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The Best Way to Rehydrate Quickly When You’re Super Hot and Sweaty | SELF

Drinking water at whatever temperature is most palatable, sipping on an electrolyte-rich beverage, and eating high-sodium foods can rehydrate you quickly.

Psychology | Health & Wellbeing

The Cost of Freeing Drinking Water from ‘Forever Chemicals’

The EPA is set to limit PFAS in drinking water to barely detectable levels. Can water utilities meet the standard?

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Drinking Water Before Bed Might Help You Sleep Better, Age Better and Boost Your Energy Levels

Drinking water in bed might be the most simple way to improve your overall health, from aging better to sleeping deeper.

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How to Meditate at Work

After years of trying to figure out this meditation thing, I got it. I finally understood what mediation was and how to make it happen in the busiest of workplaces. I figured out how to be Zen when the world around me was anything but Zen.