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8 Things People with Clean Kitchens Always Do

Follow these habits of people with clean kitchens to keep your kitchen as tidy and clutter-free as possible.

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How to Make Any Basic Hanger Instantly More Functional

You don’t need to replace all your slippery plastic hangers with expensive non-slip velvet ones to solve the problem of disappearing robes and sweaters. There’s a super easy fix, and it’s probably somewhere in your craft closet.

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4 Ways to Eliminate Pointless Tasks From Your Daily Work

Try this process for boosting productivity by reorganizing and reinvigorating how you spend your time.

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Some ways to increase productivity!

Your desk doesn’t need to look the same as everyone else’s to mean you’re organized.

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8 photographers share the best way to store and organize the photos on your phone

Headlines about crushing student loan debt seem to have made a pretty strong impression on college-bound students in Generation Z, defined as a more-than 70 million strong cohort of teens and young adults born after 1996 — or more generally as those…

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Marie’s Top 5 Productivity Tips - All Things Konmari'd

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Marie’s Top 5 Productivity Routines

Building routines and habits can be difficult. Just when we think we’re settled on a routine, life throws unexpected challenges; it’s not easy to always maintain a regular schedule. For me, I always begin thinking about how I spend my time in spans of

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17 Items Any Self-Professed "Neat Freak" Will Find Super Satisfying

You know what my favorite thing to do on a Saturday night is? Organize the mug cabinet so all the handles are facing in the same direction. Sometimes, things get out of control and I end up taking everything out of the pantry just so I can put it…

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The Definitive Guide To Organizing Your Record Collection — Vinyl Me, Please

We present the only guide you'll ever need for organizing your record collection.

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5 Secrets of People Who Always Seem to Have a Tidy Kitchen | Kitchn

There are some folks who seem to have immaculately clean kitchens at all times. Here's how they do it.

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10 Ways to Make Your Room a Stress-Free Paradise

Follow these tips and turn your space into the most relaxing place in the world.

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A Pro Reveals the Secret to Organizing a Tiny Kitchen

Trying to organize serving ware and cooking supplies in a normal-size kitchen is challenging, but trying to do it in a tiny kitchen can seem downright

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Why time management is ruining our lives | Oliver Burkeman | Technology | The Guardian

The Long Read: All of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed

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8 Expert-Approved Time Management Tips | Mental Floss

We’ve all lamented that there aren’t enough hours in the day or laughed at memes that tell us the road to productivity is paved with cups of strong coffee. (They’re funny because they’re true.) But researchers contend that completing work on time—and well—doesn’t have to be a constant race against the clock. Add these tried and true action items to your to-do list for a more successful day—caffeine drip optional.

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If You Procrastinate, it May Be Messing With Your Sleep

Here's something you probably aren't doing when you're not doing that other thing you're supposed to do.

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17 Great Apps That'll Make Your Life Easier

Always looking for new ways to get more done at work, and quickly? Check at these 17 apps to boost your productivity throughout the work week.

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3 Tiny Tweaks That'll Double Your Productivity + Optimize Your Life

When it comes to conquering your demons and reaching for your dreams, here are the three simplest changes to make for the highest impact.

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The done list is a productivity hack that’s the opposite of a to-do list.

I have a complicated relationship with to-do lists. They are undeniably useful for plotting out your day or week ahead of time, and they can be a great ...

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11 Life Changing DIY Ways To Super Organize Your Life - DIY Star

There always seems to be something that people forget, whether it be an appointment, a bill, or some assignments. When you’ve got commitments going on in every direction, it’s hard to keep track of it all by yourself. Not to fear! There are a bunch of

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7 Secrets for Tackling Your 'To-Do' List Everyday

When it comes to productivity, most of us start each day with the best intentions. We plan on plowing through every task that comes our way with maximum energy and creativity -- and minimal distractions. And, occasionally, things actually work out that way.

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The (Comforting) Psychology of Mess

Are some of us born to be messy, or at least psychologically comforted by mess? Thoughts on clutter, shedding, and the comfortable creativity of a messy space.

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How I use iOS apps to manage my calendar and daily tasks — Tech News and Analysis

Last week, I looked at how I use my iPad to manage my notes. This week. I’m going to look at how I use iOS to manage my schedule and task items.

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9 Apps to Help You Completely Organize Your Life

Google—and some rivals—want to tame your inbox, calendar and more

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Does Your To-Do List Make You Sad?

Your to-do list should not be a source of decision fatigue. Here's how you can fix this.