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What You Need to Know About the Plastic Crisis

Plastic pollution imperils our health and the well-being of the planet.

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Worker well-being is in demand as organizational culture shifts

Attitudes about employee mental health have dramatically shifted, and psychologists are leading the charge to help businesses prioritize employee well-being

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Sorrow and Tragedy Will Happen to Us All — Here Are 3 Strategies to Help You Cope

Well-being and resilience expert Lucy Hone shares the three straightforward tactics that she used to get through her darkest days.

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Want To Boost Your Wellbeing In 2022? Here’s What The Research Says – Research Digest

By Emma Young. If you are thinking about how to boost your wellbeing, it’s worth knowing that some "good" ways of living have dark sides, too…

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How We Can Help Teens Talk About Mental Well-being

In honor of Suicide Awareness Month, designer and philanthropist Kendra Scott suggests tips on how we can help our kids prioritize their mental health.

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Burn, baby, burn: the new science of metabolism | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian

Losing weight may be tough, but keeping it off, research tells us, is tougher – just not for the reasons you might think

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Engaging With The Arts Is Related To Greater Wellbeing (But It’s Not Entirely Clear Why) – Research Digest

By Emma Young. People who attended live arts events were particularly likely to show greater wellbeing, but the direction of effects needs to be untangled.

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Understanding How We Respond to Stress Is Key to Improving Our Mental Well-being

Taking steps to improve our mental well-being is critical in this time of uncertainty and beyond.

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Practicing Gratitude Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Well-being

In recent years, the stacked shelves of high street stores have reflected a growing trend in well-being paraphernalia: ...

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Exposure to air pollution increases violent crime rates -- ScienceDaily

Breathing dirty air can make you sick. But according to new research, it can also make you more aggressive. That's the conclusion from a set of studies recently authored by Colorado State University researchers. The team found strong links between short-t

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10 Traits of Emotionally Resilient People - HeartMath

If specific types of challenges tend to “undo” you, or you often feel frustrated, impatient or drained, there may be some gaps in your resilience strategies. Learning and developing the traits of emotionally resilient people is a great way to even out

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Compassionate Latitude: The need of the times - HeartMath | Blog

Life seems to be calling on us to have more compassionate latitude for each other and for ourselves during these volatile times.

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3 Easy Steps to Overcome Trouble Sleeping and Other Symptoms

Trouble sleeping? Tired of being tired? Here are 3 steps to help you listen to your symptoms to calm your mind and heal your body so that you can sleep

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How to Manifest Your Potential

To live a better life, we have to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.

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Things like Awe-inspiring Sunsets Alleviate Stress

If you're prone to excessive worry, you may be interested to hear that a new study out of the University of California, Riverside finds that the best way to relax while waiting to receive news is to reach a state of awe or wonderment.

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Here are 21 Easy Things that Can Improve Your Sleep

These simple tweaks will help you fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep this year.

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Learn to Age Well From the Real ‘Experts’

Some people age better than others. That's often because they've lived better than others thanks to wisdom and habits passed down for generations.

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Sleep: A simple way to improve wellbeing

The Simple And Essential Way To Improve Your Wellbeing And Live A LONG Time

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Joint Health: How to Tell if Your Supplements Are High Quality

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who experience joint pain, you probably know that the market is awash with supplements for joint health—Amazon alone has over 10,000. But not all brands live up to their promises. Some joint supplements don�

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These 100-year-old retirees are running, teaching yoga, and living their best lives. Here are their secrets to happiness — Money

Orville Rogers is 100 years old and routinely breaks records at track meets around the country. Sure, the World War II veteran doesn’t have much competition in his age bracket, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Rogers is in his fourth dec

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True Happiness comes from within, but why?

Why true Happiness comes from within. Happiness is a product of our own minds. If we want to live a happy life, we need to work on our happiness every day.

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Is This the Happiest Place in America?

For the second time in a row, Gallup-Healthways ranked this Florida city first for overall well-being

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Why We Need a Better Way to Treat Chronic Pain

The current method — the pain-intensity scale — may have contributed to the opioid addiction epidemic, argue some pain-perception experts.

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In a Bad Mood? Scientists Say You Should Bake

And not just because you’ll end up with a homemade batch of double chocolate chip cookies.

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Self-Care Is Not Selfish, It Is Essential

Self-Care Isn’t selfish. Easy to say, but actually one of the hardest things to live. We’ve been told over and over again, had it drilled into us that...

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What to Do in Your 30s to Be Happy in Your 50s

What can you do in your 20s and 30s to increase your chances of happiness later in life? Here are three key lessons from the real experts.

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The Psychological Benefits of Writing Regularly

When you attempt to envision a writer, I imagine many of you see a quirky recluse, hunched over a desk in some cabin, crumpled paper strewn about as they obsessively work on the next great American novel. But writing is so much more.

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French Legislation Suggests Employees Deserve The Right To Disconnect

The provision aims to tackle work-related burnout.

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How To Stop Letting Fear Run Your Life

Instead of backing away from it, here are five ways to move forward despite fear.

