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10 Drought-Tolerant Shrubs - FineGardening

Because we are constantly faced with the challenge of drought, we have committed ourselves for the past 15 years to identifying traits in shrubs like drought tolerance and performance history in addition to their natural attraction. Here are the standout

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California Snow Ends Drought | The Daily Caller

Snow blankets parts of Northern California and is expected to drown the rest of the state in rain

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Why Doesn't It Snow in L.A. Anymore?

Snow once fell on the Los Angeles coastal plain roughly once per decade, but the city is now in the middle of a 54-year snow drought.

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From Africa to China, How Israel Helps Quench the Developing World's Thirst » Mosaic

The untold story of Israeli hydrodiplomacy, from the 1950s until now. n November 1898, Theodor Herzl arranged a meeting with the German emperor, Wilhelm II, to obtain help in creating a Jewish state in the land of Israel. In their conversation, the Kaiser praised the work of the Zionist pioneers, telling Herzl that, above all else, “water and shade trees” would restore the land to its ancient glory.

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Caring For Our World | Jlife

Shemittah, Jubilee and Drought

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Israeli Gadget Creates Drinking Water From Thin Air | The Jewish Standard

Unbelievable Israeli invention can create cold drinking water as part of air conditioning system in battlefield or isolated desert situations.

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This Kit For A DIY Water Filter Cleans Your Water Without Any Chemicals | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Most water filters rely on chemicals that quickly run out. But the Sustainable Filtration Kit lets anyone make their own carbon filter from free local materials.

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Israel-Texas researchers win top desalination award | The Times of Israel

Winners of USAID Desal Prize will 'pay forward' their $125,000 prize money and expertise to build water plant in Jordan

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Drought shaming targets wealthy California water wasters who have lush lawns

California is struggling through its fourth year of a devastating drought, but that has not stopped every one from reducing their water consumption.

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How Israeli Desalination Technology Is Helping Solve California’s Devastating Drought

California will desalinate seawater in a $1 billion project involving Israeli engineers, after Israel established itself as a desalination powerhouse.

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William Shatner: Solve California drought with Seattle pipeline - LA Times

Actor William Shatner is hoping to save California from further drought by proposing an enterprise of his own — importing water from the Seattle area, where rain is plentiful.

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Small California Ski Resorts Struggle After 4 Years of Droughts – Skift

With California entering its fourth drought year, even some big resorts with millions of dollars in modern snow-making equipment don't have all their lifts

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Riverside City Councilmember Uses Enough Water For 8 Houses - Droughtshaming - Curbed LA

Regular people are cutting back on watering their lawns and heeding those adorable water conservation commercials with an anthropomorphic State of California as our epic dry times rage, but...