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CUNY Hires Extremist Antisemitic Professor; Where Is the Outrage?

Would a racist professor be rewarded by being hired at a high profile university? How about someone who is fiercely anti-LGBT? Certainly not in uber-liberal New York City. But when it comes to someone who hates Israel -- the world's only Jewish state -- t


The answer to campus radicalism and antisemitism? Defunding

A CUNY Law School graduation speech drew attention to the brazen Jew-hatred that has gone mainstream in academia on the public’s dime. There must be accountability.

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Jewish groups, allies demand CUNY Law lose funding after student's 'vile' anti-Israel commencement speech

A commencement speech from a student at CUNY's law school is being slammed as antisemitic as pro-Israel groups and allies demand the school be stripped of public funding.

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‘Horrifying, Antisemitic, Campus-Sponsored’ Programs at CUNY; Students Get Academic Credit for Participating

'Students are actually offered official credit, which will appear on their BMCC transcripts, for participating in these anti-Israel events,' a professor told United with Israel.

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CUNY continues its antisemitic campaign to purge Zionism

The disruption of a panel discussion was activists’ latest attempt to suppress free speech.

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Jewish Professors Say University Is Retaliating Against Them for Fighting Anti-Semitism

Two Jewish professors at the City University of New York who have sounded the alarm about anti-Semitism on campus say their employer has launched a retaliatory investigation against them.

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CUNY Anti-Semitism fiasco continues

Where are the Jewish organizations and their leaders? Why do we see fundraising but not boots on the ground? Op-ed.

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Watch: Shocking videos of CUNY antisemitism hearing

The message from the Higher Education Committee's hearing to examine antisemitism at CUNY is that CUNY does not care about its Jews. Op-ed.

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CUNY Law School Honors Student Who Called for ‘One Solution – Intifada’

CUNY School of Law in New York City. Photo: Evulaj90 / Wikimedia Commons. Nerdeen Kiswani has called for “one solution …

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Education Department Launches Investigation Into CUNY Anti-Semitism

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights on Thursday launched an investigation into allegations of "severe and persistent anti-Semitic harassment" against students at Brooklyn College. The Department is set to begin its investigation a year af

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CUNY’s Systemic Jew-Hatred

No university would tolerate a white supremacist student group for the kind of behavior SJP gets away with.

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A campus infected with hostility: A professor says he's been targeted for being a conservative Jew

Each time I walk into my office at Kingsborough Community College, I draw inspiration from a picture of my father, Leon Goldstein, the school’s president for 29 years and the man who built the college’s modern-day campus.

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The Reason Why BDS Groups Oppose Efforts to Curb Anti-Semitism

There's a reason why BDS advocates oppose efforts to curb anti-Semitism on college campuses. Their cause is inextricably linked to Jew hatred.