

Take a trip back in time with these pictures of Disneyland from the summer of 1969. See what's different and what stayed pretty much the same at the beloved California park.

Visual Arts | Photography

The Mystery Man Who Spent 20 Years Photographing North American Buildings

His name was Barry Gfeller, and he left behind an astonishing 50,000 previously unseen images.

Gaming | Video Games

Vintage video game collectors are paying up big time

For some gamers, the latest and greatest titles aren't worth waiting for. Instead, they're hunting through garage sales, flea markets, eBay and speciality stores for games that came out 20 years ago. And they're willing to pay top dollar.

Advice & Self-Help | Meditation and Other Practices

How Can Nostalgia Help Loneliness?

Research suggests that nostalgia can help loneliness, mental health, performance science, depression, positivity and emotion. Feeling nostalgia is good!

Gaming | Video Games

Arcade fame turns to infamy as Billy Mitchell’s record-setting Donkey Kong score is invalidated | TechCrunch

The record-setting score that settled the Donkey Kong arcade rivalry, made famous by the documentary The King of Kong, has been invalidated by Twin Galaxies, the de facto arbiter of arcade world records. What's more, Billy Mitchell, the occasionally contr

Food & Drink | Food

Stepping Back in Time at Rae’s – Palisades News

By Bob Vickrey Special to the Palisades News You’ve driven by it numerous times on Pico Boulevard, but like most Westsiders, you’ve probably never considered stopping for a meal at this old-fashion…

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

Here's what Barbie looked like the year you were born

From the original hourglass figure and striped swimsuit to more inclusive representations of beauty, Barbie dolls have changed a lot over the years.

Business & Finance | Business

Why Are So Many Super Bowl Advertisers Playing the Nostalgia Card? – Adweek

There’s money in missing the past—even if the past really wasn’t so good.

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You Have Until Next Month to Check Out McDonald's 'No. 1 Store' Before It's Demolished

The replica of Ray Kroc's first McDonald's franchise store was rebuilt and turned into a museum.

Science & Technology | Tech

Old technology that’s worth bringing back—and not for the nostalgia - MarketWatch

These 5 technically passe items are often better and cheaper than their digital-world equivalents.

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10 Long-Forgotten Expressions To Drop Into Conversation | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

Music | Music

The YouTube generation is listening to . . . cassettes? - The Boston Globe

Today’s young music fans are used to getting what they want to hear anytime anywhere, and their tastes are algorithm-assisted. It’s 2017, and your Sony Walkman needs new batteries. Why? Because cassettes are back.

Family & Parenting | Kids

Nintendo-themed Happy Meal toys are back at McDonald's, like it's the '90s again

Finally: a reason to buy a McDonald's Happy Meal as an adult.  McDonald's and Nintendo are...

Science & Technology | Technology

Early Macintosh Emulator Now Available at Internet Archive

MacOS System 6 (Version 6.0.8) If you're looking for an Apple-themed trip back in time, the Internet Archive is the place to go. After hitting surpassing 500

Family & Parenting | Kids

15 Things That Your Kids Will Never Understand

We're taking a trip down memory lane. How many of these things do you remember?

Family & Parenting | Kids

Just Re-Opened: Skypark at Santa’s Village

Fun, forest and fantasy, all rolled into one, just like the old commercials promised, now at the re-opened Santa's Village!

Food & Drink | Food & Drink

Fly high at this Valley recreation of a classic Pan Am in-flight meal

From plush seats to cart service, this dinner experience has all the nostalgia you could ask for

Humor | Funny Stuff

The Joker's Still Getting Away… Celebrating 50 Years of 'Jingle Bells, Batman Smells'

Why did “Jingle Bells” get this particular spoof? Spike Jones’s uptempo romp, Yogi Yorgesson (“Yingle Bells“), and the Three Stooges (“Jingle Bells Drag“) showed that “Jingle Bells” could be played for broader comedic effect. As writer R

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'Transformers: The Movie' Blu-Ray Review: Still Got The Touch

When I was 7 my world was rocked by Transformers: The Movie, I’d grown up with the characters and toys so to see them come to life on the big screen with gorgeous animation was amazing. Over the years, I’ve purchased various editions of the movie but

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Michael Nesmith joining the Monkees' 50th anniversary stop in L.A. - LA Times

The Los Angeles homecoming stop next month on the Monkees’ 50th anniversary tour will include all three surviving members of the made-for-TV band, guitarist, singer and songwriter Michael Nesmith confirmed Friday.

