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Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: The Seder: Adopting (from others) and Adapting (for us)

Prof. Sam Lehman-Wilzig: The Seder: Adopting (from others) and Adapting (for us) For any religion to flourish for 3500 years, it has to have developed a strong survival system. Judaism, probably the world’s oldest existing religion, has several: diaspor

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The Best Matzah Lasagna Recipe

Once you’re halfway into Passover, and the leftovers from seder are long gone, do you find yourself craving something that ...

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Israeli police thwart Jerusalem terrorist attack during Passover

The suspect, a cook, planned a stabbing using a knife from his place of work, investigators say.

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Finding Hope and Renewal in the Midst of Terrorism: A Passover Reflection

Finding Hope and Renewal in the Midst of Terrorism: A Passover Reflection As we celebrate Passover this year, we are once again reminded of the resilience of the Jewish people in the face of adversity. For centuries, we have faced persecution, discriminat

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What the 10 Plagues Teach Us About Dealing With Difficult People

Expressing anger not only hurts others but destroys the person who is expressing anger.

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7 Egg-Free Desserts for Passover

Every year in the weeks leading up to Passover, I start to feel a little flutter in my stomach. It ...

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The haters are now demanding Trader Joe's stop selling matzoh made in Israel ~ Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

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How Moses Saved Egyptian Civilization

Wherever your soul has taken you, there must be something of profound value that you uncovered there.

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Pesach: What’s Up With the Mnemonic Detzach Adash Be-achav?

The three words, attributed to Rabbi Judah, we say while spilling wine at the Seder, teach deep insights about the 10 plagues.

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Passover Project in Heart of Tel Aviv Unites Jews of All Backgrounds

Packing food boxes for those in need and an outdoor matzah bakery for the kids

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Chabad.org’s Offline Passover Haggadah for an Online World

Uplifting art, modern translation, and clear typography propel the new hardcover edition into a classic

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Why No Paschal Offering for 39 Years in the Desert? - Jewish History

As strange as it may seem, the Israelites seem to have only observed Passover once during their 40-year sojourn in the desert.

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Elder Of Ziyon - Should the Performance of the Korban Pesach be Illegal in the Jewish State? (Judean Rose)

Every year, Temple Mount activists prepare to perform the Passover offering. Every year, they are arrested.

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Why Do Jews In Exile Celebrate Passover?

Ever since the Exodus, every Jew possesses that innate, unbreakable sense of freedom.

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The White House seder makes a mockery of Passover and Jews

  "Good evening to the thousands of you who are joining us from around the country," Doug Emhoff, the Hollywood

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How to Prepare Your Seder Plate Items Quickly & Easily

Preparing the Seder plate items can seem overwhelming, but it needn’t be.

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4 Simple Charoset Recipes - How to Make Passover Charoset - Smooth, Chunky, and Nut-Free

In the lead up to Seder night, it’s time to start thinking about the Seder plate foods, including how to make charoset (also called haroset)—a mixture of apples, nuts and wine which resembles the mortar and brick made by the Jews when they toiled for Pharaoh. This is used as a type of relish into which the maror (bitter herb) is dipped (and then shaken off) before eating.

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Israel's Military Thwarts Attack Planned For Passover

Among those arrested include a member of the Hamas terror group - Click the link for more details.

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What Is Passover (Pesach)?

The eight-day Jewish holiday of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan, April 15 - 23, 2022.

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If the Haggadah Is Right, We’ve Got Education All Wrong - How the Haggadah turns education on its head

From a child's answers, you might know something about what the child knows. From a child's question, you know who the child is.

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Passover: What Have the Anti-Semites Done to the Jews?

Anti-Semitism bears testimony to the Almighty’s watchful eye which continues to guide us through our providential mission on earth.

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Passover: Who Authored the Passover Haggadah?

The Haggadah evolved over time, starting from the Second Temple period until it reached its present form.

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Ahead of Passover, Homeland Security ups efforts to protect US Jewish institutions

  The United States federal government is ready to help ahead of the Passover holiday as too many Jewish institutions

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Redesigned and Updated, Chabad.org’s Haggadah Brings a Classic Text to Life

Second edition tops Amazon’s charts for both “Haggadahs” and “Jewish holidays” categories

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Why No Chad Gadya? - Why Doesn’t the Chabad Haggadah Include the Post-Seder Songs?

Many have the custom to sing various post-Seder songs at the conclusion of the Passover Seder.

