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12 Facts Every Jew Should Know About the Western Wall - Chabad

The Temple Mount's sole remaining structure, visited by millions worldwide for prayer and inspiration.

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WATCH: Thousands gather at Western Wall for Priestly Blessing

  Thousands of people flocked to the Western Wall on Tuesday morning for the traditional Priestly Blessing of the Sukkot

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Thousands gather at Western Wall for Hoshana Rabba

Mass prayers held at Western Wall ahead of Simhat Torah. Up to 8,000 worshippers permitted to gather at the Western Wall Plaza.

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This Passover, a song of thanks

What do we need more these days than the protection and blessing of God? And what do we need today, more than peace between us, peace with our neighbors and peace with our world?

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Palestinians Take Issue With J-Lo Praying At Jewish Holy Site | Israellycool

Palestinian propaganda site Pal+ has accused J-Lo of 'performing rituals' - at the Western Wall.

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War Crime!: Placing a Note in the Western Wall

I urge all visitors to join me in a conspiracy to violate the UN Security Council Resolution...Obama, himself, engineered the Resolution. He pushed it through the Security Council despite some reservations by other members, including Egypt, which

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Division at the Western Wall is no path to unity - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Over 60% of American Jews are totally unaffiliated, and have little or no interest in Judaism, Israel, Jerusalem or the Western Wall.

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A Rabbi & The Pope | Jlife