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There’s No Place Like Home: Eats for Transplants

Here's where you can introduce your LA babies to the hometown eats you grew up on!

Entertainment | Entertainment

Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar return for animated 'Batman' movie

Holy nostalgia, Batman! The caped crusader is returning to his 1960s television roots in a new animated feature film Batman: Return of the Caped...

Entertainment | Entertainment

A Stylish Supercut of Dance Scenes From '80s Movies

The supercut is an infectious celebration of some of the most iconic dance scenes in 1980s movies.

Music | Music News

MTV Launches 'Classic' Channel Dedicated to 1990s

MTV will transform VH1 Classic into MTV Classic and air "an eclectic mix of fan-favorite MTV series and music programming drawn from across its rich history."

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

9 Only in LA Things You Gotta See to Believe

Chicken boys and giant clown ballerinas can only be found in the City of Angels. See what other local silly sights delight young explorers.

Music | Music

Flashback: VH1 Fails in Doomed Effort to Reunite the Smiths | Rolling Stone

VH1's 'Bands Reunited' set out to reunite the Smiths' Morrissey and Johnny Marr in 2004, and didn't even come close.

Entertainment | Television

Leave It To Beaver: Classic TV star reunited with his classic car - CBS News 8 - San Diego

A star of classic television is reunited with his beloved classic car. Tony Dow of Leave it to Beaver sold his Chevy Corair more than 50-years ago and on Wednesday he got it back. 

Entertainment | Entertainment

DeLorean releases new details about Back to the Future cars coming in May 2017

DeLorean Motor Company is reviving the iconic car, making it twice as powerful and much lighter than before.

History | Historic Los Angeles

The Southern Californian: Six Southern California Things We Will Never See Again

LOS ANGELES - As we get older many of us find ourselves looking back more often and wonder, "Remember when 'that' used to be there?" For plenty of us who grew up in Southern California there is surely becoming more of "that," which is no longer here anymore.

Gaming | Video Games

23 Most Brutally Tough 80's Arcade Games

From 1980-1983 arcades made more than music sales and movie sales combined! Business was good, but the games were tough...

Food & Drink | Food

10 Of The Oldest Restaurants In Southern California

Did you know there are restaurants here in SoCal that are over 100 years old? Check out these 10 spots in SoCal that are full of history and full of flavor.

Gaming | Video Games

Super Mario Bros. world record speedrun video | BGR

There's a reasonable chance that no one will ever beat the new world record run of Super Mario Bros. This week, a speedrunner who goes by the name Darbian managed to finish an "any percent" run of the NES classic in 4:57.260.

Gaming | Video Games

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Secret Discovered 3 Decades After Release

Nearly 30 years after its initial release on the NES, a fan of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out has uncovered a heretofore unknown secret tactic.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Indiana Jones 5 Is ‘Continuation’ Of Crystal Skull Story

Indiana Jones franchise producer Frank Marshall reveals that the fifth film will be a 'continuation' of what's come before.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Cheese Bananas is the weird 1970s recipe that you don't want to eat for dinner

The 1970s were a time marked by culinary innovations such as fondue and the Baked Alaska, but looking through old recipes of this period unveils some truly unique dishes.

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

Coca-Cola Just Remastered Its Famous 'Hilltop' Ad From 1971, and It Looks Fantastic

Fans of Coca-Cola—and the Mad Men finale—are getting a nice treat today. The soda company just announced that it has remastered and color-corrected its famous 1971 commercial

Science & Technology | Technology

Play Tetris on your Mac – For Free, Right Now! | Other World Computing Blog

Do you enjoy playing the classic game Tetris? Did you know that it is already on your Mac, and that you can play it right now?

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

Cadillac for 1959 Commerical Pt 1 - YouTube

Visit http://www.gregsonline.com for a complete selection of factory literature, parts, apparel and accessories from Greg's Automotive Classic Car and Truck ...

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

90 Amazing Facts About the '90s

In this nostalgic List Show episode, John Green remembers the '90s.

Sports | Sports

The Long, Sordid History of Horribly Dressed Sportscasters

We can only assume LSD was involved.​ The world of TV sports lost more than an astute and irreverent tennis reporter when Arthur Worth "Bud" Collins, Jr. died on March 4. It also lost one of its most out-there dressers.

