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Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen talk "Renegades"

The former president and the singer-songwriter, longtime friends, have shared their stories in a podcast, and now a book: "Renegades: Born in the USA." Barac...

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Bruce Springsteen Admits He Made Up the “American Working Class” During a Creative Dry Spell

Legendary musician Bruce Springsteen recently admitted that he made up the “American working class” during a creative dry spell.

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Bruce Springsteen Shreds - Light Of Day

On January 7, 2000 at Madison Square Garden, Springsteen fans were treated to a once of a lifetime performance of the hit song "Light of Day". Always innovat...

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Now that there’s been an announcement of this summer’s tour, the next round of interviews are bound to happen as RS heads to different cities around the country. And fans will undoubted…