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8 Places From Southern California's Past That We Will Never Stop Missing

These destinations may no longer exist in Southern California, but that sure doesn't stop us from all the fond memories.

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10 L.A. Landmarks We Lost During the 2010s

Let’s take a moment to say goodbye to some historic places that we lost in the last decade

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40 Photos of Los Angeles Over From 1910 to Now!

So much has happened since the city was founded in 1871. It all started when studios popped up all over town and Old Hollywood took over.

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On Its 100th Anniversary, Musso & Frank’s Grill Gets the Star Treatment

The venerable restaurant, an outpost of both Hollywood glamour and comforting camaraderie for a century, is honored on the Walk of Fame

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It was the Coliseum’s mystery mural, until a teenage detective solved its 50-year puzzle

It took a curious high school student to uncover who painted the flaming sun mural beneath the massive archway at the stadium.

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45 Fascinating and Unconventional Landmarks That Define Los Angeles

Underrated. Overlooked. Whatever you want to call them, these offbeat icons will introduce you to the other L.A.

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Why Are There Palm Trees in Los Angeles?

Turns out it's an image thing.

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Lost History: The Ambassador Hotel & Cocoanut Grove — Finding Lost Angeles

The former site of the Ambassador Hotel and its fabled Cocoanut Grove nightclub, today sit behind bars like a fortress on Wilshire Boulevard. The once inviting motorist’s entrance seems like an out of place remnant to the unsuspecting eye, and there are few other clues that this site was once the location of the essential Ambassador and its Grove.

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Finding Los Angeles: The Brown Derby

If it's just anyone, any place will do. If it's someone important, say, "Meet me at the Derby."

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Coffee shop is taking over 1940s gas station in Koreatown - Curbed LA

The company’s founder says "the iconic 1940s Texaco Station will be celebrated and preserved to its original aesthetic as much as possible."

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Hollywood’s legendary Formosa Cafe will get a full restoration from 1933 Group

The Idle Hour and Highland Park Bowl owners just might do the place justice

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Why are doughnut boxes pink? The answer could only come out of Southern California

Everyone in Los Angeles knows what comes in a pink box: doughnuts. But the story behind those boxes is seldom told.

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How the Beatles Really Ended Up at a Garden Party in Brentwood - Los Angeles Magazine

Unpublished photos of the Beatles are increasingly hard to come by, but Alison Martino found a few taken in Los Angeles to twist and shout about

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A Victorian Tourist's Photo Album Of Los Angeles, Circa 1894

The fledgling city was sold into being through real estate and railroad ads, which promised a paradise of health, beauty, and endless potential.

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When L.A. Was Empty: Wide-Open SoCal Landscapes

Early photographs of Los Angeles surprise for many reasons, but often what's most striking is how empty the city looks.

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Rediscovering L.A.'s Lost Neighborhood of Bronzeville

A new map charts the forgotten landmarks of a ghost town in the middle of the city

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Peek Inside L.A.’s Lost Iconic Buildings

Alas, you can no longer party at Pickfair or the Garden of Allah. But you can relive L.A.'s glorious, debaucherous past by delving into these photos. Read more about these historic wonders here.

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L.A.'s Smoggy Past, in Photos | KCET

Many Southern Californians have only hazy memories of severe smog in the Los Angeles area. Here's a reminder in pictures.

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One Of L.A.'s Oldest Neon Signs Will Be Re-Lit On Thursday

The sign used to sit on top of the Hotel Californian near MacArthur Park.

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100 Places Where You Can Experience Retro Los Angeles

The city’s vintage charm is alive and well—if you know where to look

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70 years of the Apple Pan on Pico

The day the Apple Pan opened, on April 11, 1947, a neighbor brought flowers to crown the U-shape counter of the Pico Boulevard burger joint. Martha Gamble, now 87, daughter of the restaurant’s founders, Ellen and Alan Baker, remembers the day vividly.

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This Jewish Pioneer Chronicled a Changing L.A. from 1853 to 1913

L.A. was an adobe town when Harris Newmark arrived in 1853. It was a metropolis when he died there in 1916.

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This Vintage Bob’s Big Boy Training Film Is a 1940s-Era Treasure

Recently unearthed footage shows the day-to-day of a carhop when drive-ins were at their peak

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Why Doesn't It Snow in L.A. Anymore?

Snow once fell on the Los Angeles coastal plain roughly once per decade, but the city is now in the middle of a 54-year snow drought.

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The Fish Shanty and old Kooky World of La Cienega | Alison Martino's "Vintage Los Angeles"

La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard used to be a playful pocket of themed eateries, amusement parks, and nightclubs

History | Wilshire Boulevard

Take a trip down Wilshire Boulevard in the 1970s

The Los Angeles Public Library has a groovy new photo collection

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Preservation Roundup: 13 Historic Places We Are Thankful For - Los Angeles Magazine

From Frank Lloyd Wright to Clifton's Cafeteria, this was a great year for old buildings in Los Angeles

History | Beverly Hills & Midtown

Time Frame: The Beverly Hilton 58 Years Ago and Now

The hotel’s famous catering manager, Fred Hayman, was unimpressed with Conrad Hilton’s modernist venture when he came to work at the Hilton in 1954

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18 of Your Favorite Classic L.A. Places That Are About to Disappear - Los Angeles Magazine

A wide range of historic places, from the interior of the Formosa Cafe to Frederick's of Hollywood are fading into history this summer

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The Creation of LA's "Most Recognizable and Beloved" Building - Curbed Features - Curbed LA

On May 14, 1935, Los Angeles was abuzz. For months, motorists on Los Feliz Boulevard had "glanced up at the pile of masonry that loomed larger and larger, day...

History | Downtown

Clifton’s Cafeteria is Coming Back to Life at Long Last! - Los Angeles Magazine

The iconic restaurant’s new retro neon sign lit up Broadway this weekend. Here's what's in store next!

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Alison Martino's "Vintage Los Angeles": Dan Tana's 50th Anniversay

When people ask me to suggest a classic Hollywood joint, there’s only one place that comes to mind: Dan Tana’s. On October 1 this dark and cozy Italian landmark will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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How Los Angeles Neighborhoods Got Their Names | Mental Floss

The divide between the different neighborhoods of Los Angeles can feel like one between cities, and in some cases—like West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Culver City—it literally is. But residents of L.A. really do place stock in the neighborhood they live in, whether it be on the Westside or Eastside, downtown or nestled in the hills.

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Cracking the mystery of L.A.'s 'Nazi' ranch - Yahoo Homes

From Yahoo Homes: The urban ruins are the stuff of legend. A trove of blueprints reveals plans for a self-sustaining compound with a mansion fit for a world leader -- perhaps even Hitler himself.

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Look Back on the History of the Sunset Strip in 21 Photos

Yesterday, WEHOville published a nice history of the famous and storied Troubadour, and it got us thinking about nightclubs and music in LA, and, of course, about the Sunset...

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How One Quirky Museum Preserves LA's Victorian Houses

Just before the Avenue 43 exit on the Arroyo Seco Parkway, amidst the working-class homes and small businesses of Montecito Heights, sits a small, shabby but picturesque Victorian village....