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Inside Facebook's Two Years of Hell

How a confused, defensive social media giant steered itself into a disaster, and how Mark Zuckerberg is trying to fix it all.

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Twitter’s 280 character limit increased engagement without increasing the average tweet length – BGR

After some initial testing, Twitter late last year officially upped the character limit on tweets from 140 characters to 280. In one fell swoop, Twitter changed the most defining feature of the service: brevity.

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Facebook is making a major change to the News Feed that will show you more content from friends and family and less from

Facebook said Thursday that it will start to show users more posts from their friends and family in the News Feed, a move that means people will see fewer posts from publishers and brands.

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How to Write Posts That Actually Get Read and Shared

I had a call the other day with an entrepreneur who told me that his blog articles are like an echo chamber; it feels like he is talking to himself. He's investing a ton of time and effort into creating posts, but they are not getting any engagement. I

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When Instagram Influencing Isn't So Glamorous | WIRED

Instagram fame can be enviable—but it comes at a cost. Excerpted from Brooke Erin Duffy's (Not) Getting Paid to Do What You Love.

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Ditch the Comments Section For Social Media? - The Gate

Should media companies — perhaps even weblogs — ditch the Comments section for social media; or should they keep the Comments section and...

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Facebook expands AI-based suicide prevention tools

Facebook's suicide prevention AI has advanced to the point where it can proactively intervene when it detects that someone may be at risk of suicide.

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How to make millions on Instagram

Over the past decade, there has been a dramatic shift in the way companies execute marketing campaigns. Today, marketers are using social media platforms and influencers to spread awareness of their products and services. Instagram is one of the most popu

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An Updated List of Facebook's Algorithm Changes

If you do Facebook marketing, one thing that you might want to understand is the Facebook algorithm.

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Tai Lopez Reveals the Secrets He Used to Make Millions From Social Media

It's easier than you think to transform your social media profile into a lucrative business.

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How To Get More Real Instagram Followers: The Definitive Guide

Struggling to get any followers on Instagram? We hear you! This definitive guide will show you how to grow your Instagram following faster...

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7 Ways Facebook Keeps You Addicted

The intersection of 2 obsessive technologies sees us checking our social apps on mobiles many times a day. Here is how Facebook creates addiction.

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Anxiety Makes It Harder to Listen to Your Intuition

New research shows that people who are feeling anxious have a harder time making decisions than people who are feeling optimistic.

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Twitter is doubling the length of tweets to 280 characters for some people

The famous Twitter character limit is being expanded from 140 characters to 280 characters.

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Your Social Media Strategy Isn't Complete Without These 21 Tactics

You’re ready to take social media to the next level. But if you aren’t building the traction you hoped for, there’s usually a reason. Just like any industry, there are a set of crucially important tactics every successful social media strategy needs

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The Best Way to Manage Your Social Anxiety Is to Accept It

Some studies are suggesting that a better way to deal with it is by exposing yourself to anxiety-inducing situations.

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10 Social Media Mistakes We've Made (And How to Avoid Them)

We've committed many social media mistakes that have cost us reach, engagement, fans, and customers! Here's what we've learned and how you can avoid them.

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Social Interaction Is Critical for Mental and Physical Health

Having friends is a critically important contributor to good health and longevity.

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Here's How to Change Your Name on Facebook | Mental Floss

Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on MentalFloss.com.

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Whoops: Facebook Accidentally Exposed Its Employees to Suspected Terrorists | Vanity Fair

One moderator fled his home after learning that terrorists he’d banned had found his personal Facebook profile.

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7 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers into Customers for Life #InstagramforBusiness

Use these seven ways to reach out to prospects and make them want to buy from you, over and over again.

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Influencer Marketing: A Key Building Block Of A Successful Content Marketing Engine

By activating influencers as part of a media buy, marketers can reach consumers through trusted voices and help drive business value.

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Instagram Analytics: Which Metrics Really Matter?

These key figures can help you measure your reach and make smart moves that engage audiences to interact with your brand.

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You can now add a location to your Reddit post

Thanks to a new partnership with Foursquare—yes, the check-in app you may have used in the late 2000s—Reddit posts, published via the mobile app, can include a geotag that's particular to a specific venue or as broad as a country.

