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Focus Ι Discover 7 Reasons why you are distracted

The ability to focus has become a skill set. Here are 7 reasons why you can't focus. Find the key to realizing your true potential.

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How to Develop Thinking Power Without Technology?

You can develop your thinking power with or without technology. Try it out! 1) Clock out of time Sometimes you can become Internet and live without…

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Great Tips to Stay Focused and Increase Productivity and Happiness

Strategies to avoid the pitfalls of distractions and interruptions, improve your cognitive control, reduce goal interference, and aid your distracted mind.

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Study: Roller-Coaster Sleeping Habits Weaken Focus, Creativity

A new study finds that staying up late on some nights and then binge sleeping on others can take a toll on one's focus and creativity levels.

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Shifting Focus—Move Your Lens

The only way to make yourself feel great first is to be intelligent in the way you command your focus.

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How One Small Shift in Focus Can Improve Your Everyday Health

Your body is like a machine that runs automatically. Every organ, every vessel, every cell is constantly working to keep you alive. You don’t even have to think about it — your lungs keep you…

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Here's Why You Can't Stay Focused

Regaining focus isn't about willpower. It's about deconstructing the modern life habits that obstruct your enjoying it again.

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You Need Clarity of Purpose to Succeed

Your direction defines what you do every day. Clarifying not only your purpose but your direction reinforces your ultimate life purpose. You should have a clear understanding of what you want next…

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3 Tiny Tweaks That'll Double Your Productivity + Optimize Your Life

When it comes to conquering your demons and reaching for your dreams, here are the three simplest changes to make for the highest impact.

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12 Work Hacks To Keep You Sharp And Focused Throughout The Day

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Fighting the Holiday Slump: 5 Ways to Stay Focused

From shopping stress to holiday fatigue, there are many reasons why work productivity goes down during the holiday season. These five ideas can help you stay focused-and happy-at the office.

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Harvard neuroscientist: Meditation not only reduces stress, here’s how it changes your brain - The Washington Post

Meditation's benefits may derive from its impact on the shape of the brain, thickening parts associated with mind-wandering, memory and compassion, and shrinking the fear center

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Just looking at nature can help your brain work better, study finds - The Washington Post

Yet another study suggests that regular glimpses of nature can have psychological benefits.