History | Historic Los Angeles

Tail O' the Pup Hot Dog Stand Returns to Los Angeles in May - Curbed LA

The iconic hot dog-shaped hot dog stand will reopen in a couple months, two blocks from its original location on La Cienega.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Debut edition of Spider-Man comic headed to auction

CALVERTON, N.Y. (AP) — Walter Yakoboski scraped together nearly every penny he made as short-order cook in 1979 to begin buying a small collection of rare comic books for $10,000, hoping his boyhood passion could one day pay off as an investment.

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

Austin Powers-style Chicago condo untouched since the 1970s hits the market | Daily Mail Online

The penthouse, built in 1972, was first put up for sale in 2012 but only received moderate interest at the time. Its original wallpapers and furniture have now caught the eye of potential buyers.

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Vintage aviation photos: 'Mad Men' meets 'Airplane!' - CNN.com

The staff at AirlineRatings.com have gathered these vintage aviation photos that recall a golden era of aviation.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

10 Dangerous Toys from Decades Past (and the Commercials That Sold Them) | Mental Floss

Baby Boomers are a hardy bunch. They rode in cars that weren’t equipped with special toddler seats, walked to and from school without being electronically tethered to their parents, ate lunches filled with allergens and preservatives, played with toys that would be quickly pulled from shelves today, and still persevered to become the largest living generation of the U.S. population.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

1990's snacks that would never fly today

When you think back to your most coveted snacks of the 1990's, they were probably geometrically shaped, graced with goofy cartoon faces and/or had more psychedelic colors than your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous Disney

Disneyland PeopleMover Cars Sell for $471,500 at Auction

Remember the Disneyland PeopleMover tram cars? Two just sold for close to half a million dollars.

Miscellaneous | NEW YORK CITY

Latest Miracle on 34th Street: Macy’s Keeps Wooden Escalators - NYTimes.com

Here’s what you could do in 1920s Manhattan that you can’t do today: Catch what’s playing at the Roxy or who’s playing at the Polo Grounds. Buy a pair of alligator shoes at Franklin Simon or see a pair of alligators at the Aquarium. Meet your spouse — or whomever — under the clock at the Biltmore Hotel.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Paramount Moves Forward on ‘Transformers,’ ‘G.I. Joe’ and ‘Micronauts’

Paramount and Hasbro are moving forward on selecting screenwriters for their “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” franchises along with launching a Micronauts movie. The studio and the toymaker have selected Akiva Goldsman to supervise a writers room for

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

7 things you don’t know about tonight’s classic ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’

Emmy-winning Peanuts-special producer Lee Mendelson shares insights behind the making of the animated classic

Music | Music

A young Frank Sinatra, dapper and rebellious from birth

Back when Ol' Blue Eyes was just Blue Eyes. On Dec. 12, 1915, Francis Albert Sinatra was born in a tenement in New Jersey, the son of Italian immigrants Natalina Garaventa and Antonino Sinatra. His delivery was rough, leaving him with a perforated eardrum and scarring on his neck, cheek and ear.

Entertainment | Entertainment

Marty McFly’s Back to the Future Toyota pickup will arrive October 21

We’re approaching the storied Back to the Future date of October 21, 2015 — and the end of 30 years of speculation. What future products and innovations from the  BTTF films have come to fruition? We have already seen Michael J. Fox and Christopher

Advice & Self-Help | Education

When Walt Disney Opened an Elementary School | Mental Floss

Thanks to the itinerary, the kids knew exactly when he’d be arriving: 3:15 p.m. There were signs and banners and drawings of Mickey Mouse sticking up from the sea of diminutive bodies waiting by the train station. Seven thousand people in total huddled around the tracks.

Entertainment | Entertainment

8 Lost Disney Animated Movies and Why They Never Got Made

From a hero rooster to a 'Yellow Submarine' remake, the animated classics that never were

Entertainment | Entertainment

Internet's Jaw Drops At Image Of Christina Ricci Dressed As Morticia Addams

Social media has been going gaga for this eye-catching image of Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams - although, at present, it’s unclear where the photo comes from, or even if it’s genuine. The movie saw Anjelica Huston take on the rol

Entertainment | Entertainment

Rockford Files Filming Locations

What or where was the locations of Jim Rockford's house trailer & office on the Rockford Files TV Show

