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How Loneliness and Burnout Are Connected

The "always on" work culture is today’s norm — but our never-ending routine is taking a toll on our connections and our well-being.

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How to Make Connections With Co-workers at a New Remote Job

Try these tips to bond with your new teammates at your job, even if it’s over Zoom.

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The Areas Of Life: Astrological Houses In Your Life

The astrological houses are the very basis of astrology with 12 areas of life. Astrology is connected to historical figures such as Nostradamus, Hitler and Queen Elizabeth II. This primary post wil…

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Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections | McClatchy DC

A long life in politics has allowed Bill and Hillary Clinton to accumulate relationships to wealthy people and businesses across the globe. McClatchy found multiple connections to the Clintons in the Panama papers database.

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Don't Cancel Your Dinner Plans

Nobody ever mentions the importance of an active social life.

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The Myth of Quality Time

Nothing nourishes intimacy and love like an investment of hours.