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Hot Rod Girl (1956) | Full Movie | Lori Nelson | Chuck Connors

A champion drag-racer quits racing after his younger brother dies in a street race, but is dragged back into the world of racing when a new kid comes to town...

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Vintage Drive-In Intermission

A fun-tastic 10-minute long Vintage Intermission sequence! Featuring the dancing ice creams, hot dog gymnastics and a juggling bag of popcorn!!!!!

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Legendary cycling record-breaker Eileen Sheridan dies aged 99

The 'Mighty Atom', who was hailed Britain's Greatest Cyclist', was just eight months shy of her 100th birthday

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1959 Larry collins and Joe Maphis play live Ramrod!

1959 Larry Collins plays a wild version of Duane Eddy's “Ramrod” live on the Town Hall Party! He is wearing his famous gold lamé jacket made by Nudie Cohn of...

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Eileen Sheridan - Wonder Wheels -

Wonder Wheels is the autobiography of British cyclist Eileen Sheridan. Originally published in 1956, it was republished in 2009 by Mercian Manuals. Eileen Sheridan was a female cyclist who turned professional in the 1950s and successfully broke all 21 lon

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1962 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Reliability Ride - Vintage Cycling

100+ miles through the hills of Northumberland back in 1960 in cotton trousers, shorts in some cases, wooly jumpers and for the most part no hats or gloves.T...

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Cycle Speeway Perth late 50s in 2022 | Cycling, Speedway, Perth

Speedway cycle racing in Perth was controlled by the West Australian Amateur Speedway Association and was heavily inluenced by Speedway solo racing, as some of the names indicate, the young riders...

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Aunt Jemima's Pancake House at Disneyland (1955)

With this episode of 'Opening Days' we'll be exploring the history of Aunt Jemima's Kitchen (aka Aunt Jemima's Pancake House), an obscure restaurant from the...

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Beat Poet And Small Press Publisher, Dies At 101

In 1956, Ferlinghetti published the first edition of Allen Ginsberg's Howl. According to one critic, his greatest accomplishments were fighting censorship and starting a small press revolution.

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Before The Beatles: The Birth of British Rock

Britain is known for its music. But it didn’t always used to be that way. During the classical period, while the rest of Europe was producing iconic composer...

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1953 Huffy Dial A Ride - Dave's Vintage Bicycles

1953 Huffy Dial A Ride - 1953 Huffy Dial a ride. Nice original un-restored bike with original paint. Even the tires are original Goodyear "G3" whitewalls! Notice how the fork has

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Merch from Bloodshot Revival Series (Various Artists)

Merch from Bloodshot Revival Series (Various Artists)

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You Bet Your Life #53-23 Spunky old lady vs. Groucho (Secret word 'Clock', Feb 18, 1954)

The old lady in couple #3 is the clear highlight of this episode. Neither Groucho nor his cigars impress her at all, but Groucho seems genuinely tickled by h...

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Cadillac for 1959 Commerical Pt 1 - YouTube

Visit http://www.gregsonline.com for a complete selection of factory literature, parts, apparel and accessories from Greg's Automotive Classic Car and Truck ...