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Jonathan Sacks z”l Watch-Israel at 75: Home of Hope

Jonathan Sacks z”l Watch-Israel at 75: Home of Hope Celebrating Israel’s 75th anniversary with inspiration and wisdom from Rabbi Sacks. This new animation illustrates Rabbi Sacks’ narration from the album Israel: Hope of Hope, which explores the

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Charles Abelsohn – Letter from Israel: Hatikvah, The Hope

Charles Abelsohn – Letter from Israel: Hatikvah, The Hope Hi again from Israel, The Haggadah which Jewish families read on Passover commences and ends This year [we are] here; next year in the land of Israel. This year [we are] slaves; next year [we

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PODCAST | The Disingenuous Manufactured Media Circus With Ringmaster Pelosi

You know that Nancy Pelosi and the fascist-Left Democrats have nothing to run on in the Midterm Elections when they have to beg a news network to sensationalize a manufactured media circus in what was the January 6th mini-series-esque sitcom broadcast on

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The Most Precious Memorial

Much like Memorial Day, biblical memorials were set up to avoid forgetting what God had done. They were reminders so people would not forget.

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As Covid Recedes, Passover Ushers in Season of Hope

Amid continued restrictions and rising vaccinations, Chabad-Lubavitch brings Passover to one and all

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Compassion and Healing as We Move Forward | Dr. Dyan

These 2 simple principles can support compassion and healing for couples, families, workers, and in issues of race, gender, and spirituality.

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See the Forest for the Trees

This weekend's events mark a change. A shift in the political environment and one we cannot ignore, or stand by, complicit. I know this is a cycling website but it is important to take a stand here because the world can’t always be a beautifully win

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Try This Short Meditation to Boost Your Mood When You're Feeling Down

It can help you shift gears, and let go of something from yesterday that you don't need to carry.

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Rav. Jonathan Sacks - Israel, the Home of Hope

Rav. Jonathan Sacks – Israel, the Home of Hope   As we approach Yom HaZikaron and Yom Ha’Atzmaut here is a short video, the audio of which is taken from a double CD of words and music about Israel that my office produced in 2008. The full

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WaPo editorial board concerned President Trump is doing damage by spreading false hope for a COVID-19 cure

But all those people in ICUs with COVID-19 were practically healed when all those celebrities sang "Imagine."

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Steve Ornstein - Tikva-Hope is what we are made of

Steve Ornstein – Tikva-Hope is what we are made of The elections are over and every pundit is sharing their appraisal of what a future government will look like. After all the disgusting personal attacks from ALL sides of the political spectrum is i

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The overlooked subset of people who thrive after major depression

By Emma Young. More research is needed into people who experience "high functioning after depression".

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Change Your Roles, Change Your Life

In 1978, Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist performed an important study. She gave houseplants to two groups of nursing-home residents. One group was told they were responsible for keeping the…

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Raising the World’s Vibration | Spirituality & Health Magazine

As the world seems to be getting crazier by the moment, we need to amp up our personal practices of peacefulness, love, compassion, understanding and responsibility.