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A Dream Grows in Brooklyn - Peloton Magazine

“Time’s Up!” and the battle for New York’s street It’s November in New York, the sun is out but with no power to warm. I’m walking across the Williamsburg Bridge with a photographer friend, tagging along really, in search of an elusive urban h

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International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries Moves Online Amid Pandemic

Since its launching in 1983 by the Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory—the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries (Kinus Hashluchim) has brought together Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries for a weekend of inspiration, learning and fellowship.

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‘These Ultra-Orthodox Communities Are Very Powerful Politically’: New York Governor Cuomo Angers Orthodox Jews With Latest Coronavirus Comments

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Photo: Reuters / Mike Segar / File. Orthodox Jews in New York have reacted angrily …


Brooklyn’s Anti-Gentrication Groups are Pushing Antisemitic Narratives and Activism

With a a few notable exceptions, the Jewish community appears unaware of the significance and relevance of these groups.

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The sixth attack on Jews in a week. Orthodox man bashed in Brooklyn hate crime attack: NYPD - New York Daily News

The Orthodox man was attacked after one of the men in the SUV yelled something at him, and the victim in turn flipped them the bird, cops said.


RESIST de Blasio: Orthodox Jews 'Liberate' NYC Playground in Provocative Move

Just one day after a Jewish NYC lawmaker promised to “cut off the chains” to reopen the city’s playgrounds, three members of an informal #RESIST group did just that.

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De Blasio is stoking anti-Semitism. He’s not alone. – The Forward

Mayor DeBlasio should be ashamed. But the rest of us need to take a long hard look at ourselves, too.

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De Blasio and Wife Caught Taking Non-Essential Stroll Through Brooklyn Park…11 Miles From Home

...even as he continues to scold New Yorkers for being outside and congregating in playgrounds

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Crown Heights: A Jewish Community Under Attack From Coronavirus

Kindness abounds from behind closed doors, even though its streets are silent

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A Perfectly F.R.E.E. Passover Food Distribution Moves Outdoors in Brooklyn for Inner-City Seniors Especially Vulnerable to Pandemic

Organizers and volunteers for F.R.E.E. moved the annual Passover food distribution from the Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation to an outside location in order to accommodate social distancing during the current coronavirus crisis. A volunteer warns seniors to keep their distance when picking up the food.
Organizers and volunteers for F.R.E.E. moved the annual Passover food distribution from the Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation to an outside location in order to accommodate social distancing during the current coronavirus crisis. A volunteer warns seniors to keep their distance when picking up the food.
Every year, Ellen Mandelbaum helps distribute Passover goods for needy Jewish families in South Brooklyn, N.Y. It’s a practice she started with the first distribution nine years ago.

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America’s Largest Population of Holocaust Survivors Is Endangered by the Coronavirus as Crown Heights and Borough Park Shut Down

The pandemic inflicts miseries that are particular to each place it visits


Brooklyn grand jury fails to indict woman accused of anti-Semitic attack

Jasmine Lucas, 24, was held for seven days in Rikers Island on a charge of second-degree robbery as a hate crime after her New Year’s Day arrest in Williamsburg.

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National Review & Bias Against The Chasidic Community: Yes, Jewish Lives Matter

Like mainstream newspapers, Zachary Evans’s article recycled many tropes about Chassidim. More concerning is National Review’s institutional response.


New report: Over 100 anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn alone in 2019

Ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which will be commemorated around the world on Monday, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs

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Ami Horowitz Hits The Ground In Brooklyn To Highlight NYC’s Shocking Anti-Semitism

Recently, documentary filmmaker and tongue-in-cheek former 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate Ami Horowitz hit the ground running in Brooklyn to highlight the increasingly unavoidable anti-Semitism epidemic currently plaguing New York City. Horo

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Brooklyn: Man Arrested for Egging Synagogue Turns Out Not to Be a White Supremacist

The New York Post reported Thursday that “a teenager who threw an egg at a Brooklyn synagogue and chucked another one at a woman in Borough Park has been arrested on a number of hate crime charges, police said.” https://twitter.com/NYPDHateCrimes/status/1

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Latest Antisemitic Attacks in Borough Park Underline Grim Challenges Facing Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn

Security footage showing a group of men emerging from a car and chasing an Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn’s Borough Park …

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Vandals smash windows of Brooklyn synagogue during Rosh Hashanah prayers

Mayor condemns 'shocking act of hate,' says police will find young women seen hurling milk crates at Williamsburg house of worship

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Caught on camera: Hasidic man violently attacked by four men in Brooklyn

It's terrifying how often antisemitic attacks are happening!

