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Saturday Morning Shows We Love From The '70s

Saturday mornings used to be appointment television. While classic programs like Wonder Woman, The Brady Bunch, and MASH aired during prime time, Saturday

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'Starsky & Hutch' Star David Soul Dead at 80

Actor David Soul, who was perhaps best known for playing Detective Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson in the television series "Starsky & Hutch," died on Thursday at the age of 80.

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Richard Roundtree, iconic star of ‘Shaft,’ dead at 81

The “Shaft” star was a pioneer for other black filmmakers and performers.

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Suzanne Somers, 'Three's Company' actress, dead at 76

Suzanne Somers, the actress who lit up the small screen on “Three’s Company” and one of TV’s most iconic fitness pitchwomen, has died, according to a statement provided to CNN from her longtime publicist R. Couri Hay. She was 76.

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Jaclyn Smith, 77, makes very RARE sighting with Charlie's Angels costar Kate Jackson, 74 - who has not been seen in 14 Years

The 77-year-old Texas native did a great job of showing off the beautiful wedding which took place in the backyard of her Beverly Hills mansion. Kate has not been seen since 2009.

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Peter Frampton, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper look back at bonkers 'Sgt. Pepper' movie, 45 years later: 'It was consistently horrible to the point where it was great'

Perry feels the cult musical is a "fascinating" "window into the times," but Frampton, who says "trickery" was used to get him to sign on and bore "the full brunt" of the backlash, still “hasn’t really softened” about it.

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25 Incisive Facts About 'Jaws'

On June 20, 1975, Steven Spielberg’s 'Jaws'—the original summer blockbuster—arrived in theaters and scared moviegoers out of the water.

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The 25 best albums of 1978

Let's turn back the clock to the year of Kate Bush, Buzzcocks, Bruce Springsteen, Kraftwerk and War Of The Worlds...

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How much would you pay for this piece of ’70s nostalgia?

Here’s a story of an old TV house that has been redone inside like yesterday.

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20 Facts About Generation X

“The Forgotten Generation” loves nostalgia, has a ton of student debt, and hates cooking.

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Gordon Lightfoot Dead: ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ & ‘Sundown’ Singer Was 84

Gordon Lightfoot, the honey-voiced Canadian singer-songwriter who had giant U.S. hits with “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Sundown” and “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgera…

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The 1973 Paul McCartney TV Special is not only the most ’70s thing you’ll ever see, it’s a fascinating snapshot of a post-Beatles McCartney

50 years ago, the James Paul McCartney TV special hit the screens. Born out of acrimony, and panned by critics, it’s a flawed but fascinating insight into McCartney’s mindset

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The Beatles’ ‘Red’ And ‘Blue’ Albums at 50: Celebrating the Greatest ‘Greatest Hits’ Records Ever

The Beatles Red and Blue Albums: The Greatest Hits Album Ever Made

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‘Who Are You’: The Who, That’s Who, On Signature 1978 Hit

On August 26, 1978, ‘Who Are You’ made its US chart debut for The Who, on its way to becoming their biggest hit there for eight years.

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30 Candid Photos Capture Street Scenes of San Francisco From the Second Half of the 1970s

San Francisco in the 1970s was a global hub of culture. It was known worldwide for hippies and radicals. The city was heavily affected by dr...

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Downsizing: The Shrinky Dinks Phenomenon of the ’70s and ’80s

In 1973 Wisconsin, two Cub Scout leaders discovered a neat trick involving heated plastic. A classic toy was born.

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

The Coolest Cars of the 1970s

The 1970s were all wings and wedges and jaw-dropping designs, the best of which stand the test of time today.

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

10 Facts About Smokey And The Bandit's Iconic Pontiac Trans Am - SlashGear

"Smokey and the Bandit" is a 1977 film featuring an adventurous run across the American south by truckers trying to get a haul of Coors beer to Atlanta.

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Cindy Williams, 'Laverne & Shirley' actress, dead at 75

Cindy Williams, the actress who starred in "Laverne & Shirley," has died after a brief illness. She was 75.

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The 50 Best Live Albums of the 1970s - SPIN

The 1970s were the decade that defined live albums, so we gathered the best and biggest from the era all in one classic rockin' place.

