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Biden’s Student-Debt Bonfire Is a Classist Message to the Uncredentialed: Screw ’Em | National Review

Scranton Joe is sending cash from the people he cynically pretends to care about to the people he really cares about.

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‘It Just Works’: Progressive Educators Rediscover Power of Phonics after Failing with DEI-Infused Method | National Review

A former school principal told NR that the move to a social-injustice infused teaching method disproportionately harmed minority students.

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Hunter Biden Investigation Must Look at Joe | National Review

The major question is whether Hunter is a vehicle by which Joe Biden indirectly cashed in on his political influence.

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

National Review & Bias Against The Chasidic Community: Yes, Jewish Lives Matter

Like mainstream newspapers, Zachary Evans’s article recycled many tropes about Chassidim. More concerning is National Review’s institutional response.

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Don’t Root against the Economy | National Review

President Trump fears a conspiracy of forces are trying to push the country into an economic recession.

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Immigration Crisis: Why Donald Trump Won | National Review

There is a profound gulf between those Americans who think illegal immigration is no big deal and those who think it is a very big deal indeed.