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

1965: Classic TV's Vintage Year

15 unforgotten shows that premiered 50 years ago, in a single week in September

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

This Karate Kid video argues Daniel LaRusso is the movie's villain | EW.com

If you thought the hero of the 1984 film The Karate Kid was Daniel LaRusso, think again. A new video argues that Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is actually the film’s top bully, a “violent sociopath who moves to a California town and begins tormenting a local

Science & Technology | Technology

Microsoft: Windows 95 launch was a $300 million 90s spectacle | BGR

20 years ago today, Microsoft launched Windows 95 and forever changed the way people across the world use computers. While Apple enthusiasts will be quick to tell you that many of the more well-received Windows 95 features had long been available on the

Sports | Surfing/Skating/SUPing

6 Vibrant Photos of Surfing Culture at Its Peak

From the shores of Hawaii to the California coast, no other sport captures our imagination quite like surfing. And no photographer understood the bliss of nailing a perfect wave quite like LeRoy Grannis, who chronicled the scenes in California and Hawaii in the early 1960s.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

The LOST IN SPACE Cast Reflects on the Show’s 50th Anniversary | Nerdist

Danger Will Robinson, danger! As a kid, there were a handful of television shows that I loved watching when home sick. One of them was Lost in Space. The adventures of the Robinson family, wandering through space in the Jupiter 2 on their search to get b

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

California's black license plates are back in production

The black license plates used on California cars from 1963 to 1969 are back, thanks to a piece of legislation sponsored by Los Angeles Assemblyman Mike Gatto and 7,500 paying customers.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

The brief, wondrous life of the DVD · For Our Consideration · The A.V. Club

The people who brought DVDs into the world could never even agree on what the letters should stand for.

History | Los Angeles History

Vintage Menus Are the Special Du Jour - Los Angeles Magazine

The Los Angeles Public Library’s incredible menu collection goes on display June 13

Entertainment | Entertainment

10 supposedly futuristic technologies in movies that look so dated now

Movies—no matter how groundbreaking or vision changing or future defining—are trapped under the limitations of the technology of their time. Which often means that a movie’s imagination of the future is handcuffed with those same limitations. Their

History | History

The original Mad Men were just as dapper, but not as drunk

The real Mad Men of the '50s dressed just as dapper, and drank just as much as the show suggested. But no more than everyone else...

Entertainment | Entertainment

Early TV Set Designs Were Even Groovier Than Mad Men's | WIRED

Television execs used the power of their new medium to expose the masses to avant-garde art.

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

30 Things Turning 30 in 2015

New Coke, Back to the Future, WrestleMania, Calvin and Hobbes...and you?

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

10 Totally Trippy Kid's TV Shows From The 1960s - Neatorama

(Image Link)The Sixties will always be known as an extremely exciting and interesting era, and with all the interesting and exciting things going on in the world kid's TV shows tried to keep things interesting as well.Some shows played on the world's obse

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

This '90s Sizzler Video Is More Patriotic Than the National Anthem

This 1991 promotional video for Sizzler is blowing up on Reddit. And given it's surreal love of America and salad bars, it's easy…

Science & Technology | Tech

Original '90s Apple watch selling for $2,500 on eBay - CNET

Long before the Apple Watch, there was an Apple watch. It's hard to imagine the world of early Apple fashion. Today, we're used to the brand's clean lines and modern aesthetic. Once upon a day-glo time,

Science & Technology | Technology

Travel gadgets of the past that could have revolutionized travel, but didn't

These inventions seemed innovative until they didn't. In hindsight, the failures seem obvious. Did we really think we'd all be zipping around on Segways in 2015?

Visual Arts | Art & Design

12 beautiful airline posters from the 'Mad Men' era from the British Airways Heritage Centre - Business Insider

In the "Mad Men" TV series, fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper memorably creates ads and concepts for airlines including Mohawk and American Airlines.

Science & Technology | Tech

13 Things Every Early Cell Phone User Remembers

"My MIDI ringtone is better than yours." You’ll never experience any of these again thanks to Best Buy, where you can get the best plans,...

Miscellaneous | Interesting Stuff

9 Things You Can't Remember Anymore Thanks To Technology

If you need more proof that our phones keep getting smarter but our brains keep getting dumber, just try to remember someone's number other than your own. And no, your mom doesn't count. It's easy to forget things that our phones do for us ever...

Entertainment | Mad Men

‘Mad Men’ and Its Love Affair With ’60s Pop Culture

A look at some of the pop culture touchstones featured in “Mad Men,” and how The New York Times originally covered them.