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Overcoming Shortages to Bring Passover to 30,000 Ukraine Refugees in Europe

Mega-seders and home deliveries require many tons of shmurah matzah, wine and other staples

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This Passover, a song of thanks

What do we need more these days than the protection and blessing of God? And what do we need today, more than peace between us, peace with our neighbors and peace with our world?

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A Mitzvah to Eat Matzah Every Day of Passover?

The Torah tells us, “For seven days, you shall eat unleavened bread . . .” Do we take that at face value?

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The Pharaoh Syndrome - Passover

Pharaoh, you see, was actually quite intellectually capable; it was just that he was "Monotheistically Challenged"

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Individual Shepherd's Pies - Gluten Free & Kosher for Passover!

These cute little shepherd's pies get loads of flavor from the onion, carrots, and parsnip. You'd be surprised what a few good root veggies can do!

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Elder Of Ziyon - Exodus: A Curious Case of Cultural Appropriation by Merriam-Webster

Should the Jews be putting up more of a fight against cultural appropriation of Jewish heritage?

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13 Pro Tips for Your Second Passover In Isolation

Keeping those of us still isolated in mind, we’ve prepared a list of tips for making this Passover as positive, meaningful and memorable as possible!

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As Covid Recedes, Passover Ushers in Season of Hope

Amid continued restrictions and rising vaccinations, Chabad-Lubavitch brings Passover to one and all

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6 New Passover Recipes From Chefs Who Celebrate | Bon Appétit

From roast lamb to flourless chocolate cake, these recipes reflect a Passover feast as diverse as the Jewish people themselves.

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Inspiration from Rabbi Sacks for Shabbat HaGadol and Pesach

Inspiration from Rabbi Sacks for Shabbat HaGadol and Pesach Dear Friends, As we approach Pesach we wanted to highlight a number of pieces of content from the teachings of Rabbi Sacks zt”l that you might find inspiring as you prepare for the Seder an

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Pre-Passover Blood Libels In New York Times And New York Post - Jew In The City

The New York Times and New York Post just wrote blatantly antisemitic articles, but they actually strengthen my faith in the Passover story.

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The Largest Seder Ever - Sometimes it takes a three-year-old to alert you.

“Ven der tatte kumt a heim fuhn shul... When Father comes back from shul, he quickly makes kiddush before the children get sleepy, so they can ask the Mah Nishtanah”

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Rivlin: Passover reminds us that the Jewish people are all one family

'This is our story, our anchor, what binds us together – even when we need to be apart.'

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Israel Seen Favorite Passover Music Videos

Israel Seen Favorite Passover Music Videos Happy Passover! A musical greeting from the Israel Philharmonic This Pessach, because each of us is celebrating separately, we prepared a special musical greeting, which we hope you’ll enjoy. On behalf of t

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Traditional Apple-Walnut Charoset recipe | Epicurious.com

This is a standard Ashkenazi (Eastern European) recipe, with a little brown sugar added for depth.

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Beef Brisket Recipe | Tyler Florence | Food Network

For dinner tonight, serve Tyler Florence's Beef Brisket recipe from Food Network with crispy potato latkes.

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Steve Kramer - Passover and the Pandemic

Steve Kramer – Passover and the Pandemic Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers, to paraphrase the Haggadah? This year, because of the pandemic, we must celebrate it alone, apart from our friends or family. But the impact of the pan

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Everything You Need to Celebrate Passover During Coronavirus - Passover

As Jewish people around the world prepare for Passover under the pale of coronavirus, we are faced with a host of new challenges and questions.

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Churches, synagogues to mark Easter, Passover in innovative ways amid coronavirus pandemic | Fox News

As Holy Week began, Christians around the world marked Palm Sunday without palm branches and massive church gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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A Perfectly F.R.E.E. Passover Food Distribution Moves Outdoors in Brooklyn for Inner-City Seniors Especially Vulnerable to Pandemic

Organizers and volunteers for F.R.E.E. moved the annual Passover food distribution from the Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation to an outside location in order to accommodate social distancing during the current coronavirus crisis. A volunteer warns seniors to keep their distance when picking up the food.
Organizers and volunteers for F.R.E.E. moved the annual Passover food distribution from the Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation to an outside location in order to accommodate social distancing during the current coronavirus crisis. A volunteer warns seniors to keep their distance when picking up the food.
Every year, Ellen Mandelbaum helps distribute Passover goods for needy Jewish families in South Brooklyn, N.Y. It’s a practice she started with the first distribution nine years ago.

