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Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Is Flavored Water Bad For You?

We all know drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is good for optimal health, but is drinking flavored water bad for you?

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Sugar substitutes found to affect the human body in unanticipated ways

Non-nutritive sweeteners or artificial sweeteners – are supposed to deliver all the sweetness of sugar without the calories.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Always Waking Up at 3 a.m.? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You

Waking up at 3 a.m. every night? Nighttime awakenings are typically harmless, but sometimes indicate sleep disorders, apnea, circadian rhythm or nightmare disorder.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Drinking Two to Three Cups of Coffee Every Day Could Help You Live Longer, New Study Finds

According to a new study out of the United Kingdom, drinking two or three cups of coffee each day can cut chances of developing coronary heart disease, heart failure, heart rhythm concerns, or death. Here, find out how.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Here’s How Your Body Tells You That You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Healthy hydration is important for nearly every bodily function. This is how your body can tell you that you're not drinking enough water.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Never Eat Leftovers That've Been in the Fridge This Long, Experts Warn

Wondering if you can still eat those borderline leftovers? The USDA and the Mayo Clinic have these wise words of guidance.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Vitamin D deficiency could be linked to increased risk of COVID-19, University of Chicago researchers say

A vitamin D deficiency might be linked to an increased risk of getting COVID-19, according to University of Chicago researchers.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

The Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat aren't healthier. Fast food's meatless marvels are just P.R.

Whether Burger King's Impossible Whopper or White Castle's Impossible Slider, most of the meatless options aren't healthy ones. So why all the hype?

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

What Happens When You Drink a Gallon of Water a Day?

A self-proclaimed water hater slogs through a monthlong hydration quest.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

Coffee Reduces Your Appetite, Belly Size, and BMI

Coffee doesn't just make you healthier, live longer and perform at a higher level. It also helps you lose weight. Yay!

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

7 Science-Backed Ways That Show Coffee Can Actually Be Good For You

Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world - for good reason. It wakes us up, helps us stay on task, and provides an oft-needed energy boost.

Health & Fitness | Health Tips

9 Disturbing Side Effects of Soda

These unhealthy facts about soda may make you question that next soda.