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Revealed: Facebook's internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence | News | The Guardian

Leaked policies guiding moderators on what content to allow are likely to fuel debate about social media giant’s ethics

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9 easy ways to explain what you actually do as a social media professional

Quick quiz for social media marketers: Raise your hand if you’ve ever been asked, “So, you get paid to go on Facebook?” “We're hunting for awesome startups” Run an early-stage company? We're inviting 250 to exhibit at TNW Conference and pitch on

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A Daily Social Media Checklist That Will Double Engagement

Looking to increase your social media engagement? You need a plan! Here's your daily social media checklist with exact steps you need to take.

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The Social Media Analytics Showdown: What You Can Track and How

Analysis is the key to getting the results you had in mind when you created all that compelling content.

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Instagram Algorithm: The 7 Key Factors that Influence Your Organic Reach

In this post, we'll go through the seven key factors of the Instagram algorithm that influence your reach and share 10 ways to boost your reach today.

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How to Become An Influencer By Accident (With Smart Automation)

You don’t need a business to become an influencer; in fact, you don’t even have to know why you are doing it. Once you have an audience, opportunities come.

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7 Things You Must Do to Grow a Fanatical Following Online

Even with technology at their fingertips, your audience members want to hear real stories and connect in meaningful ways. Give them that, and they'll become loyal followers.

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5 Reasons Micro-Influencers Shouldn't Be Ignored

Get better engagement and a more targeted audience while spending less on your marketing budget.

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Facebook is turning into a confusing social nightmare

Facebook has drowned users in new features and tests. It's a confusing mess and the cracks are starting to show.

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Facebook’s new features like Messenger Day are distracting and obtrusive - Recode

Facebook is breaking the user experience to promote a feature it cares about more than its users.

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User Demographics of the Top 7 Social Networks | Marketing Infographic

Social media audience demographics can vary widely by social platform. Check out this highly useful infographic to see which user groups spend time on which social networks and do what there.

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Follow These Simple Steps To A Massive Social Following

Social media engagement doesn't have to be a black box of mystery. With the right strategies and effort, anyone can create a massive social following.

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Virtual Reality’s Potential for Magic Gets Real

The Void, a Utah-based start-up, bets that by making V.R. both social and spontaneous, it can draw throngs and make a mint. Some big names are taking notice.

Entertainment | The Hometown

14 must-follow Instagram accounts for LA lovers

Follow these accounts if you love shots of the Los Angeles skyline, glowing sunsets, stunning architecture, and inspiring design.

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How To Do Twitter Marketing in 10 Minutes a Day

If you’re low on time, here’s a plan for getting all your tweeting done in 10 minutes a day.

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10% of digital news consumers say 'Facebook' is a news outlet

At least only 10 percent of readers think it came from Facebook?

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Screw "Personal Branding": My Top Three Social Media Resolutions For 2017

One writer says the received wisdom on how professionals should act on social media is failing to make the world a better place.

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7 Apps You Need as a Social Media Consultant

To be efficient as a social media consultant, you need the right applications that encompass every aspect of your social media activity and business

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How Facebook’s Fact-Checking Partnership Will Work

A team of about six people will draw on the resources of ABC News to get to the bottom of questionable articles, said James Goldston, the president of ABC News.

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3 Creative Ways to Generate Leads With Instagram

Have you ever thought of how to generate leads with Instagram rather than just using it for brand building? These 3 creative tactics will get you started.

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How to Engage on Social Media Like a Team of 30

ReQueue is a tool launched by CoSchedule that allows you to amplify and automate your social media marketing.

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Facebook (FB) approved an ad violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in 15 minutes, a ProPublica investigation found —

The world's largest social network is being accused of pandering to racist advertising. An investigation into Facebook's advertising branch by the New York-based non-profit news organization ProPublica found that advertisers can not only filter target

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Social media advertising and brand posts: four lessons to live by

Social media users are turning their back on brands, with some saying that they 'actively ignore' brand posts or ads. Turn heads with these top tips

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Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Verizon are all eyeing up a Twitter bid | TechCrunch

Twitter continues to inch its way to a sale process, and the latest developments come in the form of alleged bids from potential buyers. Today CNBC is..

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9 Companies Helping Your Social Media Presence Grow Online

If you want to grow your social media presence online you’ll need to do more than just create a Facebook account and update it once a week. Social media has rap

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Babies Watching People Eat

Even 1-year-olds know that our food choices depend on our social or cultural group.

Science & Technology | Social Media

25 tips for becoming an online influencer

Influencer marketing has become a powerful strategy for brands who want to reach their audience in a non-pushy, non-promotional way. Instead of pushing their own message, they can leverage online influencers to get their message out in a more palatable way.

