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The Cost of Freeing Drinking Water from ‘Forever Chemicals’

The EPA is set to limit PFAS in drinking water to barely detectable levels. Can water utilities meet the standard?

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‘Our Government Is Trying To Kill Us’

Many of us recognize that for almost a century our federal government has been expanding its authority over the states – and the people – in a way that is forbidden by the US Constitution. Using a contorted scheme of precedent law – not constitution

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Is Flavored Water Bad For You?

We all know drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is good for optimal health, but is drinking flavored water bad for you?

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Chemical Plant Fire and Potential Impact on Supply Chain Disruptions | US EPA

Only plant in western hemisphere to produce potassium permanganate or sodium permanganate for 50% of our water and waste water treatment needs. This page can change as the situation changes

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Asper Foundation, TAU Launch Innovative Clean Water Project

Asper Foundation, TAU Launch Innovative Clean Water Project Gift enhances the partnership between Tel Aviv University and one of Canada’s largest foundations Tel Aviv University (TAU) together with the Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University (CFTAU) ann

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Here’s How Your Body Tells You That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Healthy hydration is important for nearly every bodily function. This is how your body can tell you that you're not drinking enough water.

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UNPACKED – Israel: Can We Solve The Global Water Crisis??

UNPACKED – Israel: Can We Solve The Global Water Crisis?? The catastrophic global effects of climate affect us all. In the Middle East, a part of the world with scarce water sources, Israeli innovators are tackling sustainability head on, specifical

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Israel: A solution to global water scarcity?

Israel: A solution to global water scarcity? A solution to global water scarcity?   First study of its kind in the world carried out in Tel Aviv:   Water produced from the air, in the heart of an industrialized urban area, complied with all of the World

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What Actually Happens If You Drink Saltwater? | Mental Floss

You might think drinking seawater would be better than drinking no water at all. Your kidneys would beg to differ.

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FBI, Florida authorities pursuing leads as water-treatment hacking investigation continues

The FBI, Secret Service and Florida law enforcement are searching for one or more suspects they say tried to change the make-up of a local town’s water in a failed attempt to add a potentially caustic chemical by remotely accessing the computer system

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Aur'a ® natural alkaline gold water, perfectly balanced & nourishing ✨

Aur'a natural gold water springs to the surface naturally purified, enriched with gold and silver nanoparticles while crossing an ancient underground ore.

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Pet goldfish do not belong outside their tanks - Business Insider

Goldfish may look small and cute in your home, but in the wild, it’s a different story. Releasing them into your local stream or lake is a bad idea. Just ask Washington state, which is going to pay an estimated $150,000 to clean up its latest goldfish mes

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How Israeli Tech Protects World’s Most Scarce, Essential Resource: Water

Israeli company BlueGreen Water Technologies is treating lakes and other bodies of water worldwide for harmful algae blooms.

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Water-from-air startup awarded Smart Home Mark of Excellence at CES Las Vegas

Recognition is for Watergen's GENNY water system for homes and office use; it generates water from air and cuts down on use of plastic water bottles

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Israeli company that makes water out of thin air signs deal with Uzbekistan | The Times of Israel

Dry, landlocked Central Asian nation to buy thousands of Watergen atmospheric water generators in deal likely worth several million dollars

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Maps of Water, Crops, and Coasts Reveal the Truth About Human and Earth Interactions

To our detriment, if we continue on current trajectories, and global modelling shows just how. Natalie Parletta reports.

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We Tried 10 Bottled Waters and This Tasted the Best | MyRecipes

While none are as cost-effective and eco-friendly as a reusable bottle, this is the brand you should buy in a pinch.   

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California finds widespread water contamination of 'forever chemicals'

Nearly 300 drinking water wells and other water sources in California have been found to have traces of man-made chemicals linked to cancer.

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21C presents: How Israel is tackling the water crisis in Puerto Rico

21C presents: How Israel is tackling the water crisis in Puerto Rico “They came like angels from the sky,” said Porfirio Fraticeli, a water operator in El Real about IsraAID. When Hurricane Maria barreled into Puerto Rico in September 2017, the tiny m

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You're Probably Not Drinking Enough Water—Here Are Two Simple Ways to Check | Real Simple

Experts weigh in on how much water you should drink every day, plus two telltale signs you’re not hydrated enough.

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Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda

Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda h/t Israelfirst Two female Israeli engineering students help bring clean water to Uganda; Two young Israeli female students Selda Edris and Mayes Morad build purification device for

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Those 96 Million Black Balls in LA's Reservoir Are Not Just There to Save Water

Ninety-six million. That's how many black plastic 'shade balls' it takes to cover the Los Angeles reservoir. Why, you ask? Well, despite what has often been reported as the main purpose of these balls, the idea didn't actually start with

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Scientists figure out new way to remove salt from water | Science & Tech News

The solvent-based method could be much cheaper to use than reverse osmosis or distillation based on water evaporating,

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Making Swampy Unclean Water Drinkable

P&G has provided more than 14 billion liters of clean water to people in need around the world. P&G scientists invented the P&G Purifier of Water technology while attempting to clean dirty laundry water.

