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Pesach: What’s Up With the Mnemonic Detzach Adash Be-achav?

The three words, attributed to Rabbi Judah, we say while spilling wine at the Seder, teach deep insights about the 10 plagues.

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Why No Chad Gadya? - Why Doesn’t the Chabad Haggadah Include the Post-Seder Songs?

Many have the custom to sing various post-Seder songs at the conclusion of the Passover Seder.

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6 New Passover Recipes From Chefs Who Celebrate | Bon Appétit

From roast lamb to flourless chocolate cake, these recipes reflect a Passover feast as diverse as the Jewish people themselves.

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9 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Matzah

How well do you know this food, which has been with us since the dawn of our peoplehood? Here are some of our favorite matzah myths.

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Coronavirus Nixed Your Seder Plans? - These FAQs Are for You

with coronavirus curtailing travel plans and social
interactions, many are facing the prospect of celebrating Passover alone. Here's what you need to know.