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See The Redesigned Enterprise Bridge From Star Trek’s Lost 70s Series That Never Aired

A new image has caught fire on the internet, which shows what the redesigned bridge would have looked like in the 1970s Star Trek series.

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See The 70s Enterprise Redesign Star Trek Built But Never Used

Did you know there was a Star Trek sequel series that almost happened in the 1970s? See the Enterprise that would have appeared in it!

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David Bowie's Aladdin Sane set for 50th anniversary reissue

David Bowie's 1973 iconic album Aladdin Sane is set to be released as a special 50th anniversary reissue.

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Adam Rich, Eight Is Enough Family's Youngest Son, Dead at 54

Adam Rich, an actor best known for starring in the ABC dramedy Eight Is Enough, died Saturday. He was 54 years old. Family members confirmed the news to TMZ, but did not reveal a cause of death. The actor was reportedly found dead at his home, though foul

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Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie dead at age 79

The singer-songwriter and keyboardist penned some of Fleetwood Mac’s most iconic radio hits, including “Don’t Stop,” “You Make Loving Fun,” “Say You Love Me,” “Hold Me” and “Little Lies.”

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20 Amazing Facts About Sea-Monkeys

Here are a few things you might not have known about Sea-Monkeys, one of your favorite childhood pets.

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When Led Zeppelin faked a performance at Madison Square Garden

Whilst 'The Song Remains the Same' concert film shows Led Zeppelin at their prime, they actually had to fake playing Madison Square Garden to document it

Recipes | Vintage Recipes

Our 15 Most Popular Dinner Party Recipes From the 1970s

Discover favorite dinner party recipes from the 1970s, including the cheese ball, salmon loaf, black forest cake, pasta primavera, and more.

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30 Candid Polaroids of Paul McCartney Taken by Fans From the 1960s and 1970s

These candid photographs were taken by Paul McCartney’s fans from between the late 1960s to early 1970s. Most people would love to take pict...

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Jim Seals dead: Seals and Crofts singer dies aged 80 as fans pay tribute

JIM SEALS, who sang in the soft rock duo Seals and Crofts, has died at the age of 80.

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He Told George Harrison His Tour Sucked – and Five Other Things We Learned from Ben Fong-Torres

Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage

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Bo Hopkins, ‘American Graffiti’ Actor, Dies at 80

Actor was also prominent in supporting roles in both film and TV, including “Midnight Express” and “The Rockford Files”

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Alan White, drummer with prog rock band Yes, dies aged 72

Drummer who joined in 1972 also played on albums by John Lennon and George Harrison

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Bandit Run celebrates 45th anniversary of 'Smokey and the Bandit' in Texarkana | Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Ark. - It's been 45 years since a black and gold Pontiac Trans Am tore across the south, on a bootlegging mission in the hit movie "Smokey in the

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Two friends facing off resulted in the greatest Columbo episode ever

In her final piece as an A.V. Club staffer, Gwen Ihnat dissects "Étude In Black," which features Columbo's dog, his car, and his finest takedown

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10 Retro Treasures From a 50-Year-Old Lego Toy Catalog

Before movie tie-ins, video games, and $800 models, Lego's appeal was a lot simpler.

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15 of the Funkiest '70s Slang Terms

If you’re up to speed on the tubular ‘80s slang and the wicked vernacular of the ‘90s, check out some terms and phrases that made the ‘70s groovy.

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Howard Hesseman, the hard rocking DJ on 'WKRP in Cincinnati,' dies at 81

Actor Howard Hesseman, best known as the hard-rocking disc jockey Dr. Johnny Fever on the sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati" has died, according to his manager, Robbie Kass.

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Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell singer dead at 74

The musician died at home with his family by his side, his agent confirmed

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars & Motorcycles

The 19 Most Memorable Cars of the 1970s and 1980s

With the good, the bad and the ugly all accounted for, these cars from the 1970s and '80s are burned into our minds.

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The essential Stevie Nicks playlist

Looking to build the essential Stevie Nicks playlist? Flip through the gallery for 20 Nicks classics, ranging from Fleetwood Mac favorites to deep cuts from the '90s and '00s. 

