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What Were We Thinking? The Top 10 Most Dangerous Ads

A look back at 10 colossally painful advertisements.

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Elon Musk Just Told Advertisers, ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ | WIRED

In a rambling interview at the ‘New York Times’ DealBook Summit, Elon Musk suggested advertisers fleeing X were blackmailing him and could kill the platform.

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The Museum of Failure Celebrates Some of the World's Biggest Flops

Now on view in New York City, the traveling exhibition presents failure as a critical learning opportunity

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Benched: Major advertisers sit out Super Bowl

Budweiser and other Super Bowl regulars aren't buying ads this year, but plenty of companies on the rise during the pandemic are taking their place. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

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Tropicana ending #TakeAMimoment campaign following criticism

Tropicana has ended a campaign in which parents are encouraged to take a moment to themselves away from their children and drink a mimosa.

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Social Media Attention: how to honestly attract viewers - Workplace Coach Blog

Social media marketing: real, honest, authentic & of value to your customers

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6 ways to get new clients without paying for marketing and advertising - Business Insider

Jen Glantz became her own PR person to save money, and steadily grew her clientele through social media, personal branding, and networking.

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How Mr. Whipple Made Advertising History | Mental Floss

Dick Wilson, the star of more than 500 Charmin toilet paper commercials, became one of the most recognizable faces in the country.

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Apple’s 'privacy' changes undermine international advertising best practices | VentureBeat

Rather than fragment the ad opt-in process, we should be coming together to build an open, transparent, and privacy-centric future for digital ads.

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LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices from 15 Marketing Experts

We reached out to business owners and marketing leaders for their top LinkedIn advertising best practices. Hoping to get your brand in front of a professional audience? Take in these pieces of expert advice.

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Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting* - Forge

*Gaslighting, if you don’t know the word, is defined as manipulation into doubting your own sanity; as in, Carl made Mary think she was crazy, even though she clearly caught him cheating. He gaslit…

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Why aren’t banner ads as effective any more?

Banner ads definitely have their purpose, but times are changing and so is their effectiveness. It’s vital to know when they work and when they don’t. Also, what should you use to advertise instead of banner ads? Here are some key questions answered as we

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Bill Murray and Jeep's Super Bowl Commercial Steals the Show

Commercial plays on classic 'Groundhog Day' flick in latest ad for Fiat Chrysler Automobile's Gladiator.

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All the Trailers Released During the 2020 Super Bowl So Far

Several trailers have been released ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl, including trailers for “A Quiet Part II,” ” The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run,” “Sonic the Hedgehog,” and “Fast & Furious 9.”

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Planters announces Mr. Peanut dead at 104 after heroic act

On Wednesday, in what was likely a pre-Super Bowl commercial stunt, Planters announced that their 104-year-old "spokesnut" Mr. Peanut will no longer represent the brand following the mascot's sudden passing. 

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Advertising As We Know It Is Dead

Recent reports indicate that brand advertising is in trouble.
Short-term, disposable viewership is an unfortunate byproduct of the digital age. Sustainable brand-building advertising campaigns designed to create and reinforce brand loyalty will be a thin

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8 advertising trends experts predict will die out in 2020 | AdAge

It's a new year, a new decade and a new opportunity for some different trends to thrive.

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YouTube is changing how it counts views for record-breaking music videos - The Verge

YouTube is introducing a major change to its music chart system after discovering that artists and labels were using growth hacks to inflate how many people were watching their videos, and is no longer counting "advertising views" when it comes

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Exploring America’s digital advertising trends

Digital media is ubiquitous in American life, coinciding with and driving significant growth in spending on related advertising. However, with so much scale and so many problems to address, there is also substantial public discussion around regulation and

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Mustard ice cream is now a thing, thanks to a French’s creation for National Mustard Day | The Drum

Mustard brand French’s has created something nobody was asking for just in time for National Mustard Day this Saturday (3 August) – Mustard Ice Cream. The limited-edition ice cream was developed with Coolhaus Ice Cream to bring together two American class

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These Vintage Diet and Food Ads From the 80s and 90s Will Actually Shock You

We rounded up the most shocking food and diet ads from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, so you can see what food trends we’re so glad we put on ice.

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The best and worst ads that celebrated the Apollo 11 Moon landing

The advertisements honoring the Moon landing in 1969 were the Super Bowl ads of their day.

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7 Times Burger King Wickedly Trolled McDonald’s, and How It’s Boosting Sales – Adweek

Grilling the Golden Arches has become a marketing mainstay for BK. We look back at each recent campaign.

