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What Would Happen If Everyone Truly Believed Everything Is One?

Research suggests a belief in oneness has broad implications for psychological functioning and compassion for those outside of our immediate circle.

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Always Too Hard on Yourself? Try These 5 Self-Compassion Exercises

It can feel counterintuitive to extend yourself some grace. But it's vital to do so. These self-compassion exercises can help.

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What Is Compassion Fatigue?

Here’s how to retain your humanity even if you’re feeling burned out. 

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Silence Your Inner Critic: A Guide to Self-Compassion in the Toughest Times

Is your internal monologue friendly, calm and encouraging – or critical and bullying? Here is how to change it for the better.

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Compassion and Healing as We Move Forward | Dr. Dyan

These 2 simple principles can support compassion and healing for couples, families, workers, and in issues of race, gender, and spirituality.

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Compassionate Latitude: The need of the times - HeartMath | Blog

Life seems to be calling on us to have more compassionate latitude for each other and for ourselves during these volatile times.

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Behaving Compassionately helps us both Externally and Internally

What does it feel like to engage in compassionate actions? Learn about the feeling of compassion, how it affects us internally, and the impact of external reactions.

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How Helping People Affects Your Brain

It truly is better to give than receive, biologically speaking. The brain gives us an emotional boost when we put others first and do something selfless.

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The 3 Qualities of a Successful Leader - Mindful

Based on extensive research, Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter reveal the three qualities present in the minds of great leaders.

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New Study Proves That Humans Love Dogs More Than They Love Humans

Do you love dogs? Or do you know someone who does? We can already see you nodding your heads. It comes as no surprise that the bond between humans and dogs transcends all scientific laws. From time to time, stories keep popping up about pet-owners who wen

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Compassionate Parenting

We teach children self-regulation by modeling our more humane values.

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Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists - Hit & Run

Getting outraged on others' behalf often isn't about altruism but soothing personal guilt and asserting one's status as a good person.

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How living with an open heart and empathy creates hope

When I read James Doty’s New York Times bestseller, Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon’s Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain, I was thoroughly enchanted. His story inspired me to believe that my future could be brighter than I can currently

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A Meditation on Lovingkindness

It's important that we learn to evoke a lovingkindness and friendliness towards ourselves and others. This meditation works to plant the seeds of...

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The Least Helpful Thing to Say to Someone Who's Down

When trying to comfort someone going through difficult times, we must consider numerous details to decide how to best help them. If we choose the wrong social support tactic, our attempts to help can have the opposite effect.

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Compassion Curriculum

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5 Ways to Cultivate Empathy for Others - Happify Daily

Did you know that empathetic people have more satisfying relationships and perform better at work? Here are 5 tips for increasing your own levels of empathy.

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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions | Earth. We are one.

Emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, and immobility are energies. And you can potentially ‘catch’ these energies from people without realizing it. If you tend to be an emotional sponge, it’s vital to know how to avoid taking on an individual��

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Teen's Balloon Letter To Late Father Gets Beautiful Reply From Strangers 400 Miles Away

This teen asked for a sign from her late father. And that's exactly what she got from a group of compassionate strangers. Ashlynn Marracino's father spent the first decade of his daughter's life in prison and became close with her after his releas...

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Touching: Alabama cop who caught mother stealing eggs gives her two truckloads of food | Daily Mail Online

The compassion shown by Officer William Stacy to desperate Alabama mother Helen Johnson captured the nation's attention and on Wednesday he delivered two truckloads of food.

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Raising a Moral Child

The tactics are different from those used for encouraging achievement.