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A Teenager's Photos of 1970s Brooklyn NYC

  Anthony Catalano’s photographs of Brooklyn, New York City, in the mid-1970s were mostly developed in his darkroom in Boro Park darkroom in the 70s. “Remember the snow storm of ’78?” he asks. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Anthony died on March 1st, 2014.

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Albums turning 50 in 2022 that everyone should hear

If you are looking for a blast from the past, here are the albums of 1972 that are still worth a spin.

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The Heartbreaking Death Of Laverne & Shirley Star Eddie Mekka

Actor Eddie Mekka has died, as confirmed by his brother, Warren Mekjian, on Thursday.

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Sunset Strip Locations Time Warp to 1970s for Daisy Jones & the Six Series

The Viper Room, Sunset Liquor Store, and Whisky a Go Go are among locations on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip currently time warping back to the 1970s. It’s all part of Amazon Prime’s Daisy Jones & The Six production based on the Taylor Jenkins Reid novel.

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Looking back at the moment The Rolling Stones went disco with 'Some Girls'

By 1978, with the release of The Rolling Stones’ new album Some Girls, there was the smell of change in the air. The old boys of rock had been largely kicked to the curb in favour of two new potent strains of popular music.

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The Untold Truth Of Smokey And The Bandit

One of Burt Reynolds' most iconic movies is a comedy about truckers smuggling beer with impressive stunts. Here's the untold truth of "Smokey and the Bandit."

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Gavin MacLeod of 'The Love Boat' and 'Mary Tyler Moore' dies at age 90

Gavin MacLeod, known for his roles on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Love Boat," died Saturday, his nephew Mark See told Variety. He was 90 years old.

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A History of Iron-On Transfers for T-Shirts | Mental Floss

The colorful, fun, and sometimes lurid decals were all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s. They also gave kids a chance to play with a hot iron.

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Billie Hayes Dies: Wicked Witchiepoo Of ‘H.R. Pufnstuf’ Was 96

Billie Hayes, who played Witchiepoo on the 1969-70 Saturday morning live-action children's classic 'H.R. Pufnstuf,' has died at 96 in Los Angeles.

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Laverne & Shirley Star David L. Lander Dies at 73 | PEOPLE

Laverne & Shirley costar Michael McKean paid tribute to David Lander on Twitter

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Johnny Nash, 'I Can See Clearly Now' singer, dead at 80

Nash passed away on Tuesday of natural causes in his home in Houston, Texas.

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When Concorde did a barrel roll: A history of the Airport films

As you social distance at home, remember that the '70s era was the golden age of the blockbuster disaster flick, and the Airport movies were the best of them all.

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12 Jaws Behind-The-Scenes Facts You Might Not Know

Earlier this year, Jaws celebrated its 45th anniversary. Once meant to be a simple man vs. shark movie based on a paperback novel, this early Steven Spielberg movie became the highest grossing film of all-time

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It was supposed to be 'A Hard Day's Night' meets 'Star Wars.' It wasn't.

Remember how Hanna-Barbera made a live-action KISS made-for-TV movie in the '70s?

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'Wonder Woman' Lynda Carter Pays Tribute to Late Co-Star Lyle Waggoner | Entertainment Tonight

The actress shared a touching message to Instagram on Tuesday.

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Can you guess the 1970s show based on one freeze frame?

We give you one shot to complete this quiz.

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The Big Squeeze: How Mr. Whipple Made Advertising History

Dick Wilson, the star of more than 500 Charmin toilet paper commercials, became one of the most recognizable faces in the country.

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1973: Soul clubs of Memphis and New York

These photographs, taken for The Sunday Times in 1973, are the work of photographer David Reed.

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Keeping Mr. Rogers’ Cardigans Looking Camera-Ready Was No Easy Task | Mental Floss

The beloved host of the PBS children's series was in danger of running out of sweaters. Then the show's enterprising art director got an idea from a postal worker.

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Valerie Harper, Emmy-winning 'Rhoda' star, dead at 80 - CNN

Valerie Harper, Emmy-winning 'Rhoda' star, dead at 80

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SPACE: 1999 Bridged the Gap from TREK to WARS - Nerdist

Right before Star Wars, a British sci-fi series mixed Star Trek-level science fiction with trippy '70s grooviness. That show was Space: 1999 and it rocks.