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10 Great Movies That Flopped Because of Bad Marketing « Taste of Cinema

Editing is perhaps the most important part of filmmaking – it’s what sets the medium apart from theater or photography. Movie trailers are an attempt to

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The Most Measured Person in Tech Is Running the Most Chaotic Place on the Internet

YouTube’s C.E.O. spends her days contemplating condoms and bestiality, talking advertisers off the ledge and managing a property the size of Netflix.

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How Ogilvy Plays To Win In The Ever-Evolving Advertising Industry

Ogilvy is known for creating innovative and iconic media campaigns, for some of the world’s leading brands. Staying on top of the rapidly evolving ad industry takes constant effort.

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Branding vs Marketing: Innovative Solutions In Today's Digital Marketplace

Branding and marketing are two slices of a pie that gives companies a competitive edge over others in their industry. They differ slightly, but both of these things are needed for companies’ long term survival. Branding deals with an image and message t

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A Bonkers ’70s Car Chase Ends in a 3-Way Flavor Collision to Announce the Newest Coke – Adweek

Wieden Kennedy introduces Orange Vanilla Coke, the brand’s first new flavor in 12 years.

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Hey Brands! Here Are 6 Actions You Can Take Now to Improve Agency Relationships – Adweek

Here are six things you can do as the client to take responsibility for the brand-agency partnership.

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Super Bowl ads: what you need to know leading up to the big game

Advertising and sport's biggest event of the year, the Super Bowl, is coming up (3 February) with a new batch of creative output from familiar and challenger brands. While most companies are still keeping their ads under wraps, we know a growing group of

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Why Gillette's New Ad Campaign Is Toxic

While it focuses on important social issues related to masculinity, Gillette has alienated a large proportion of its target market. This article provides a historical perspective on Gillette's "Best a Man Can Get" campaign and explains what has gone wrong

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8 Old School Marketing Tactics That Work for Social Media

Okay, so it’s hard to imagine Don Draper meeting with Bethlehem Steel execs in Sterling Cooper’s top floor Madison Avenue […]

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Dewar's Plans For A Blended Scotch Resurgence With 'Live True' Campaign

One whisky company, however, is convinced that blended scotch whisky is on the verge of a resurgence. Global brand Dewar’s is preparing to back that conviction with 'Live True', a multi-country, global media campaign designed to double its U.S. sales of

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Why You Should Be Wary of Prescription Drug Ads on TV | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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The state of advertising on Instagram Stories in five charts - Digiday

Spending is shifting to Instagram, with brands like Smirnoff, Nike and Stella Artois starting to spend more money on the vertical video format.

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Copywriter Who Scored a Job at McCann by Posing as Fearless Girl Talks Breaking Into Advertising – Adweek

Jade Delaney ‘has taken it all in her stride,’ said McCann Bristol managing director Andy Reid.

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Everyone Is Trolling IHOP For Going From Pancakes To Burgers, And No One Is As Savage As Wendy’s

The International House Of Pancakes (IHOP) has just rebranded itself into IHOb and everyone noticed. We're flippin' from pancakes, pancakes, pancakes to burgers, burgers, burgers, the company wrote, following-up on the big announcement. While the customer

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Why Are So Many Super Bowl Advertisers Playing the Nostalgia Card? – Adweek

There’s money in missing the past—even if the past really wasn’t so good.

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Here are some of the best Super Bowl commercials you'll see this weekend

Paying more than $5 million for a 30-second ad spot may sound insane but during the Super Bowl, most advertisers consider it money well spent. Last year, more than 111 million viewers tuned in to watch the annual NFL championship…

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The Best Leaked Super Bowl 2018 Ads

Cardi B subs for Alexa, Keanu Reeves stands atop a moving motorcycle, Tiffany Haddish touts Groupon and more spots released before Super Bowl 52

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8 Old-School Branding Techniques That Will Still Work for You Today

The 'Mad Men' days are long over, but what survives are such Don Draper trademarks as business cards, snail mail and testimonials.,

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Best Practices for Advertising on Instagram – Adweek

Make the most of the unique opportunity presented by the visual social network

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39 Movies, TV Shows, Albums, And Podcasts You Might Have Missed In 201

Take a break from reading Best of the Year lists to discover some of the stuff that fell between the cracks.

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The advertising industry has been living a lie

COMMENTARY: Brands have deluded themselves into believing the dream of 'the long tail.' Yet the idea of blasting ads on thousands of sites makes little sense.