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How I Finally Found Friends That Get My Spiritual Side

I had just started my journey into spirituality when I was at dinner, and I heard a woman talking about Doreen Virtue's angel cards. I immediately got up to introduce myself, and she was beyond excited to talk to me. We’re still friends today.

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Dealing with Depression: 14 NEW Insights That Will Change the Way You Think About It - Hey Sigmund - Karen Young

Depression has a vast reach, and chances are that at some point we will find ourselves dealing with depression in some way. Here are 14 important insights.

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Instantly Read Someone's Personality With One Question

One type of question can indirectly reveal a lot about a person's personality.

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Why We Hate Not Knowing for Sure

New research helps explain why our brains react so poorly to uncertainty.

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The Evolution of Anxiety: Why We Worry and What to Do About It

Humans are the only animal that experience chronic stress and the reason has to do with how our brains evolved.

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The Neuroscience of Mindfulness Meditation

Devotees of mindfulness meditation—often described as non-judgemental attention to present moment experiences—will be well-versed in the many benef

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Young Mice, Like Children, Can Grow Up Too Fast

We often act as if children should grow up as quickly as possible, says Alison Gopnik. But a full childhood is necessary, new research about young mice shows.

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Human Body's Ability To Recover From Serious Illness, Injury - AARP The Magazine

You may not know it, but your body has an amazing ability to repair itself after serious illness or injury. A Harvard doc—and former cancer patient—reveals the secrets to tapping into your own powers of recovery.

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Announcing the Sleep Revolution College Tour

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How Pets Improve Your Health

Learn about the positive benefits pets have on our human health from veterinarian Dr. Eva Evans for Pets Best pet health insurance.

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The Remarkable Power of Touch -

The power of touch is profound. It heals, connects, nourishes and soothes. It is a fundamental part of the human experience and can nurture relationships an

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Global #Mindfulness: Love In Challenging Times

Five days before the 9/11 attacks in 2001, I was fortunate enough to hear Thich Nhat Hanh for the

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Your Roadmap to Wellbeing... - Dr. Moses Goldberg

Please keep checking back here for new posts and information on how you can improve your health and wellbeing.

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Big Drop in Chemical Levels in Girls Who Switched Cosmetics | State of Health | KQED News

UC Berkeley study finds that girls who switched for just three days to cosmetics labelled free of certain chemicals saw a significant drop.

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9 Signs of Progress That Aren’t a Number on the Scale - Hello HealthyHello Healthy

Think about what triggered your weight-loss journey. It could have been anything from being able to squeeze into an old dress again to appeasing your unrelenting doctor to staying around for your grandchildren. Whatever your original intention, once you s

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Essential Oil Blends With Intention | Pure and Natural Aromatherapy

100% Pure Essential Oil Blends and Therapeutic Aromatics hand-crafted to unite Aromatherapy and Perfumery with the Power of Intention.

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Could meditation really help slow the aging process?

It may seem unlikely, but a small and growing body of evidence suggesting that regular meditation can indeed slow ageing, as least at a cellular level

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Healing Trauma

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The Proven Way to Feel Less Anxious, More Confident & More Empowered in Two Minutes

Anxiety is such a human experience. Anyone who has stretched themselves far enough to do something brave would have scraped against it in some way. If anxiety could, it would throw its wild warrior arms around us, smother us with kisses and tell us it was

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The Americans Who Don’t Get Enough Sleep

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said more than a third of U.S. adults aren’t getting enough sleep. A new report shows who’s getting the least sleep by age, race and region.

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Study Shows How Smudging Does A lot More Than Just “Clear Evil Spirits”

The practice of smudging dates back to prehistoric times, and is still very much in use today worldwide for cleansing everything from dwellings to human

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The Power of Daily Writing in a Journal

Charley Kempthorne estimates his journal is about 10 million words long. He says daily writing helps him to be happier and healthier.

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5 Beliefs to Radically Transform Unhappiness to Wellbeing

Are you sad, anxious, managing a difficult relationship, grief or divorce? Are you feeling the stress of medical issues, parenting or work? Like flipping on a switch, changing the meaning you ascribe to life’s hardships instantaneously short circuits th

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Don't Cancel Your Dinner Plans

Nobody ever mentions the importance of an active social life.

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The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

These top five regrets, reflect the life lived by modern man, a life lived in response to the dreams, visions and goals of others.

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Researchers Determine the Three Ways to Well-Being

This suggests that all three basic needs need to be fulfilled in order to achieve optimal well-being.

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Happiness: 10 Fascinating New Psychology Studies Everyone Should Know

Where we feel happiness in the body, how it affects our genetic code, why it changes with age, unexpected pleasures and much more…

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Pictures of Foods That Wreck Your Diet: Smoothies, Latte, Popcorn, and More

WebMD lists 21 foods that seem healthy but can be shockingly high in fat, sugar, and calories. Tips show better options that still taste great.

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A Modern Look at the Ancient Art of Healing

When we are ill we so often focus on what to do; a knife, a pill, a behavior change, your diet. Yet underlining any therapy is a process for its delivery that often produces more of an effect than the treatment itself. Let’s explore that process; the �