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Living Room, Jaws Gets Its Own Board Game | Mental Floss

If you're still afraid to go to the beach after watching <em>Jaws</em>, stay inside and play the <em>Jaws</em> board game this summer.

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Photos of Jack Nicholson Just Being Cool in the 1970s

Heeeeeeere's Johnny! Jack Nicholson, the star of films like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Shining, and Chinatown turns 82 today, with a legacy as big as the legends he played on screen. While we're used to seeing him courtside at Lakers games these

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Celebrities on Planes in the 1970s: The Photos

In these photographs from the same decade—when air travel wasn't the nightmare it is today—​movie stars and musicians relax, party, and pose on their private jets.

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Norman Lear & Producer Brent Miller On ‘All In The Family’ & ‘The Jeffersons’ Live Redux Tonight & A Potential Franchise – Deadline

The iconic producer & his Act III Productions chief are bringing back some true blasts from the past tonight with a star studded cast

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Live Episodes of All in the Family and The Jeffersons Are Coming to ABC

Jimmy Kimmel is bringing back All in the Family and The Jeffersons for one live TV special. EP’s include Kimmel, Lear, Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Justin Theroux, and Brent Miller. Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei, Jamie Foxx, and Wanda Sykes will star.

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‘The Brady Bunch’ cast talks about reuniting for new HGTV series

Fifty years after “The Brady Bunch” debuted, the Brady siblings – Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen – are back together to restore their old TV home for HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renov

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Remember When You Could Call the Time?

You still can, and thousands of people do it every day.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

How A 1970s TV Show About LA Paramedics Inspired An EMS Transformation Across The Country: LAist

L.A. has been a pioneer in EMS care for decades — on TV and in real life.

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

A Bonkers ’70s Car Chase Ends in a 3-Way Flavor Collision to Announce the Newest Coke – Adweek

Wieden Kennedy introduces Orange Vanilla Coke, the brand’s first new flavor in 12 years.

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This Is What the Oscars Looked Like in the 1970s

It was a very weird, very fashionable, and very glitzy decade for Hollywood.

Entertainment | Movies & Television

Sunday Evening Video: Sam Elliott as “Evel Knievel: Crimefighter”

In 1974, famed daredevil, Evel Knievel was at the height of his fame, and it was decided that this folk hero stuntman should have his own television show. Of course, Knievel himself was too…

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Daryl Dragon Dead: ‘Captain’ of Captain & Tennille Dies at 76 – Variety

Daryl Dragon, familiar to 1970s music fans as half of the bestselling duo the Captain & Tennille, died Tuesday in Prescott, Arizona at 76.

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous

The New York City Subway in the 1970s: The Photos

The MTA gives New Yorkers plenty to complain about these days, but hey: at least they got rid of all that graffiti (and crime). 

Music | Music

Lindsey Buckingham reveals why he was fired from Fleetwood Mac

Lindsey Buckingham has given his account of why he was fired from Fleetwood Mac earlier this year for the first time.

Entertainment | Entertainment

'Brady Bunch' House: HGTV Won Bidding, Will Restore It "to Its 1970s Glory" | Hollywood Reporter

"We will bring all the resources to bear to tell safe, fun stories with this beloved piece of American TV history," says Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

Entertainment | ENTERTAINMENT

Lance Bass got screwed out of buying the Brady Bunch house

A couple week ago, we reported that the house used for the exterior shots on The Brady Bunch was going up for sale for the first time in 45 years, with pretty much the only interested buyers being developers who wanted the land the house was built on. At

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

21 Questions I Ask Myself Every Time I Rewatch "Grease"

Are we meant to just ignore the fact that all of the high schoolers are played by full grown adults?

Miscellaneous | The Hometown

The Brady Bunch house is for sale. Its broker expects an 'avalanche' — of lookers, at least

The Brady Bunch house in Colfax Meadows is on the market after 45 years.

Architecture & Interior Design | Mid Century

The grooviest bachelor pad in Chicago modeled its kitchen after The Brady Bunch

The only thing missing is Alice!

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Can't do enough, indeed: Sid and Marty Krofft receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Fifty years later, the famous puppeteers' legacy sails on and on and on and on and on and on.