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9 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Matzah

How well do you know this food, which has been with us since the dawn of our peoplehood? Here are some of our favorite matzah myths.

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UNPACKED - 5 Unique Passover Traditions From Around The World

UNPACKED – 5 Unique Passover Traditions From Around The World Not Your Usual Seder Traditions We’re exploring Pesach (Passover), specifically some of the more unusual traditions of the seder, the ritual feast that’s the centerpiece of the festiv

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How to Cook for Passover with No Specialty Ingredients - Tips & Recipes for Coronavirus Cooking

There’s no question that Passover this year looks very different from usual for most of us.

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Coronavirus Nixed Your Seder Plans? - These FAQs Are for You

with coronavirus curtailing travel plans and social
interactions, many are facing the prospect of celebrating Passover alone. Here's what you need to know.

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Rashida Tlaib Goes For The Two-Bread Loaf Passover Greeting | Israellycool

UK Labour Party: We will tweet an ignorant Passover greeting graphic with a loaf of bread. Rashida Tlaib: Good idea! But I'll go with two loaves of bread.

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On Good Friday, Ponder More Important Things | National Review

Today there is silence, if you want it, and time to think, to pray, to try to understand, and to try as best we can to do that heroic and impossible thing that we are commanded to do: to love our enemies — and maybe come to understand that they are not

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Lone soldiers celebrate Passover in the army | The Jerusalem post

Both lone soldiers will take part in Seders and the traditional customs while on base. The soldiers said their unit has become their family.

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Passover Seder to be held in Warsaw Ghetto for first time in 76 years | The Jerusalem post

Before the Holocaust, approximately one-third of Warsaw was Jewish.

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Pollak: American History, the Passover Way | Breitbart

Imagine if we Americans learned history the Passover way -- not as something that happened in the past, but as an experience we ourselves lived through.

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On Passover, I remember a humble rabbi and his incredible lesson

The essence of Passover, which begins Friday night, isn’t matzah (unleavened bread) or the four cups of wine at the seder meal.

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How to Prepare Your Seder Plate Items Quickly & Easily!

Preparing the Seder plate items can seem overwhelming, but it needn’t be.

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How To Sell Your Chametz Online - Passover

Any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Use this online form to quickly delegate a rabbi to sell your chametz for you.

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14 Passover Facts and Traditions Every Jew Should Know - Passover

Want to come to the Seder educated and enlightened? Here’s a good place to start.

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Why Does Matzah Have Holes? - Passover

Discover the reason behind all the perforations in Kosher for Passover matzah.

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Passover: The Antidote to Artificial Intelligence - Chabad.org

We welcome everyone at the Seder and give each individual personal attention, not mechanical responses…

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If the Haggadah Is Right, We’ve Got Education All Wrong - Crucial lessons to take from the Haggadah for the whole year

From a child's answers, you might know something about what the child knows. From a child's question, you know who the child is.

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Hold the Chametz: 14 Passover Recipes for a Super Seder

Whether your goal is a purely traditional Passover meal of brisket and matzo ball soup, or something a little more creative, we've got all the recipes you need to make this year's seder a delicious one.

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Passover Brisket

Okay. I think we’ve more than established that when it comes to correct methods for cooking and serving Passover food, I am not the authority to consult. You want chocolate sheet cake that us…

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From Pesach to Shavuot | Jlife

You shall count for yourselves— from the day after the Shabbat, from the day when you bring the Omer of the waving—seven Shabbats, they shall be complete. Until the day after the seventh Sabbath you shall count, fifty days… -Leviticus 23:15-16

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'Man, Oh Manischewitz': When The Jewish Wine Was Big With Gentiles, Too : The Salt : NPR

The wine associated with Jewish tradition was once a huge crossover success. At one point, the typical drinker was described as an urban African-American man.

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Horseradish – The Potent, Pungent Root Vegetable

Horseradish is a tough, thick, gnarly looking root believed to be native to southeastern Europe and western Asia. It belongs to the Brassicaceae botanical family, a category that also includes other potent medicinal and culinary plants, such as mustard an

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Savory Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Matzo Kugel

Rich in flavor, but light on the belly. A delicious addition to your Passover feast.

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The Passover Recipe Bible

I have worked hard to make Passover food not just something to bear, but a celebration of the senses.

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8 Charoset Recipes Sure to Spark Chatter at your Passover Seders | Kosher Like Me

A blog about sourcing vegetarian, organic and acceptable eats for those who are Kosher Like Me