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Rabbis praise White House for working with Italy to get Sukkot citrons amid pandemic

Jewish community leaders have praised the Trump administration for its international efforts to help those observing Sukkot, while anger grows against city and state officials in New York for imposing restrictions on neighborhoods that include Orthodox co

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Flying Rocks, Palm Fronds, And The Soul Of Sukkot

It’s 2019 and here we are, educated people, carrying around palm fronds and a citron while the rest of the world is busy being productive. What’s with the Jews and their stubborn insistence on living in a world of superstitions and anachronisms?

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7 Paradoxes About the Sukkah That Help Us Break Through Illusions

We depend on our touchstones: psychological security, a stable income, protection from crime. Clothing, food, warm shelter

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Jonathan Sacks - The Festival of Insecurity

Jonathan Sacks – The Festival of Insecurity What exactly is a sukkah? What is it supposed to represent? The question is essential to the mitzvah itself. The Torah says: “Live in sukkot for seven days… so your descendants will know that I ha

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Open Sukkah Offers Holiday Home To Weary Travelers, City Dwellers In Israel

'Airbnb for sukkahs' connects hosts from Tasmania to Saskatoon with those who don't have a hut in which to celebrate festival. | NoCamels

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WATCH: Sukkot Priestly Blessings at Jerusalem's Western Wall! | United with Israel

The world's largest pro-Israel community.

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Google Builds Sukkahs at NY Office!

Google joined the Festival of Sukkot this year, creating two sukkahs.

The company used the balcony of its headquarters in New York to build two 21st century booths for the holiday.