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

Weird History: What Ever Happened to the Home Intercom? | Apartment Therapy

Weird history -- whatever happened to the intercom? We traced this home trend back in time.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

They're demolishing the house where Hawaii Five-O's final showdown went down

The house that Jack Lord built is coming down.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

11 forgotten TV detectives and crime solvers of the 1970s

Not everyone could be the next Columbo.

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David Cassidy, former teen idol and star of 'The Partridge Family,' dies at 67

David Cassidy, star of “The Partridge Family” TV hit of the 1970s and a reluctant teen idol to the boomer generation, died Tuesday evening of liver failure, his publicist confirmed. He was 67.

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Do you remember any (or all) of these 27 obscure 1970s TV show intros?

Even if you don't know the shows, you'll have some theme songs stuck in your head.

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When Network Stars Went to Battle! | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Mike Connors Dead: ‘Mannix’ Star Was 91 | Variety

Mike Connors, best known for playing detective Joe Mannix on 1960s and '70s show "Mannix," died Thursday in Tarzana, Calif. He was 91.

History | Wilshire Boulevard

Take a trip down Wilshire Boulevard in the 1970s

The Los Angeles Public Library has a groovy new photo collection

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

10 Fast Facts About 'Logan's Run' | Mental Floss

In the sci-fi classic Logan's Run—which was released 40 years ago today—the human population lives under a domed city near Washington D.C. in the year 2274. The utopian setting becomes dystopian once we discover that people are terminated as soon as they turn 30 years old.

Music | Music

The Unoriginal Originality of Led Zeppelin - The New Yorker

Legal cases involving claims of musical plagiarism often lead to strange eruptions of musicological discourse in the halls of justice. Not long ago, the heirs of Marvin Gaye alleged that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’s song “Blurred Lines” infringed upon the copyright of Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.”

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Cheese Bananas is the weird 1970s recipe that you don't want to eat for dinner

The 1970s were a time marked by culinary innovations such as fondue and the Baked Alaska, but looking through old recipes of this period unveils some truly unique dishes.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

Growing up in arcades: 1979-1989

  Goddamn, do these photos bring back memories! I mean, this is exactly what it looked like in the ‘70s and ‘80s hanging out at arcades. I never really played the games back then as I wasn’t very good at them, but I did hang out wit

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

Pittsburgh Steelers' Mean Joe Greene reunites with kid in iconic Coca-Cola commercial | FOX Sports

Mean Joe Greene reminisces with kid in famous Coke Super Bowl commercial

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

Austin Powers-style Chicago condo untouched since the 1970s hits the market | Daily Mail Online

The penthouse, built in 1972, was first put up for sale in 2012 but only received moderate interest at the time. Its original wallpapers and furniture have now caught the eye of potential buyers.

Entertainment | Film

Appreciation: 'Barney Miller's' old soul Abe Vigoda

The actor, best known for his roles in 'Barney Miller' and 'The Godfather,' was 94. Even when he was relatively young, Abe Vigoda seemed old.

Which may be why many of us thought age would never catch up to him — and why some of you may have thought it already had, after premature reports of his death began circulating decades ago

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

He played a kind cop on TV -- and inspired a generation of LAPD - LA Times

-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12.”

For many in the LAPD, that was the siren call.

As kids, they sprawled on their living room carpets, watched “Adam-12” on TV and made up their minds to one day join the force, just like Officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed.

Entertainment | Television/Film/Books

Adam 12's Martin Milner LAPD End-of-Watch Broadcast by Todd | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Stream Adam 12's Martin Miler LAPD End-of-Watch Broadcast by Todd from desktop or your mobile device

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

15 Golden Facts About 'Almost Famous' | Mental Floss

Fifteen years ago, Almost Famous—Cameron Crowe’s poignant, semi-autobiographical film about going on tour with rock stars in the 1970s and writing about it for Rolling Stone—was released in theaters. The film launched Kate Hudson’s career and won Crowe his (so far) only Oscar. Here are some rockin’ facts about the classic rock-driven movie.

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Dean Jones Dead: ‘The Love Bug’ Star Dies at 84 | Variety

Actor Dean Jones, perhaps best known for his acting work in such Disney films as "The Love Bug," died of Parkinson's disease.