Architecture & Interior Design | Mid-Century!

17 vintage back to school ads you would never see today

Back in the day, you couldn't go to campus without bowties, bell-bottoms, sugar and jazz.

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How Much Do Companies Pay to Get Their Logos on Those Blue Highway Exit Signs? | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

Consulting companies are among the 10 largest agencies, WPP will spend $200 million with Snap this year, and Microsoft hired a former FTC commissioner.

Business & Finance | Advertising/Marketing

The world's biggest ad company plans to spend $200 million on Snapchat this year

The CEO of the world's largest advertising group, WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell, said his firm plans to spend $200 million on Snapchat in 2017.

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How Gatorade and Snapchat Are Leveraging the Power of Mobile to Inspire Athletes | Inc.com

Today's athletes are always on the go. To reach them with your ads a strong mobile strategy is a must.

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The Season 3 premiere of Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty" referenced an old McDonald's ad for Szechuan Sauce, promoted in conjunction with Disney's "Mulan." We fell down a rabbit hole.

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How on Earth Does an Ad Like Pepsi's Get Approved?

The backlash-provoking spot likely came out of a months-long, multimillion-dollar process that offered producers plenty of opportunities to spike it.

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50 Years Later, Heinz Approves Don Draper’s ‘Pass the Heinz’ Ads and Is Actually Running Them – Adweek

Joint effort between David Miami and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce

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How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News

Many companies don’t know that their ads are appearing next to abhorrent content. Tell them.

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Flipboard Will Soon Begin Selling Programmatic Mobile Ads

Flipboard is turning a new page and will begin selling programmatic display and native ads. The mobile app known for offering users a sampling of stories from around the web will offer ads through a private marketplace enabled by Rubicon Project beginning

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The big flip: How Snapchat reoriented video advertising

Embracing vertical video poses technical challenges for brands wanting to repurpose their video content, as well as requires a different artistic eye.

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What I Learned From 10 Years of Doing PR for Apple

Five communications lessons from the biggest corporate turnaround.

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Marketing Technology is Changing the World. And Marketers Are Getting Left Behind.

In an early episode of Mad Men, Don Draper spars with a researcher about the value of the customer insights she’d collected. Don argued that creatives need to show the future, not the past, and that data couldn’t show a brand where to go.

Marketing has evolved a lot over the last 50 years. Now, data commonly informs copy, and marketers often test and improve creative concepts before launching broadly.

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The agency game: Six tips for choosing an agency

Answer the following six questions and you’ll have a great chance of choosing an agency that will be your company's perfect creative collaboration partner.

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Facebook's new advertising play: Selling ads for non-users - LA Times

To advertisers, Facebook Inc. 's biggest treasure trove is what it knows about you.

Cars & Motorcycles | Cars

Guy makes a slick commercial to sell his used Nissan Altima

Canadian filmmaker Rob Comeau made a slick, professional car commercial to sell his used car, after trying to sell it on Craigslist and Kijiji for a year.

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10 Dangerous Toys from Decades Past (and the Commercials That Sold Them) | Mental Floss

Baby Boomers are a hardy bunch. They rode in cars that weren’t equipped with special toddler seats, walked to and from school without being electronically tethered to their parents, ate lunches filled with allergens and preservatives, played with toys that would be quickly pulled from shelves today, and still persevered to become the largest living generation of the U.S. population.

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The 5 Worst Marketing Fails of 2015

From sickeningly sexist ads to a QR code that accidentally directs to a porn site, here are the gnarliest marketing sins of the year.

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After Years Away, Some People Struggle in Their Return to Agency Jobs | Adweek

Sue Vering was an associate creative director at DDB Chicago when she left in 1998, ultimately taking seven years off from the ad business to raise her daughter, get involved in community activities and write freelance features for the Chicago Tribune.

Business & Finance | Business

The $21.8-Billion Reason Ultra-Personal Online Ads Are Coming

Globally, $21.8 billion worth of ads wont make it to eyeballs this year because of ad blocking. A possible savior: hypertargeted ads.

Business & Finance | Marketing

Internet advertising does work — here are 9 of the most effective campaigns of this year to prove it

Ask anyone if they've intentionally clicked on an ad on the internet, and the answer you'll get is probably "no."

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11 More Hidden Messages in Company Logos | Mental Floss

As we've mentioned before, some logos like to sneak in some hidden symbols and meanings. Some might have been staring at you right in the face without you noticing.

