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How TikTok’s algorithm made it a success: ‘It pushes the boundaries’

The company’s secret sauce is what populates its For You Page, which predicts the videos that will pique a viewer’s interest

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Frances Haugen says Facebook's algorithms are dangerous. Here’s why. | MIT Technology Review

The Facebook whistleblower's testimony at the Senate hearing raised serious questions about how its algorithms work—and what its users get to see.

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Facebook denies its algorithms are a problem, but launches a tool to more easily view a non-algorithmic News Feed

Following years of backlash over its algorithms and their ability to push people to more extreme content, which Facebook continues to deny, the company today announced it would give its users new tools to more easily switch over to non-algorithmic views o

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Exclusive: LinkedIn goes niche - Axios

Users may have noticed that their notifications or engagements on LinkedIn have increased.

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Tinder explains how its algorithm works - The Verge

Tinder published a blog post today about how its algorithm works and how it’s depreciated its former Elo scores, which ranked people based off attractiveness.

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The New Facebook Algorithm 2018: Everything Marketers Need to Know

An inside look into the brand new Facebook Algorithm for 2018 with information directly from an exclusive News Feed webinar for publishers. Here's what brands and marketers need to know.

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Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook to Become 'More Meaningful' | Fortune

Facebook is changing the way it filters posts and videos on its centerpiece News Feed, amid a series of planned changes.

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Dear Instagram, We Hate The Stupid Algorithm -- Sincerely, Every User | HuffPost

It’s dumb, it’s wrong, it’s counterproductive, it’s rude, it’s frustrating, it’s confusing, it’s downright evil. All these things and a lot more can be s...

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How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News

Many companies don’t know that their ads are appearing next to abhorrent content. Tell them.

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The Biggest UX Challenges Of 2017

UX is no longer just about user experience. It's about social justice.