Style & Fashion | Style!

Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot and Beyond: Dressing like a Serge Gainsbourg Dream Girl - Vogue

In honor of Serge Gainsbourg’s birthday, the key pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe to dress like a Gainsbourg dream girl this spring.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Why 'Mad Men' Is Comfort-Food TV for Viewers Who Didn't Live Through the '60s

Mad Men is, at its essence, a show about terrible things happening to occasionally terrible people. Its characters are adulterers, careerists, alcoholics, and liars; they’re prone to selfishness, s...

Entertainment | Movies & Other Stuff

Adam West, Burt Ward To Star In New 'Batman' Movie

Holy hamburgers, Batman! Star Trek won’t be the only beloved TV show celebrating a 50th birthday next year. On Jan. 12, 1966, the first episode of Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward premiered on ABC, and it doesn’t look a day over 45.

Science & Technology | Tech

15 Computer Sounds That Will Take You Back to the '90s | Mental Floss

Modems screeching, ham(p)sters dancing, floppies grinding, AIM buddies leaving, ICQ messages coming in....

Science & Technology | Tech

In Japan, People Are Flipping Out Over The Flip-Phone: What's Old Is New Again

Everything that’s old is new again---and the flip-phone—the anti-smart phone & the Galapagos like replica of a time when Japan once dominated the world in mobile phones is making a comeback in this island country. For those of you who don&

Style & Fashion | Style!

That '60s show: What American high school students dressed like in 1969

When students (and teachers) turned on, tuned in, and dropped classes. In 1969, the year of these photographs, hippie fashion was evolving from counter culture to, well, culture. And young people were informing the change. Most of the students you see here are wearing off-the-shelf fashions — still recognizably hippie, but more homogenized.

Music | Music

The 15 Struggles Of Being A Music Fan In The '80s

The '80s weren't all perms and Rubik's Cubes. So take off the rose-colored aviators and get real ...

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

Slide Show: Treasures From The Disneyland Auction - Los Angeles Magazine

Artifacts from the Haunted Mansion, Enchanted Tiki Room, and It’s A Small World go up for bids this weekend

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Molly Ringwald Talks About the Most Embarrassing Part of Filming The Breakfast Club | TIME

Thirty years ago, The Breakfast Club opened in theaters. John Hughes' 1985 film about five high schoolers from different cliques who spend a Saturday in detention realizing they're more alike than different is one of the most beloved coming of age movies

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

'The Breakfast Club' Cast: Where Are They Now? (PHOTOS) - The Moviefone Blog

Why do we still care about "The Breakfast Club"? Thirty years after its release (on February 15, 1985), it remains the definitive movie about the American high school experience. In his tale of five diverse kids bonding during a Saturday in detention, writer/director John Hughes captured some eternal elements of being a teenager...

Music | Music

Forever Changes is a stunning indictment of The Summer Of Love · Permanent Records · The A.V. Club

On a recent episode of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, Paul Thomas Anderson mused on what he thought the central themes of Thomas Pynchon’s novel Inherent Vice were, and talked a bit about how he tried to translate them to the screen. Anderson can be evasive about the meaning behind his art—what artist isn’t, really?—but he touches on an intriguing idea

Gaming | Gaming

11 Fascinating Facts About Space Invaders

Space Invaders was a flop on its release, and in its early version, had you shooting at planes and people instead...

Miscellaneous | Fantasyland

Vintage Disneyland is Frozen Out by a New Attraction - Los Angeles Magazine

Those snow people from Frozen have taken out one of my favorite little moments at Disneyland: the charming little windmill scene from Walt Disney’s 1937 film The Old Mill. The miniature has been a part of the Storybook Land Canal Boats ride for decades. It is being replaced this week with a model of the town of Arendelle from Frozen.

Miscellaneous | Disneyland History

CityDig: What Was Disneyland Like in 1968? - Los Angeles Magazine

This pictorial gem captures long lost Magic Kingdom rides like Monsanto’s Adventure Through Innerspace and the General Electric Carrousel of Progress

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

NoHo's Barrel-Shaped Cafe Returns From the Dead in February - PreservationWatch - Curbed LA

Roll out the barrel! After a 44-year hiatus and a painstaking restoration, North Hollywood's distinctive Idle Hour Cafe, built in 1941, is once again ready for action. The New...