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What Happens When You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day?

A self-proclaimed water hater slogs through a monthlong hydration quest.

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Millions May Be Exposed To Potentially Harmful Nitrate Levels In Drinking Water - Study Finds

Millions of Americans face exposure to elevated nitrate levels in their drinking water, a study finds, which puts them at greater risk of developing health problems.

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LA Is Doing Water Better Than Your City. Yes, That LA

With climate change on the horizon, Los Angeles is rushing to pull water from surprising sources. The goal: aqueous independence.

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Quiz: Water, Sports Drinks, Electrolytes: Stay Hydrated & Avoid Dehydration

Take this WebMD quiz to see how much you know about hydration, how much water you need, the signs of dehydration, sports drinks, and more.

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What You Should Know About Drinking Water (but Probably Don't)

Everything you need to know about the most essential part of your daily diet.

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There's a Good Chance the Water You're Drinking Is Bad for You

Contaminated drinking water has become a more alarming issue in some US cities. Here's how to drink it the cleanest, safest way.

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How Do Texans Beat the Heat? With Water From Mexico

Bottles of fizzy Topo Chico are a favorite in restaurants, bars and stores, even though marketing is minimal.

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10 Life Changing Reasons To Drink More Water | Visual.ly

It is true that water has amazing health benefits, and it helps us both on the outside and the inside, helping us to both look and feel great. It is

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Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info

Dihydrogen Monoxide resources, information, research and more. Dihydrogen Monoxide is a dangerous chemical. Buy a Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide T-shirt.

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Fluoride: An Unknown Cause Of Disease In Dogs - Dogs Naturally Magazine

Fluoride can be found in your tap water and your dog's food. Find out how to minimize your dog's risk of fluoride exposure.

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Pluto’s largest moon may have once had an ocean

Charon may have once had a subsurface ocean that has long since frozen and expanded, pushing out on the moon’s surface and causing it to stretch and fracture on a massive scale.

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Coffee Talk: How It Stacks Up Against Water

An expert weighs in with a healthy defense of coffee—the beverage of choice for so many.

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Mars Shows Signs of - WSJ

Trickles of salt water may flow freely along ravines on Mars despite the planet’s extreme aridity, deep cold and tenuous atmosphere, NASA-funded scientists announced Monday.

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From Africa to China, How Israel Helps Quench the Developing World's Thirst » Mosaic

The untold story of Israeli hydrodiplomacy, from the 1950s until now. n November 1898, Theodor Herzl arranged a meeting with the German emperor, Wilhelm II, to obtain help in creating a Jewish state in the land of Israel. In their conversation, the Kaiser praised the work of the Zionist pioneers, telling Herzl that, above all else, “water and shade trees” would restore the land to its ancient glory.

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9 Ways to Stay Hydrated Without Drinking Water

As the temperature rises, our bodies adjust to stay cool and balanced. Staying hydrated is a critical part of maintaining that balance.

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No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

There is no science behind a formal, one-size-fits-all requirement of daily water consumption.

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Overhydration: More Than a Summertime Threat for Athletes

Considering that the human body is upwards of 60% water, maintaining adequate hydration is fundamental to good health. With so many enticing energy drinks, fruit juices, bottled tea and coffee on the market, humble, life-sustaining, plain ol’ water some

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Olympic Teams to Swim, Boat in Dangerously Contaminated Rio Waters

An analysis of water quality revealed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from human sewage in Olympic and Paralympic venues in Rio.

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Israeli Gadget Creates Drinking Water From Thin Air | The Jewish Standard

Unbelievable Israeli invention can create cold drinking water as part of air conditioning system in battlefield or isolated desert situations.

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Quiz: Water, Sports Drinks, Electrolytes: Stay Hydrated & Avoid Dehydration

Take this WebMD quiz to see how much you know about hydration, how much water you need, the signs of dehydration, sports drinks, and more.

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This Kit For A DIY Water Filter Cleans Your Water Without Any Chemicals | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Most water filters rely on chemicals that quickly run out. But the Sustainable Filtration Kit lets anyone make their own carbon filter from free local materials.

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Tom Selleck Accused of Stealing Truckloads of Water for His Avocado Ranch - Yahoo Celebrity

From Yahoo Celebrity: Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing water from a hydrant to keep his 60-acre Westlake Village ranch alive amid California's drought — details

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Israel-Texas researchers win top desalination award | The Times of Israel

Winners of USAID Desal Prize will 'pay forward' their $125,000 prize money and expertise to build water plant in Jordan

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Drought shaming targets wealthy California water wasters who have lush lawns

California is struggling through its fourth year of a devastating drought, but that has not stopped every one from reducing their water consumption.

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Deep Underground, Oceans Of Water May Be Trapped In A Crystal 'Sponge'

Scientists have discovered evidence of a vast reservoir of water, maybe three times the volume of all the world's oceans, hiding up to 400 miles beneath the Earth's surface.