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Why The Antisemitic Hate-Crime Spike in New York City Has Nothing to Do with White Supremacy

Many liberals downplay hate crimes that don’t fit their narrative. A better approach would be consistency: We should vigorously pursue hate-crime perpetrators regardless of who they -- or the victims -- are.

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Josh Hammer On ‘Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler’: Why Is No One Discussing Rising Anti-Semitic Violence In New York

On Thursday, Daily Wire Editor-at-Large Josh Hammer, who frequently opines on issues pertaining to Jewish politics,

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Jews are routinely being attacked in the streets of New York City. So why is no one acting like it’s a big deal? – Tablet Magazine

The incidents now pass without much notice, a steady, familiar drumbeat of violence and hate targeting visibly Jewish people in New York City. Early on the morning of June 15, a Saturday, two men in a white Infiniti drove around Borough Park, a vast,  tra

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Giro d'Italia: American Whiskey, Italian Soul - Peloton Magazine

Here's a delicious American rye whiskey cocktail from Brooklyn's Bar Velo that will become your new go-to cocktail.

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Skyrocketing Attacks On NYC Jews Ignored Because Of Race

An epidemic of anti-Jewish violence in Brooklyn is being virtually ignored because many of the assailants are black and Hispanic.

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Outrage Follows Announcement That Al Sharpton, Who Helped Incite 1991 Antisemitic Riots, Is Slated to Receive Honorary Degree

Al Sharpton in November 2007. Photo: David Shankbone via Wikicommons. An initiative by a City University of New York school …

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THIS IS JUSTICE?! Man Who Burned Body of Menachem Stark Z”L Could Spend Under 3 Years Behind Bars

Kendall Felix, a man convicted in the horrific kidnapping and murder of Menachem Stark, was sentenced Wednesday to a minimum of two years and four months to a maximum of seven years in prison — ove…

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Brooklyn College Students Call for 'Intifada' Against Jews in New Zealand Attack Vigil

Vigil held at Brooklyn College by BC Socialists on March 19. Photo: Screenshot. A rally held on Tuesday by a socialist …

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On January 29, Two Hate Crimes Occurred. The Media Only Covered The Fake One. Here's Why.

On January 29, 2019, Chicago Police opened a hate crime investigation into the alleged assault of Empire actor Jussie Smollett. Smollett, who is black and gay, alleged that two men approached him at 2 a.m.

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Jewish Leaders in Crown Heights Urge NYC Authorities to Probe Circumstances Behind Spate of Antisemitic Violence

Video captured by the Shomrim Jewish community organization of the assault on a Jewish man in Crown Heights. Photo: Screenshot. …

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New York City Tour w/ Cooper Ray

Cooper takes us over the Brooklyn Bridge by bicycle on a historical lower Manhattan tour of New York City. I shot this on this camera: https://goo.gl/2RZxQQ ...

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Where to find affordable housing in NYC

Looking for affordable apartments in New York? Look no further: This guide to NYC’s housing lotteries has you covered.

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RΞD HOOK TRIP #Cycling #NYC #Brooklyn #FixedGear

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Humbled by the Hook: a Collection of Tales from Team Stanridge at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn | The Radavist

Humbled by the Hook: a Collection of Tales from Team Stanridge at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn Photos by Luke Atkinson, words by Evan Hartig with quotes credited. On Saturday, April 28th, tens of thousa...

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RED HOOK CRIT BROOKLYN 2018 Short documentary

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'People Are Very, Very Nervous': Community Leaders In Brooklyn Warn Of Increased Bias Attacks Against Jews

The most recent incident left a man badly bruised. It was captured on camera and now police are searching for the attacker.

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Brookyln-Based Band Habibi Fuses Farsi Lyrics With Western Riffs

The Brooklyn-based band doesn't need to speak English to pack a punch. Frontwoman Rahill Jamalifard talks about songwriting in Farsi and how Middle Eastern rock emboldens her.

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Our Woefully Outdated Licensing Laws Kill Cyclists

An unlicensed truck driver killed a 13 year-old cyclist in Brooklyn. It’s time to take motor vehicle licensing and registration into the 21st century.