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This Site Is Running Facebook Ads About Creepy Facebook Ads | TIME

Ello is running Facebook ads that target you based on your browsing history and other metrics that Facebook tracks.

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The original Mad Men were just as dapper, but not as drunk

The real Mad Men of the '50s dressed just as dapper, and drank just as much as the show suggested. But no more than everyone else...

Entertainment | Mad Men

Did Don Draper Create The ‘Buy The World A Coke’ Commercial?

The "Mad Men" timeline kind of works out for Don Draper to have created the famous "Hilltop" commercial for Coca-Cola.

Entertainment | Mad Men

Famous ads created by women of the 'Mad Men' era - Business Insider

While men certainly made up most of the advertisers on Madison Avenue in the 1960s, some of the most famous campaigns from the "Mad Men" era of advertising were actually created by female copywriters.

Entertainment | Mad Men

Real ad men's predictions for the Mad Men finale - AdNews

After seven seasons Mad Men is coming to an end. We've seen the Sterling Cooper Draper gang go through pitches, wins, losses, scandals, takeovers and the arrival of the “supercomputer”. But what do re...

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5 Things In Mad Men That Became Important - Business Insider

The advertising industry was never the same. Some people don't realize the show depicts landmark developments in the advertising industry with equal precision. We spoke with real-life 1960s "Mad Man" Mel Abert, former art director at renowned ad agency Chiat/Day. Abert let us in on the developments in the show that ended up being huge for the industry.

Entertainment | Mad Men

The Stories Behind 5 Unforgettable Ad Campaigns on Mad Men

Josh Weltman's name may not ring any bells, but chances are you've seen his work. As Mad Men showrunner and creator Matthew Weiner's righthand ad man, Weltman was tasked with helping the show's writers develop the ads and plot lines that enrich the AMC drama...

Entertainment | ENTERTAINMENT

George Lois, real-life Don Draper: Vice profiles the legendary 60s ad man and art director (VIDEO).

Forget D.B. Cooper—for a real-life equivalent of Mad Men’s Don Draper, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more fitting than legendary art director George Lois. In the ’60s, Lois oversaw dozens of landmark ad campaigns and magazine covers, and t

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7 Hotels That Don't Look A Thing Like Their Ads

Throughout our hours and hours of travel and hotel investigating at Oyster.com, we've come across quite a few photo fakeouts: Situations where the hotel website showed the property as one way, and we found it to be a totally different way when we a...

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Pinterest bans affiliate links, moves towards 'buy' button | Articles | Home

The visual social media platform—along with Facebook and Twitter—are introducing changes that will affect brands and how they engage online.

Miscellaneous | Mid Century

Grab A Glass Because It's The Best Whiskey Ads Of The 1960s!

James Bond + Jim Beam = Winner! Forget everything you knew about the 1960s. Forget Mad Men, forget Apollo 11, forget The Beatles, forget JFK, forget Cuba, don't forget Vietnam...but forget about the rest. In the '60s, all you had to care about was a nice bottle of bourbon and the quickest method of getting it into your mouth.

History | Chicago History

See Chicago's Past Through These Classic Magazine Ads From 1959

What can a magazine ad tell you about Chicago in 1959? Let's take a ride on the Chicagoist Wayback Machine to a time when phone numbers were as long as hashtags.

History | Chicago History

Ghost signs in Chicago: advertisements from the past

Chicago photographer Debbie Mercer captures faded ghost signs hiding in plain sight on Chicago buildings.

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75% Of Ikea’s Catalog Is Computer Generated Imagery!!!

You could have fooled us. Wait, actually, you did. The best special effects are often the ones you never notice--which may make Ikea the most skillful special effects studio in the world. The Swedish furniture company has been aggressively ramping up its use of computer generated imagery in their catalogs. Ikea's first CG photo was a Bertil pinewood chair in 2006. By 2012, the Wall Street Journal reported that 25% of their products were CG. Today, that figure has ballooned to 75%.

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How Kevin Systrom Controls Every Ad on Instagram

ASPEN — Photo-sharing network Instagram still hasn't fully rolled out its strategy for selling ads on the service. But CEO and cofounder Kevin Systrom has revealed that he has an unusual and unprecedented amount of control over photo ads before they go up on the service.

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About Last Night’s ‘Mad Men’: Here’s A Real Burger Chef Commercial From 1970

Here's what a real Burger Chef commercial looked like circa 1970. Someone is eating fries while riding a horse. It's weird.