Business & Finance | Business

3 Ways Brands Are Marketing Nostalgia in the Age of Throwback Thursday

You know you're a '90s kid if companies are trying to win you over through memories of your childhood.

Entertainment | Miscellanneous Trek

Star Trek TEN FOR WARD: 10 Favorite Childhood Star Trek Toys

Star Trek News - Bestselling author and regular StarTrek.com contributor Dayton Ward kicks off the new year with a guest blog in which he recalls his 10 favorite childhood Star Trek toys.

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

Grab A Glass Because It's The Best Whiskey Ads Of The 1960s!

James Bond + Jim Beam = Winner! Forget everything you knew about the 1960s. Forget Mad Men, forget Apollo 11, forget The Beatles, forget JFK, forget Cuba, don't forget Vietnam...but forget about the rest. In the '60s, all you had to care about was a nice bottle of bourbon and the quickest method of getting it into your mouth.

Style & Fashion | Fashion & Beauty

For Flight Attendants, High Fashion Goes the Way of Free Peanuts - NYTimes.com

Domestic airlines have steadily pared back trendsetting designer looks in favor of uniforms that resemble today’s more utilitarian flying experience.

Music | Music News

21 Obscure References in Classic Songs—Explained! | Mental Floss

Even if you know all the words, do you know what they were about?

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Hello! Exploring the Superweird world of Hello Kitty - Boing Boing

An exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum showcases the beloved 40-year-old British girl known as Hello Kitty

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art manifests the magic and majesty of the Marvel and DC classics from 1956-1970

The Silver Age of Comic Book Art is a sparkly remastered new version of the long-out-of-print coffee table book that first came out ahead of its time in 2003, before all the beautiful Chip Kidd-designed superhero books, before many do-gooders depicted in

Science & Technology | Tech

A visual look at the evolution of everyday tech

This infographic examines some of our everyday technologies -- and how they've evolved. The sound of a VHS tape rewinding is like nails on a chalkboard for those of us who enter panic-mode when Netflix won't load quickly enough to binge watch the latest season of Orange Is the New Black. And the craziest part — this is actually how we used to watch movies.

Travel | Travel

Adorable Vintage Trailers Bring Style To Simple Living

Trailer living brings about a certain mental image that's usually not very flattering. However, when that trailer happens to be a vintage model, it's another story. The New York Times reported on the small trend of retro trailer ownership, which has ...

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

The creator of those great 1960s kooky car and monster models - Boing Boing

If you’re a fan of 1960s lowbrow culture you know his art, but you might not know his name or his story.

Gaming | Gaming

A young boy plays through video game history - Boing Boing

At The Message, BB pal Andy Baio wrote a fantastic piece about the experiment he is running with his ten-year-old son: What happens when a 21st-century kid plays through video game history in chronological order?

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1989, America's malls: The places where nothing — and everything — has changed

In 1989, Michael Galinsky, then a 20-year-old student, took a month to traverse the U.S. Everywhere he went, he documented the same place: the shopping mall. The results are now an archive of a vanished world, simultaneously familiar and foreign, trivial and full of meaning.

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Hawaiian Airlines: 85 years of high-flying fashion - Hawaii Insider

Hawaiian Airlines celebrated its 85th anniversary this week by releasing vintage photos of planes and crews from the decades since Nov. 11, 1929, when it began regularly scheduled service under the name of Inter-Island Airways.

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WATCH: 'The Love Boat' Cast Shares Its Cruising Secrets

What are the secrets of cruising? Captain Stubing, Isaac the Bartender, and Gopher share the tips they learned on "The Love Boat."

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Why We're Just Now Getting the 1960s Batman TV Show on DVD | WIRED

Fans have been waiting decades for the 1960s Batman TV series to arrive on home video. After years of struggle, it's finally being released. Here's why it took so long.

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Early Incarnations of 11 Beloved Toys | Mental Floss

Here's what some famous toys looked like in their early days, including Barbie, LEGO bricks, and Mr. Potato Head.

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What's The Oldest restaurant in every state (and DC)?

While the US doesn't quite date back to caveman times, it's still got plenty of old restaurants. Here are the oldest in all 50…

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Kraft Foods Gave Away a Real Spaceship Simulator in 1959

If you were an American kid in the 1950s and 60s you were bombarded with an amazing promise: one day, when you're all grown up, you'll be able to vacation on the moon. But until then you'll have to settle for space-adventure TV shows and comic books. Unle