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ChatGPT prompts: How to optimize for sales, marketing, writing and more

To help folks both new to ChatGPT and looking to learn new tips, we've compiled a list of the best ChatGPT prompts for any type of workflow.

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A Marketing Strategist Shares Her Top Instagram Tips To Maximize Sales For 2022

Instagram turned 12 this year – and the social media platform has grown significantly from when it began as a simple photo-sharing app. Today, it’s the seventh most visited website in the world with 2.9 billion total visits per month, and a robust marketi

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6 ways to get new clients without paying for marketing and advertising - Business Insider

Jen Glantz became her own PR person to save money, and steadily grew her clientele through social media, personal branding, and networking.

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Sales Tactics to Survive the Extended Effects of the Pandemic

The default setting for growth for most ambitious companies is to try to win new logos. Find new customers, sign new deals, and build the company on the back of this steady stream of new business.

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How to Make your Podcast a Successful Lead Generator | Inc.

As the podcast space becomes more congested, a well-positioned content strategy is integral for success. Use these tips to craft your podcast as a lucrative lead-generation tool.

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5 Technology Tools to Help Your Sales Process | Inc.

Salespeople and teams should learn how to increase sales and revenue by using technology to augment their efforts.

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How Sales Teams Can Use Marketing Content to Close More Deals

Content that doesn't get used is content that gets wasted. Garrett Moon explains how to help sales teams use content and marketing assets effectively.

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4 Proven Sales Techniques for Introverts

Hate making the hard sell to strangers? Learn these techniques to make sales without going too far outside your comfort zone.

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The Moment I Realized I Was Working For An Idiot

All of a sudden, one day in the department's staff meeting, Jack realized he was working for a boss who didn't even slightly deserve his talents. Has it ever happened to you?

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Use These Tips to Crack LinkedIn’s Algorithm and Generate More Leads

When it comes building a sales funnel, there has never been a better platform than LinkedIn. I’ve personally used LinkedIn as a primary lead source to grow my business and gain more than 47,0…

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Check Out Thursday's Best Amazon Deals

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, September 7.

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Want to Take Full Advantage of Social Media? Stop Thinking of it as One Big Sales Pitch | Inc.com

In order to truly flourish on social media, you should begin thinking of it more like a conference and less like a cold call.

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6 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence Customers

This is a guest post by Beth Morgan from Marketing Nerdist. Whenever anyone asks me what marketing books I recommend that will help them sell more, the very fir

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How To Sell On Instagram - business.com

Emerging Instagram trends and tools for every business owner. Learn to master the skills of social selling.

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3 Creative Ways to Generate Leads With Instagram

Have you ever thought of how to generate leads with Instagram rather than just using it for brand building? These 3 creative tactics will get you started.

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Here are a few of Amazon's Cyber Monday deals to get you through this Black Friday craziness

Amazon's Cyber Monday deals has officially saved us from having to put our lives on the line during Black Friday's madness.

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50 Stores With the Best and Worst Return Policies | MONEY

When buying holiday gifts, consider the return policies. Some stories, like Nordstroms, L.L. Bean, Zappos, and REI, have excellent policies.

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Not Good at Sales? Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Get More More Clients.

Don't worry: You're not going to end up being like Leonardo DiCaprio's character in 'Wolf of Wall Street.'

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The Week's Best Amazon Deals Are Still Available

As a recurring feature, we share some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. These items were the ones that were the most popular with our readers this week, and they’re still available.

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The Art of Persuasion: How to Craft Words That Sell : Social Media Examiner

Social Media Marketing Podcast 192. In this episode Ray Edwards will explore how to craft written and spoken words that sell.

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Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Says This Is the Best Way to Sell Yourself

Channel your inner Don Draper.
So many people think ‘sales’ is a dirty word. It shocks me really. There are so many negative associations with sales and even a sales person that tend to make people think to themselves, “I could never do that,” or “that’s just not me”.

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How to Elevate Your Customer Experience for the New Year | Inc.com

Investing in your customers is one of the best business decisions you can make.

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The five best deals from Dell's leaked Black Friday sale - CNET

Black Friday is over a month away, but the deluge of deals and limited-time offers has begun. Scanned images of what's purported to be Dell's upcoming Black Friday promotion have emerged, and -- if the leak is accurate -- there are quite a few deals to be had.

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How Facebook Is Making It Easier to Generate Sales Leads Among Mobile Phone Users | Adweek

Filling out forms is a cringe-worthy chore for most people. And that's why lead-generation marketing—the art and science of getting consumers to take five or 10 minutes to write up or type out personal information—has always been a tough gig.

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Amazon says 20th birthday celebration will be bigger than Black Friday | The Verge

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Amazon is introducing Prime Day, a "global shopping event" that the retail giant says will offer more deals than Black Friday. The deals will become available at...

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Apple Q1 Earnings: iPhone revenue shown in staggering visualization

Apple pulled in $74.6 billion in the fourth calendar quarter of 2014. Let that sink in for a moment: seventy-four point six billion dollars. That figure is absolutely staggering; it's more revenue than Google took in all year in 2014.

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Samsung vs. iPhone 6: Apple record sales threaten Samsung’s lead

Even though it’s still selling a massive number of smartphones each quarter, Samsung’s sales and revenues have been suffering lately as the company faces increased competition in emerging markets.

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The Post-Holiday Sales You Need to Know About | InStyle

Some of the best sales of the year pop up right after the holidays so we rounded up all the one that are worth your while.

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Apple iPhone 6 pre-orders hit record 4 million on first day - Yahoo Finance

From Yahoo Finance: Apple Inc said many customers will need to wait until next month for their new iPhones after a record 4 million first-day pre-orders were logged, double the number for the iPhone 5 two years ago. The company ...