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2017 Red Hook documentary

2017 Red Hook documentary.

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Cerebral Ballzy - Irving Plaza, NYC 09/19/13 Complete Set

Cerebral Ballzy live at Irving Plaza, NYC 9/19/2013, opening up for T.S.O.L. and FLAG for more on Cerebral visit: http://www.cerebralballzy.com video by: SBG...

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Listen to the Sounds of New York's Diverse Neighborhoods Without Leaving Home | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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21 excuses that only work in New York

New Yorkers may have a reputation for being rude, but the fact is we follow a completely different set of rules. While we might seem like flakes, there's just a

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Take a tour of New York’s most beautiful bridges

New York's bridges contribute a sense of historical and aesthetic wonder to our sprawling urban landscape

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There's a secret bar behind a deli freezer now open in Brooklyn

The best kind of bar is a secret bar. And we just unearthed a new one in Williamsburg: La Milagrosa Agave Bar and Listening Room.   New York already has

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15 reasons why Manhattan is still the best borough

New York's five boroughs are great, but c'mon, Manhattan is the best borough. Why? Attractions like Central Park, the museums and the shopping, duh!

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What Would You Pay for an Empty Room? - The Atlantic

A new app wants to “democratize” city spaces by offering private, well-designed rooms by the hour—but only elites can afford its rates.

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New York City rent comparison: What $3,500 gets you

See what $3,500 rents in NYC neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, Williamsburg, Astoria, and more.

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Tour and Wine Tasting at the Rooftop Vineyard in the Brooklyn Navy Yard

On this new tour, experience a special wine tasting and tour at Rooftop Reds, world’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard located in Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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15 awesome things to do in NYC this weekend

Fri 8 Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show Metropolitan Pavilion; 1pm; $20 at the door, $15This two-day expo is every retro-sifter’s dream, featuring more tha

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Brooklyn College students demand ‘Zionists off campus’ | The Times of Israel

Group of activists barges in on faculty meeting, calls Jewish professor 'Zionist pig,' demands end to 'racist' classes

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Team Cinelli Chrome

Seven riders, a year-long season, two wheels, one gear ratio, and a unique passion - add a few thousand hours of training, tons of new friends, fun and excit...

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Franny’s blames Obamacare for rise in pizza price - NY Daily News

President Obama is being blamed for the rising price of Brooklyn pizza.

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Red Hook Criterium: 60 MINUTES SPORTS Preview

60 MINUTES SPORTS covers the Red Hook Criterium: an urban, night-biking event that has quickly gone from unsanctioned street race to a cycling competition dr...

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Red Hook Crit 7 Brooklyn 2014

The Red Hook Crit first hit the cobbles of Red Hook in 2008. With less than 20 competitors. Now with almost 300 racers fighting for position to qualify, RHC has…

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All the Places The New York Times is Comparing to Brooklyn - The Atlantic

From Berlin to Beijing, it seems just about anywhere is a bit like New York's hippest borough. I moved to Brooklyn four years ago, so I haven’t quite earned my New Yorker stripes yet. But as my fellow Brooklyn residents have noticed (along with readers across the country), our neck-of-the-woods is compared to different cities domestically and abroad, quite often. Especially by the one we can proudly call our local paper, the Gray Lady.

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The Brooklyn of Every State

Which 'hood in your state is a fixie and Mason jar mecca?

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Hawks crush Nets to advance in playoffs

The top-seeded Atlanta Hawks romped past the Brooklyn Nets 111-87 to punch their ticket to the second round of the NBA playoffs. The Hawks used a strong start to the second half to turn a slim lead at the interval into a blow-out, completing a four-games-

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Hawks hold off Nets to take 3-2 lead

Al Horford banged his dislocated finger and spent much of the game fiddling with it. Jeff Teague twisted his right ankle and hobbled to the locker room for a quick tape job. Horford and Teague scored 20 points apiece, helping the top-seeded Atlanta Hawks

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Deron Williams comes back to life with 35, Nets even series with Hawks | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The three-time All-Star scored just five points in the previous two games combined.

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Parks Dept. Puts a Stop to Spinning Playground Equipment After Injuries - Park Slope - DNAinfo.com New York

Parents say the Parks Department went too far when it welded spinning playground equipment into place.

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Nets beat Raptors despite 4 of 24 on 3s

Deron Williams and Joe Johnson each scored 24 points, Paul Pierce scored nine of his 15 points in the final quarter and the Brooklyn Nets beat the Toronto Raptors 94-87 Saturday in Game 1 of their first round playoff series. Shaun Livingston scored 10 poi