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How to master the art of conversation, according to psychology

By Emma Young. Psychology provides some intriguing insights into how best to handle conversations, to turn strangers into new friends, and new friends into life-long confidantes.

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4 Strategies for More Meaningful Conversations - Editorial & Commentary

Studies show that social interactions, even if very brief, leave us feeling more satisfied and happy.

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Compelling Speakers Do These 4 Things Every Single Time | Thrive Global

Leaders from Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama shared these easy-to-adopt habits that made them masterful orators.

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12 More Questions to Instantly Upgrade Your Small-Talk Skills | Inc.com

For some folks, small talk comes naturally. Others, like me, find it excruciating in all but the smallest doses. For the chitchat challenged, one way to make small talk more bearable is to arm yourself ahead of time with less boring conversation openers.

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Here’s How to Strike Up a Conversation With Almost Anyone | TIME

Personal relationships are essential in today’s business world. The best entrepreneurs seem to have an innate ability to connect with strangers in any situation. They’re able to find common ground and build rapport with others almost instantly.