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How To Make LinkedIn The Hub Of Your Social Media Strategy

When you go about building your brand in the virtual world, be efficient. When you make LinkedIn the center of your social media strategy, you can increase your visibility and have greater impact on your target audience with minimal effort.

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Ten Things Recruiters Look For In Your LinkedIn Profile

What are recruiters looking for when they visit my LinkedIn profile? Here are ten important things!

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This Is the Best Time to Post on LinkedIn (the Answer Will Surprise You)

With 500 million members in 200 countries, determining the best time to post on LinkedIn can be tricky. Here's what to do.

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LinkedIn Just Gave Away a Big Secret

For the first time ever, LinkedIn is sharing some incredibly valuable data about what makes its members sit up and take notice.

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The Founder of LinkedIn Says Too Many of Us Are Using the Site All Wrong

While it could seem natural to decline a Facebook friend request from a stranger, the dynamic on LinkedIn is much different.

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Now We Know Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn

Six months after Microsoft announced plans to pay more than $26 billion for LinkedIn, we now know even more about why the career-focused social networking site was so valuable. Today, Microsoft…

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LinkedIn now lets you choose when comments appear in long-form articles | VentureBeat | Social | by Ken Yeung

LinkedIn is rolling out additional features designed to maintaining the collaborative and professional spirit of the professional social network. On Wednesday, it began rolling out the ability for users to manage comments on their long-form articles. So d

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LinkedIn Just Stole an Idea From Facebook - And it's Tremendous

LinkedIn recently released new tool that makes it far easier to hyper-focus and customize your marketing approach on the platform.

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What I Learned From 10 Years of Doing PR for Apple

Five communications lessons from the biggest corporate turnaround.

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A LinkedIn Employee Reveals How to Dominate the Network | Inc.com

Get the scoop on how LinkedIn uses content marketing to build its brand online--and apply it to your own efforts on the platform.

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One Unspoken Reason Behind the Microsoft-LinkedIn Deal - The New York Times

LinkedIn’s struggling stock price, and its reliance on stock-based compensation may be a factor in its sale to Microsoft.

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7 Things You Must Do To Maximize The Value Of Your LinkedIn Profile - Forbes

You’ve done all the hard work to create a stellar LinkedIn profile. Now, complete these 7 actions to maximize the value of your efforts.

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Getting Your Business Started On Social Media.

Not having your business on social media is probably one of the not so smart a move you can make. The world currently revolves around the digital communication axis, if I should call it that. And the medium is social media platforms. The biggest percentag

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The LinkedIn Hack: How I Turned A Penny Into $120,000

Learn how I used LinkedIn's ad platform to raise $120,000 for our startup, which eventually turned into millions of dollars.

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The Dos and Don'ts of LinkedIn Marketing

A few years ago, LinkedIn was a teeny tiny networking site for professionals. How times have changed! The professional network now has more than 380 million users from around the world. Professionals…

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LinkedIn pays big after class action lawsuit over user emails

The company known for using reminder emails to get you to use its professional networking service will now have to pay a hefty sum for taking the tactic a bit too far.

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The 6 Worst Things You Can Call Yourself On LinkedIn

It's hard to find words that say how wonderful we are. Perhaps we shouldn't try so hard.

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10 Best LinkedIn Influencers To Follow For Job Search and Interview Advice

Getting a job isn't easy in these tough times. The right advice can make it easy, such as how to answer a tough interview question. Let LinkedIn's experts help you out.

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5 Tools LinkedIn is Giving Away for Free

LinkedIn's recently added some phenomenal tools to it's Publisher platform. Check out the tools they're just giving to you, for free...

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How Freelancers Should Create LinkedIn Profiles

SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Joshua Waldman As a professional LinkedIn profile writer, our company often gets clients who have been consultants or freelancers for some length of time. Often, they don’t know how to best represent their f...

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Rethink Your LinkedIn Strategy: 6 Benefits Of Treating It More Like Twitter

When you limit your LinkedIn network to only connections you personally know, you limit your overall networking potential.

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'LinkedIn falls flat on consumer engagement’ | News | Marketing Week

Marketers should be using the social network for brand awareness rather than engagement, says report.

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When's the Best Day and Time to Post on Social Media?

It's the age-old content marketing question: when's the best day and time to post on social media? Here's the scoop on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and