Entertainment | Entertainment News!

Dick Van Patten: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About His Long Career | Variety

Dick Van Patten was a man who loved to work. That much is clear from a look at his eight decades in showbiz, as documented in the pages of Variety.

Entertainment | Entertainment!

Cindy Williams on why she left 'Laverne' in 'Shirley, I Jest' - TODAY.com

It's been 33 years since Cindy Williams left "Laverne & Shirley" behind, and now the actress is revealing just why she walked away.

Style & Fashion | Fashion & Beauty

70s Trend Clothing | Fashion Pictures | Marie Claire

70s fashion is still going strong for spring. Shop our edit of the best new-season buys to nail the trend...

Music | Music

Good Times Are Back! Nile Rodgers and Chic Sign New Deal, Album On the Way | Showbiz411

Freak out! Nile Rodgers and Chic are back, officially. I knew some time ago that Rodgers was signing up with Warner Music, and now it's official. A new Chic album is due shortly. Rodgers signed a d...

Music | Music

David Bowie hairstyle GIF and chart shows 50 years of Bowie hairdos.

A little less than a year ago, we brought you illustrator Gary Card’s GIF of every Prince hairstyle from 1978 to 2013. Now this new GIF from illustrator Helen Green (which we’re reprinting with Green’s permission) suggests that maybe Bowie has a sho

Music | Music News

21 Obscure References in Classic Songs—Explained! | Mental Floss

Even if you know all the words, do you know what they were about?

Family & Parenting | Kids

10 Toys You Only Played With at the Doctor's Office | Mental Floss

The best part of going to the doctor's office as a kid.

Miscellaneous | Other Stuff

Pay $300 to pretend you're flying in 1973

Buckle up, because we're about to tell you about The Pan Am Experience: an immersive $297 dinner and movie event (set inside a&hellip;

History | Chicago History

Rarely-Seen Photos Spotlight The 1970s Social Scene Of South Side Chicago

To say it was a different time is putting it lightly. In the 1970s on Chicago's South Side, revelers in their finest packed into nightclubs, dancing the night away to the soulful music of the era while knocking back a drink or three at now-extinct...

Entertainment | Celebrities!

Melissa Gilbert’s got jokes - The Washington Post

The 50-year-old former child star stopped in Washington to talk "Little House," her new cookbook and how moving to Michigan means she doesn't have to be a size 2.

Miscellaneous | Other Kinds of Whatnot

The 13 Most Impressive Performances From 1978's Rock ‘N Roll Sports Classic | Mental Floss

In 1978, the Associated Press awarded their Male Athlete of the Year Award to New York Yankees pitcher Ron Guidry while golfer Nancy Lopez took the Female Athlete of the Year honors. With all due respect to Mr. Guidry and Ms. Lopez, the AP made a terrible choice. 1978's most talented athletes were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kenny Loggins and The Runaways' Sandy West.

Entertainment | Celebrities!

PAPERMAG: Scope Vintage Photos of '60s and '70s-Era Celebs From a New Art Book

Jack and Anjelica in their skivvies. Babs in her iconic Scaasi suit. Iggy Pop sweaty and in a speedo. All these images and more appear in photographer Julian Wasser's recently-released art book, The Way We Were: The Photography of Julian Wasser, documenting the fun and fabulous in '60s and '70s-era LA. Take a peek at more preview images, including shots of a baby-faced Jodie Foster, a tousle-haired John Travolta and a BAMF shot of Steve McQueen, below.

Sports | Surfing/Skating/SUPing

23 Awesome Pictures Of LA's Skateboarder Scene In The 1970s

Skateboarding culture exploded in Los Angeles in the 1970s, and photographer Hugh Holland was on hand to capture the freewheeling lives of the city's skateboarders starting in 1975.

Music | Music

Who Can I Be Now? How David Bowie Spent 1974

To say that '74 was a year of change and challenge for David Bowie and his fans is an understatement as extreme as the lurid outfits he'd worn as his just-abandoned alter ego, Ziggy Stardust.

Miscellaneous | Interesting Links

9 Ways The American Home Has Changed Since The 1970s

Newly built houses have gotten bigger, taller, and more air conditioned since the 1970s.