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Social Media Gets More Love, But Facebook and Twitter Don't Get More Likes - NBC News

Americans are spending more and more time on social media, but are increasingly dissatisfied with the experience, a new survey shows.

Science & Technology | Social Media

5 old school social media tactics that are no longer effective

A look back at social media marketing tactics that may have worked in 2012 or 2013, but aren’t quite so effective nowadays.

Business & Finance | Business

How departments that aren’t marketing can use social media

Not in marketing? No problem. Social media belongs to everyone: From CEOs to employees. Here are eight departments and how they run social media accounts.

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9 Ways to Communicate with More than Just Millennials on Social Media - The Next Scoop

It isn’t clear why the millennials are the focus of most advertising and marketing campaigns. Maybe it’s because marketers have bought into their own stories about ‘youth is beautiful’ line hook line and sinker and have now become blinkered to oth

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Twitter will livestream the Democratic and Republican National Conventions thanks to a new deal with CBS - Recode

Details on how it will work — and whether Twitter gets paid — are still being ironed out.

Advice & Self-Help | Couples and Relationship Support

The Challenges of Male Friendships

Consciously or otherwise, many men believe that talking about personal matters with other men is not manly.

Science & Technology | Social Media

Twitter launches a dedicated app for managing business accounts | VentureBeat | Social | by Ken Yeung

Twitter has launched an app aimed at helping businesses manage communication and engagement with their followers. Called Twitter Dashboard, it’s available in beta for those in the U.S. on both iOS and as a desktop app. One could think of it as either a

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Is Your Company's Social Media Expert Really an Expert? Here's How to Know | Inc.com

You hired a social media expert for your business. But how do you know you hired the right one?

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Snapchat says it has basically replaced TV for millennials

Twice as many millennials watched the first GOP debate on Snapchat as did on regular TV.

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22 Hidden Features to Help You Get More Out of Twitter | Inc.com

Twitter is woven into the fabric of business. Here's how to make it even more valuable.

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How I Finally Found Friends That Get My Spiritual Side

I had just started my journey into spirituality when I was at dinner, and I heard a woman talking about Doreen Virtue's angel cards. I immediately got up to introduce myself, and she was beyond excited to talk to me. We’re still friends today.

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Spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram could be making you depressed, study finds

A U.S. study recently found a strong and significant association between social media use and depression.

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Here's A Toolkit for Creating a Loyal Instagram Following

These brands were built on Instagram. They share their strategies for creating a loyal following and driving sales on the platform.

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Facebook might finally kill clickbait with new algorithm tweaks

In June of last year, Facebook announced that it would start showing more content that mattered to you by factoring in the time you spent viewing a post --

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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles : Social Media Examiner

Does your business have profiles on multiple social networks? Discover how to monitor and manage multiple social media profiles from a customized dashboard.

Business & Finance | Business

6 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Be Using

There is currently a plethora of social media platforms currently out these, it’s mind-blowing! From networking, to hooking a spouse, writing blogs to comparing businesses, the list is exhausti…

Advice & Self-Help | Couples and Relationship Support

Friendship Advice: When Your Best Friend Brings a Crowd

Some people prefer one-on-one time with a friend. They are ‘focusers’ and gravitate toward intimacy. ‘Diffusers’ like to socialize in a group and don’t feel the need for as much time alone.

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How to See Who Unfollowed You - Tracking Friends on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

How to find out when you've lost a follower on social media, and who it was.

Humor | Humor

Things No Self-Respecting Adult Should Be Doing on Facebook

Welcome to the Internet in the 21st century: where teenagers pretend to be 30-year-olds, and 30-year-olds act like teenagers.

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Don't panic, Instagram's app icon isn't changing

Don't worry, that colorless Instagram app icon isn't coming to your phone.

Science & Technology | WordPress

5 WordPress Plugins To Increase Social Sharing

These five social sharing WordPress plugins will help increase social shares and make your content go viral.

Psychology | Parenting and Kids

Teaching #Kids How To Set & #Protect Their #Boundaries (And Keep #ToxicPeople Out)

Teaching kids how to set boundaries is an important life skill. Here's how to to protect your kids from the people who might shrink them.

Travel | Travel

A data genius computes the ultimate American road trip - The Washington Post

Who needs an atlas when you have an algorithm? Data tinkerer Randy Olson, who previously developed the optimal search path for finding the bespectacled main character of the "Where’s Waldo?" books, has used this same algorithm to compute the ultimate American road trip.