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Six Verbs That Make You Sound Weak (No Matter Your Job Title)

Sometimes it’s the smallest words and phrases that shape how you’re perceived around the office. Here are a few to watch out for at every level.

Psychology | Personality

This is How Tiny Changes in the Words You Hear Impact Your Thinking

In a fascinating look at language, a professor lays out how political parties can sway supporters with tiny tweaks in word choice.

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Why #Smiling Will Quadruple Your Success

Smiling more can easily increase your success. Tim Denning explains how smiling can impact your level of trustworthiness and even help you feel more confident.

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The Truth About Hypnosis: 10 Myths & Misconceptions

For many years, I have taught seminars for both health care professionals and for the public

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The Proven Way to Feel Less Anxious, More Confident & More Empowered in Two Minutes

Anxiety is such a human experience. Anyone who has stretched themselves far enough to do something brave would have scraped against it in some way. If anxiety could, it would throw its wild warrior arms around us, smother us with kisses and tell us it was