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Advice & Self-Help | Helpful Advice

A Pro Reveals the Secret to Organizing a Tiny Kitchen

Trying to organize serving ware and cooking supplies in a normal-size kitchen is challenging, but trying to do it in a tiny kitchen can seem downright

Advice & Self-Help | Helpful Advice

What not to eat: 5 foods nutritionists avoid

Everything in moderation is good in theory, but not when it comes to these five foods.

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How To Overcome Self-Sabotage

When I was in high school, I loved being on stage. I mostly performed in musicals. While I loved the spotlight there was always a part of me that was jud...

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Five Reasons Highly Sensitive People Should Start Their Own Business

Do you feel like you reflect on things more than everyone else? Do you find yourself worrying about how other people feel? Do you prefer quieter, less ...

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6 Ways to Stop Overthinking Everything

Whether they beat themselves up over a mistake they made yesterday or fret about how they're going to succeed tomorrow, overthinkers are plagued by distressing thoughts--and their inability to get out of their own heads leaves them in a state of constant anguish.

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20 Easy Stress Reduction Techniques for a Healthy Mind | Shape Magazine

You need relief! Stress relief, that is – and Shape has 20 simple but highly effective stress reduction techniques that you can use, now. These include prepping for tomorrow, choosing healthy snacks and more.

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The best sushi in Chicago!

These Japanese and sushi restaurants have the best sushi in Chicago, including sashimi, spicy tuna maki rolls and nigiri

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The Grouchy Girl's Guide To Mindfulness - HOLSTEE

Hi. I am Tylea, Holstee’s resident skeptic. I have a hard time following trends even if they seem like a good idea. I do not read books about the power of [fill in the blank], I will not dump a bucket of ice over my head or rush to the next food craze just because the buyer at my health food mega-store ate something “exotic” on vacation.

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6 Unhealthy Habits That Lead to Divorce | Kimanzi Constable

Why can't we remember how intensely in love we felt while going through hard times in our marriage? If only life worked that way but it doesn't and if a marriage is going to survive, it's going to take work from each spouse. When you're in the honeymoon p

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Want more bang for your Starbucks? We tested 8 money-saving hacks

Even if you’re a die-hard penny pincher, your daily Starbucks routine may be a habit you’re just not willing to kick. Fortunately,...

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Want Success? Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge Your Thinking

Are you feeling uninspired and stuck? Perhaps it's the people around you. Here are five ways to get people to challenge and inspire you to success.