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Increasing your Self-Esteem and loving yourself boost your Happiness

Before we can love someone else, the first step is to love ourselves, Happiness is feeling good about who we are. What can we do to love ourselves?

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How a hobby can make you more confident and happy

Pursuing a childhood passion changed the way I looked at myself—and I'm not alone. Life coach Susie Moore says hobbies are a potent form of self-care.

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10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently

True confidence -- as opposed to the false confidence people project to mask their insecurities -- has a look all its own. One thing is certain: truly co...

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10 Things That Make Successful People Different From The Rest

They might just be one in the crowd. The successful person might be the woman sitting casually in a coffee shop while sipping her coffee quietly or the man who

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How Compliments Can Teach Us About Ourselves: A Path to Knowing Who We Are

Creating a list of your favorite compliments can help you to learn more about yourself and your values in addition to building your confidence!

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Just Say No

Just say No. How many times have you said yes to something because you were functioning out of a place of lack? Yes to something that wasn't exactly what… - Carly Pepin - Google+

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The done list is a productivity hack that’s the opposite of a to-do list.

I have a complicated relationship with to-do lists. They are undeniably useful for plotting out your day or week ahead of time, and they can be a great ...

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6 Sneaky Thought Patterns Inhibiting Your Personal Growth

Understanding how you cognitively distort is key to breaking free of some of your most toxic mental traps.

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The Proven Way to Feel Less Anxious, More Confident & More Empowered in Two Minutes

Anxiety is such a human experience. Anyone who has stretched themselves far enough to do something brave would have scraped against it in some way. If anxiety could, it would throw its wild warrior arms around us, smother us with kisses and tell us it was

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Praise-worthy Praise | Jlife

“You are so smart!” my friend said to her 11-year old the other day. I didn’t blink an eye. We’ve all said it. It was the boy’s response that surprised me. With a look that screamed “duh!” he told her, “That’s like me saying ‘wow, congratulations, you’re tall.’”

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Sex: Removing Guilt & Shame to Enhance Your Experience

Sex. There is a lot of guilt and shame that can go into this practice, which will completely block you from experiencing it in its entirety. Clearing the guilt from your mind allows you to open it up for what it is, a physically and emotionally balanced a

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4 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Create Success - Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Here are five things that have worked wonders in multiplying my own confidence and helping me reach towards my own version of success.